What Really Matters?

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The physical practices of Yoga and Colonics are meant to cleanse the debris of mental, emotional & physical toxicity from the system. Masters of the past were adept at developing technologies to fine tune and harmonize all the aspects of our being; intellect, emotions, body & soul as long ago as thousands of years. When we don’t discharge depressed, tense, anxious energies from our emotional system, add to that, debris in our intestines we become restless, irritable and discontent. Many of us turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to medicate the suffering becoming alcoholics and  addicts. What seemed like a solution in the beginning inevitably creates more pain and suffering, leading to hospitals, institutions, and death.


What really Matters? Embracing life’s difficulties rather than resist them, let your heart be broken open with love, feel the healing power of forgiveness of the known and unknown, dwell in the present moment and manifest the highest potential of each moment, let go of expectations and learn how to  leave your physical body and release the fear of  death when the time comes.