Colonics Raleigh, NC Puts Gout Pain in Remission Intended forever

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Client Commented to us that the gout pain was unbearable in both his feet. He hired us for a colonic for constipation gas and bloat at first, but I feel I gave him much more than a colonic. I have a background of studies in Naturopathic Nutrition for Pathology  so I shared a diet program with him:



1.Avoid the intake of harmful elements

2.Eat a predominance of fresh foods

3. Eat primarily unprocessed foods

4. include an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables (try to quit eating other animals for a while)

5.Eat as much raw food as possible a variety of colors to please the eyes too

7. keep the diet alkaline


9. digestive enzymes with meals

10. omega 3,6,9′s

11.reliable source of minerals



Tons more to do to help but too much info at once is wasted :roll:  

Now I did not want to overwhelm this client with too much information at his first visit so away he went armed with a new plan. two months later he made an appointment with us for his second colonic and I barely recognized him. He dropped weight, bloat and he was smiling and that was what  threw me way off because he was definitely ”NOT”  smiling  his first visit! Most importantly the gout pain was completely gone from both feet. We are so excited that I can not wait to share every drop of info with him so he can return to his boyish pain free figure.