Trust Us! We’re Experts

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Anyone who pays attention knows that spin is the essence of modern public debate. It’s clear that no scientific debate touching issues of public health happens without , and is bolstered by, the experts whose opinions support the views of the industries who fund their research.

When you read or  hear  someone say “there is no scientific evidence/research that it has any benefits to public health” you may want to run your own research.


 When you do a “GOOGLE” search, you are soliciting many advertisements. You really have to weed through all the “BOLSTERED” results don’t you? When companies advertise or produce scientific research, it will go their way. So always find out who is paying for whatever you read. Especially any Natural Modality of  Health Care. 

“WIKIPEDIA”  seems to be where we turn to for information. That’s unfortunate, because this is the most prime example of “SPIN SPONSORED SCIENTIFIC RESULTS” or  the famous response to all natural  health modalities “THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH”.  I have been involved with the Mainstream Medical Machine for 47 years. I bought and paid for a medical degree. I practiced with medical doctors. I know the beast.

I have since obtained many natural health degrees and certifications so that is why I see very clearly the results of special interest groups swaying your decisions. Although “SCIENTIFIC SPIN” has become pervasive in the last couple of decades, it is not new. 


Public awareness of corporate harm and public relations techniques for suppressing awareness grew up together. I present you with a unpretty picture of how to buy science and use it to cast doubt on what would otherwise be clear issues.

Food for thought.