Colonics Raleigh NC: Aspects Of Colon Hydrotherapy & The Process of Detoxification & Elimination

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Tip of the day: Get rid of non-stick cookware. The flames cook the chemical coating  distributing heavy toxic load into your foods.  :lol:

The saying used to go “You are what you eat”. Remember? However,  I say;  ”You are what you ” ASSIMILATE , ELIMINATE & DETOXICATE”. Don’t worry, “Detoxicate” is not a word you would find in a dictionary. But for my intent and purposes of this particular blog, I made it up.

With our colon hydrotherapy sessions, water is eventually  enabled to progress through the entire length of the colon. This irrigation of the colon eliminates waste (sometimes built up over many years), mucous, morbid matter, parasites, toxins, and gas.

The colon effectively regains its functions and full peristaltic movement is restored. Regular and complete irrigation is encouraged, vital energy levels within the body return, and with a review of diet and lifestyle well being is established.

For optimum health the colon must be functioning normally. As water stimulates the colon mucosa and muscles, there is little danger of colon hydrotherapy treatment making the colon lazy, in fact it is the opposite that is the case.

30 plus feet of Intestines In there Folks



The best thing about  a colonic is that you never go in the wrong direction, it is always the right direction.  There are no mistakes. You always get rehydrated, and flushed of filth and gas. 



These intestines will distribute nutrients or filth to all the organs and tissues you make the choice



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