Mercury Fillings Are Primitive 1800 ish (19th century) Devices Containing 50% Mercury, A Toxin Known to Cause Brain & Kidney Damage

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After decades of research folks, I have found the following to be true and just. There is a huge movement on to “BAN MERCURY FILLINGS” from dentistry. The movement seeks the truth for  vaccines, environment, workplace safety for dental workers, and just plain old social justice. However, there are  powerful opponents. Originally, consumers were kept ignorant of their fillings’ mercury content via deceptive marketing term “SILVER” fillings, and the 9% of dentists who were mercury free were incessantly harassed by dental boards that were enforcing a notorious rule of conduct that required dentists to stand silent rather than disclose amalgams mercury content to their patients, in effect, a gag rule.

The gag order was fought and reversed but the FDA (rogue agency) took an irrational position that toxic mercury that required you never touch it with bare hands,  was safe in human mouths. In 2009, FDA , said dentists do not have to make consumers aware of how toxic mercury is when installed directly in the mouth.

The following list are people that defend mercury. Toss them a little e-mail about  your personal story so that they may consider to stop saying it’s safe:

Further insight is provided here by people that risk their lives as whistle blowers on the heavy handed rogue agency the  FDA:

Charlie Brown, National Counsel for Consumers for Dental Choice:

Dr Hal Huggins,  is an American campaigner against the use of dental amalgam fillings and other dental therapies that he believes to be unsafe