Telling lies about pot is a full-time job for the Feds

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Telling lies about pot is a full-time job for the Feds


Not Enough Studies
Myth: The Feds claim there is insufficient research of marijuana, preventing them from rescheduling it so it can be used medicinally (as cocaine is).

Reality: Marijuana is the most analyzed plant/substance in human history, with over 20,000 studies and reviews to date published worldwide in scientific literature concerning the chemistry and pharmacology of cannabis compounds and the endocannabinoid system.

Gateway Drug
Myth: Consuming cannabis is a conduit to abusing hard drugs like coke and heroin.

Reality: Researchers since the 1980s have identified alcohol as the primary “gateway drug.” Furthermore, University of Florida’s extensive study in 2012 found high school seniors who drink are 16 times more likely to use illegal drugs.

Causes Cancer
Myth: As pot is generally smoked, it’s understandable that the public should worry about the threat of cancer.

Reality: Several studies indicate pot poses no significant risk of cancer, while other evidence points to weed curing the Big C, as THC shrinks tumors in rats. Famed patient Angel Raich’s oncologist attributed her brain cancer suppression to cannabis.

Legal Medical Pot Causes Crime
Myth: Dispensaries escalate neighborhood crime.

Reality: Medical pot shops cut down on black-market activity, substantiated by a 2011 RAND study finding crime actually increased (up to 114 percent) in L.A. ‘hoods where former dispensaries had closed. This revelation proved so undermining that L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich pressured RAND to go against policy and retract the report just one month later.

Damages Brain Function and IQ
Myth: Getting high on the regular causes cognitive impairment and kills brain cells.

Reality: Even heavy pot use has no detrimental effect on intelligence and cognition according to a 2001 Harvard study. A 2009 University of Saskatchewan study found synthetic THC increased brain cell formation 40 percent, and 2013 research from University of Bonn indicates cannabis energizes and strengthens crucial cellular subunits of the brain.