Why The FDA Deserves to be Called The Fraud and Death Administration

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The FDA constantly sanctions dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and toxic food additives, bans safe and effective natural remedies for diseases, and enforces bans on healthy foods such as raw milk. Several pharmaceuticals remain on the market while killing thousands and creating more illnesses until class action suits crop up and the mainstream media wakes up momentarily.

After the FDA’s most protected client, Big Pharma, has made billions off their poisons, the drug is withdrawn or the FDA issues a black box warning. Vioxx is only one example. There have been and still are many pharmaceutical companies that get off with fines that are less than the dollar amounts Big Pharma uses for advertising and lobbying.

How is the FDA a client of Big Pharma? After questionable testing reports from the companies themselves, pharmaceutical companies pay the FDA licensing fees for the drugs’ approvals. This is the tip of the iceberg, which includes revolving doors between the FDA and food and drug corporations.

Scrupulous FDA scientists’ concerns are usually overruled by the bureaucrats in charge.