Are Colonics For You? 30-50 Tons of Food Goes Through The G.I. Track In A Lifetime and We need extra Help

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If you have Addictions, Allergies, Back Pain, bloat, bladder infections, constipation, depression, food allergy, gall bladder stones, fungal infection, headaches, Indigestion, insomnia, liver problems, migraines, lack of nutrition, tiredness, toxicity,vaginitis, chronic fatigue, read on and see how the amount of food going through your G.I. track may affect you.

Since we expose the G.I. tract to 30-50 tons of food in a lifetime, the type of food we eat is extremely important to maintaining proper G.I. health. The standard American diet(SAD), is associated with nearly every chronic illness discovered, including most G.I. complaints. Highly processed foods that contain high amounts of refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated fatty acids, food additives and preservatives while being low in fiber, natural colors and phytonutrients are typical of this dietary pattern.

These poor dietary patterns place a significant burden upon the detoxification system, are pro-inflammatory and reduce bowel transit time-all can generate a downward spiral of gastrointestinal complaints. Many individuals have undiagnosed food allergies that continue to mediate ongoing G.I. dysfunction. While each person has individual needs and preferences, here are some guidelines that have proved to be beneficial in most clients:

1)obtain colonics; get a colon hydrotherapy session. Click on the following link then click “REFERRALS” type in your zip code and find a qualified & certified Colonic Hydrotherapist right in your neighborhood.

2)Eat foods that would have been considered “FOOD” 150 years ago; in other words reduce the amount of processed foods consumed.

3) Increase the amount of fresh, local, seasonal , organic, non-GMO’d food in the diet

4)Increase foods with bright natural colors, these are typically antioxidant-rich and anti inflammatory foods

5)  Increase fiber consumption-both soluble and insoluble

Colonic irrigation with this new high tech equipment allows the practitioner to gently cleanse the 5 to 6 foot long colon organ, flushing out  the built up plaque that layered on the organ like layers of a onion over the years.