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 Dr. Gabrielle Rosina Lena Diamante, N.D.


There are several terms that refer to cleansing the organ in your body known as the colon. A colonic; colon hydrotherapy session; colon cleansing; colonic irrigation; colonics; colonic cleansing and high enema. The therapist will assist your colon in releasing all the built up mucous, gas, black sludge, grease, crumbs, parasites, and bloat, bile drips from a gallbladder that was removed.

 All colonic therapists are not made equal. When you choose Colonics Raleigh NC and Intestinal Fitness, you are hiring Dr. Gabrielle Diamante, N.D. Anyone can perform a colonic if they have a high school education. Those therapists are very easy to find.

You may want to discover Intestinal Fitness Colonics in Raleigh NC because no one takes your guided cleansing tour more serious than Dr. G.

Dr. G has the passion for foods and nutrition; She obtained a degree in Culinary Arts and had a successful career coaching hundreds of people to cook more healthfully.

She understands how the foods you eat are assimilated into the body on a molecular level; She has six years formal studies in foods & nutrition; obtained a degree in Dietetics

She studied colon hydrotherapy from an instructor that has thirty years experience; graduated the top of her class and then stayed on to work for the school.

Gabrielle obtained a two year certification as a Certified Natural Health Professional, C.N.H.P., which includes the study of Iridology & herbology.

She has since studied to become a Doctor of Naturopathy, N.D. getting and staying well the natural way without drugs.

Dr. G is in the process of obtaining her Master Herbalist credentials.

Dr. G provides services through her clinic, Intestinal Fitness, LLC. in Raleigh, NC. Intestinal Fitness provides services including:

  • muscle response testing;
  • colonic irrigation;
  • therapeutic massage;
  • dry far infrared saunas;
  • ionic detoxification footbath; and
  • nutritional muscle response testing and health analysis, which includes iridology reading by Dr. Gabrielle Diamante, N.D.

The reason we tell you the above information is to show you how serious we are about guiding your detoxification & refortification program from Beginning to End! If you simply want to come in and receive a colonic, foot detox, massage, sauna and run right back out the door, that’s fine, we would love to have you.

However, on the other hand, if you want to clean your bodies filters, colon , liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and skin and take your cleansing to a point where you are so clean and happy like new again, you should make your appointment with us. We will handle you with kid gloves.

So if you have experienced taking a super nutritional supplement, or herb, or medication, and you feel great for a short while-then it seems to stop working, and you don’t feel the same, and you wonder WHY? In metabolizing the same substance over and over again, you can adapt to it, minimizing its effects over time and even depleting your energies in certain areas. Masking a symptom of the root cause.

The body must be free to perform thousands of dynamic functions, rather than constantly responding to one specific activity of the same substance. Maybe the body has healed itself at that level, and its time to move on to something else, but it can’t if your still giving it the same treatment. The healing process stops, the therapeutic effects can even be reversed.

Make sure the colonic therapist you choose has the knowledge it takes to make sure you cleanse your organs in the proper format and not some random way like a guessing game.

Thousands of clients tell us they just do not know where to begin. Pick up the phone and call us (919) 872.2110 and we will guide you easily. We will lead you down a natural path to help you find the “ROOT” cause of your negative symptoms.

got to: www.IntestinalFitnessLLC.com to learn more about us.



We know it’s sweet to be important, but it’s important to be sweet!


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Gabrielle Rosina Lena Diamante