Colon Cleanse with a Colonic versus a Colonoscopy Diagnostic Tool for Cancer Screening

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Here I give you the difference between a colonic versus a colonoscopy.  

1) Both involve your lower bowel, or your large intestine. Look at the picture below and see the large intestine in gold.















2) A COLONIC involves a very small plastic speculum  that is gently inserted into the rectum one inch maybe two inches at best. Than some warm water comes into the speculum and gently showers your large intestine. Just as if you wash the outside of your body, we help you get those hard to reach places. You are awake and there is no pain. The COLONIC hydrates your colon and your whole body and there is never any bad side effects to the procedure.



3) A COLONOSCOPY on the other hand requires that you be sedated it would be so painful if you were awake. The patient has to drink “PROPALENE GLYCOL” , or antifreeze, to strip your intestines. The C3H8O2 (anti freeze) with lemon strips off a layer of your intestines, to  make it easy on the staff to see your large intestine. There is zero concern that the the very next thing you eat sticks to your intestine lining like glue. And all things you eat after sticks right behind it.  Most people complain of constipation at 50 years old out of the clear blue sky. I ask “Have you had a colonoscopy?”  The answer is usually yes. Next the tool they use is a six foot long “metal snake” that is inserted to the rectum and pushed up into your colon around hair pin turns.  If it does not turn easliy than they push it harder and harder up into five to six feet of colon. The bad side effect of a colonoscopy are far to numerous for me to mention here, but here are a few; Intestinal flora disruption, Disruption of stools, Increased risk of deferred strokes, heart attacks, and pulmonary embolisms, Infections, Missed tumors create a false sense of security, Severe dehydration, Colorectal bleeding, to name a few.


Take the time to watch a few minute video on the facts about a colonoscopy by Konstantin Monastyrsky;

Part I. The Anatomy Of A Deadly Deception

After you watch the above short video, take a look at the  ”DEATH BY COLONOSCOPY” page:


It is no doubt when you do a google search for colonics and bad side effects you will see a site named quack watch. So after you read the science fiction contained in it than read, 

If you do a simple google search will be hard pressed to find anybody that was ever hurt by a 4000 year old therapy, the enema,  colonic. Yes enemas , have been a round 4000 years. Colonoscopies only a few decades.  

If you tend to believe famous people, don’t, unless you follow the money. Kate Couric is a big talking head in USA. She works for a TV. station. The T.V. station owner is G.E. and General Electric makes colonoscopy screening equipment. SOOoooooo , what does Kate the talking head promote?! COLONOSCOPIES!  

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