Just 8 Minutes One Way and 8 Minutes Back Adds Up to “97″ hours of Exercise That year

January 12, 2012 by  
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I want to give you another weight loss tip that is extra easy to do. No matter where you are, stop and go outside and walk 8 minutes one way and turn around and come back, one time per day. That is just over 15 minutes, and in one year that will equal “97″ hours of extra movement in one year! Something big will happen. You will lose weight with “97″ extra hours of movement.  Even if you don’t do anything about your food. Of course if you start to eat more you’ll stay your weight or gain more, but if you stay at normal food intake , you will lose weight.

As always, I believe Colonics with colon irrigation is the fastest, easiest, safest, most beneficial way to lose weight, poop weight that is, and every body has extra “POOP” weight in them. The plaque starts to build up on your intestines since the day your were born. Like layers of an onion, especially if you have ever eaten  a bunch of candy without eating a bunch of plant food behind it. Now someone tell me who is going to eat a bunch of carmel candy then eat a big head of broccoli to make sure the greasy, sugary, syrupy, gooey candy gets plunged out? No one! We all just eat the candy and roll on. Well the candy does not just come out on it’s own, it sticks like the glue, and almost everyone of us are walking around with compromised intestines. Colonics, colonics, colonics,……Find a colonic therapist right in your own neighborhood.

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