Body Work & Body Cleansing Goes “Main Stream”!

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:lol: Thank you very much for taking time to read my blog!  :-P                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         For the last two years in a row Americans spent more money for Complimentary medicine and Body work than on the old traditional, allopathic, conventional,  ”MAINSTREAM” crisis care medicine. Amazingly they even bought it cash out of pocket and flex accounts. So the votes are in folks. The crisis care management system put in place by the American Medical Association over 150 years ago is officially no longer “MAINSTREAM”!  It is going down like a dying old dinosaur that has a great big cut in it’s chest though. So be careful asking your Doctor if complimentary therapies like colonics  are safe. Sometimes, in the special interest of protecting the slash, burn, cut, inject and pill popping industry, the AMA pushed down their throats,  they will immediately discourage you from getting your therapies in our complimentary world. I do not like using “ALTERNATIVE” because I beg you to consider…… alternative to what? Does that mean it’s one or the other? No, we should all walk hand and hand and compliment each other. Not one or the other. Stop smearing each other and help the client clean up the body after so many chemicals are placed in it.

You all know  that if you get ran over by a bus, your not going to hire  a Naturopathic Doctor,  you need a crisis care medical doctor! Say your going to deliver a baby, you may choose a labor and delivery doctor. Let’s say you are very sick and have a heart attack you need a cardiologist .  I am not speaking to those types of heroes out there saving your life.  

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired with no major emergency…….most likely you are very toxic! Medical Doctors are not all trained to address toxicity. Just as a Naturopathic Doctors are not trained to deliver synthetic chemical drugs .

For example, one of my clients was microwaving her food wrapped in saran wrap three times per day. We advised to never, ever, ever use a microwave again, especially with toxic chemicals leaching into the food from the saran wrap.  She immediately felt better. Now we have to get her free of all those saran wrap chemicals in her cells.  Microwave ovens are dangerous but the Industry hides the truth.  Read here by following the link.    

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I review all of her/his patterns. We find toxic behavior all over their lives. It’s a matter of what will they be willing to give up! The faster you ditch toxic intake the faster you snap out of it. However, we need to navigate the chemical clean up.

    The following therapies plus many, many, more are now considered “MAIN STREAM” ;

Remember Juicin will loosen!   :-D                                        Over consume will ruin!   :mrgreen: