Colonics: Colon “HYDRO” therapy HYDRATES the whole body not just the colon

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We had two clients last week  tell us what their Western Medical Doctors (WMD) told them.

1)One guy said “don’t do colonics because they dehydrate your body.”

2)A woman doc said ” colonics perforate your colon”.

To address the first response from a WMD; I would sure hate to have been fortunate  enough to have been able to attend pre medical school; referring to a medical doctor, the common path to practicing as a physician requires 8 years of education beyond high  school (21 years)  and 3 to 8 additional years of internship and residency (30 years total); jump all the hoops to pass your board and license; have all the resources (money) at your fingertips; have all studies and literature in the libraries for free and the WMD said “you will DEHYDRATE your body. 

-Colon “HYDRO”therapy ….when I was in Medical College , hydro meant water.–Placing warm water in your colon —-


“Will DE-HYDRATE your body”?  Really?  

Folks, hydro means water;  do I need to belabor the point?  That WMD went through all that school, and his common sense didn’t tell him the opposite is true? I would demand a refund! :lol:   Of course my client was a little smarter than that, because she still comes to me for her colonics anyway, however, she said “Shame on him for not knowing about this tremendous gift” & I say shame on him if he  ”DOES” know about the instant relief from “HYDRATING” with  colonics.  



So, let’s move to the next issue of perforation.


A woman doc said that perforation happens; WMD  number two might be referring to the thousands yearly that get their colon perforated by getting “Colonoscopies” (cancer screening procedure) from WMD’s. The speculum we use only goes a little bit into the rectum (1-2″), and has nothing at all to do with your colon. Your rectum is 6 to 8 inches long, there is absolutely no possible way to perforate a colon with colonics in my opinion and there is no proof I have ever seen, using todays equipment.

Our Registered Nurse here has worked with the GI men and women and has seen first hand that the tool is 4 to 5 feet long to perform a colonscopy. Which has a better chance at perforating a colon? A small sharpie marker sized 2 ” piece of plastic, or a 4 to 5 foot long snake like metal rod? Every year, thousands of people are injured by a “COLONOSCOPY” procedure and not one person by a colonic.


Bottom line. If you use  your own common sense I am certain you will see,  it’s completely obvious that colonics in fact “HYDRATE” your entire body not just your colon. So if you don’t drink enough water  or you know you are dehydrated from not drinking enough, RUN,  do not walk to a colonic therpaist, before the medical monopoly pushes to make them against the  law.



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