Constipation? Using Pills to help it? Do they have Senna, Cascara Sagrada, bentonite clay and psyllium in it?

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I have some advice for you guys using poopy pills to help with constipation, and bloating and any type of detox.

Don’t use any product with Cascara sagrada in it. That herb weakens  your intestines and makes you HAVE to use it to go poop. I used it for decades and now I have very weak intestines as a result.

Don’t use any product with Senna because that is the worst thing you can use for intestines. Totally destroys the walls of the intestines. I used it for decades and now my intestines are forever broken.


Don’t use bentonite clay in a poopy product. It’s a bad idea to do  to an already constipated area.

Don’t use anything with psyllium fiber  in it to poop, because that is like throwing gasoline into a bon fire, makes it extremely more constipated.


Now  most people know that your intestines can hold 20, 30, 40 pounds  and more of poop so they are buying poopy pills, cleansing and detox packages to cleanse it out with.


The manufacturers are tricking you guys into a detox product , charging you amazing amounts of money or even if it’s dirt cheap, Cascara, senna, clay and psyllium, are dirt cheap fillers.

They are poisoning the body to a certain level, so that your body goes into a diarrhea stage in order to try to flush those products out. 

I have studied intestinal fitness for 42 years, I know a few things about herbs, and the old trick of using  CASCARA AND SENNA in their product is the oldest rip off of all times. Those two herbs are not used anywhere else at all by anyone unless they want to make you poop by using the cheapest product so that they can reap the most money reward.



Folks deadly nightshade is a herb but if you use it causes extreme stress on your body and some die, just because cascara and senna are herbs, that doesn’t  mean they help you .

If the manufacturers were going to be honest with you, and the  label on a bottle was  going to state  the truth heres it how it might sound:

Senna and cascara are not good to ingest, but we’re tricking you into detoxing and we don’t care one bit about your health just the profit margin.






 Instead look for products with integrity like “TRIPHALA” AND “ALOE vERA JUICE”. Confused give us a call. 919.872.2110.

We’ll help you read that label.