Colon Cleanse with COLONICS Raleigh NC: Old Cooked Dehydrated Burgers stuck in your Intestines

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” A controlled and corrupt media has been directing the attention of the masses by uniformly reporting on a state of managed chaos  ”   Barbara Marciniak 


Number one question asked here at Colonics Raleigh NC: Name one benefit of having a colonic.

If you ever eaten just one piece of processed food like a hamburger, most likely it did not come out of you. If it did , most likely some did not. WHY?

Because:  The bread started as a Genetically Modified  crop in china probably:  Click here for “THE CHINA STUDY”




Click here for the reasons to not put GMO foods in your body:   

Now they cut, strip, ship, preserve, cook, add chemicals, package, ship again, handle again, cook again, add more preservatives, bake, freeze, ship again and microwave the gluten wheat bread for the burger.

Then the beef. They inject and feed cows with  growth hormones to get them huge quick (it works that way with you too when you eat their meat), then feed them antibiotics and no one rally knows what they do to the meat because the USDA wants you to eat large amounts of meat, as a  cattle rancher is the USDA top dog. It’s slaughtered, shipped. preserved, additives too numerous to mention are in the meat now, it’s frozen, cooked , microwaved again and served. 

The lettuce is soaked in preservatives, and that’s enough info for now because I believe you get “IT” now right folks. Dead food, with zero nutritional value and void of fiber.

That stuff does not want to come out of the thirty feet of tubing (INTESTINES). You eat food at a little above room temperature. Your body temp is around 98 degrees. So if that burger stays in there day after day year after year, it cooks at 98 degrees drying out into little round poop balls like are almost like rocks on the ground.



A colonic can reach up to six or seven feet of intestines and get those rotten burgers out of there. That is one good reason for a colonic.

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