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This  guy in his young twenties hired us to see if a colon cleanse with Colonics and Colon Hydrotherapy could help his constant state of nausea. The first time he received a colonic irrigation from me, his little body took 60 minutes of water and not one piece of fecal (poop) matter came out through my viewing tube! Not even any color! I instructed him to not eat anything   from a  bag, box, can or jar; no restaurant or fast food, no flour products, and nothing but water  in between his next visit.  He took herbs and on the next visit we both witnessed  two record breaking fecal plugs through my view tube. One poop plug was 72″ long, and the other was about  48″ long.

That young man comes bursting through my door one day after his treatments and just starts  hanging from my neck thanking me for permanently relieving his daily nausea.

Just take a look below at how long your intestines are :


Thirty Feet of Intestines

Thirty Feet Of Tubing (Intestines) Crammed in Your Ab Section

Thirty Feet Of Tubing (Intestines) Crammed in Your Ab Section

Here is my educated guess as to how this young man got those plugs in him. After  a client intake session and speaking to this man about his dietary habits over his young two decades of life, I have concluded that almost all the food stuff that went into his body “COULD NOT” come out on it’s own so it built over his lifetime to where it filled his entire intestines right up to his stomach triggering the nausea.

Stomach Leading into the Intestines

As an Infant he received Baby Formula (man made food stuff) and Jarred  baby Food (man made food stuff). Went into school feeding almost entirely man made food stuffs. College brought pizza, burgers, garlic knots,hot dogs and lots of tacos. Oh and Candy was a big part of his diet.  If it does not look like a fruit or vegetable, or rice, or beans, or seeds, or nuts, it is a “DE-NATURED, DE-HYDRATED, RECONSTITUTED, FLAVORED, PRESERVED FOOD STUFF”.  That stuff does not have the fiber power to push itself out of your intestines. The fake food stuff then sits in line like a taxi waiting to exit. It was backed up all the way to his stomach. That triggered his constant nausea.

Easy Case! 

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