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Boorish, dishonorable, unethical behaviour, has been vigorously, enthusiastically promoted as the way successful medical clinics conduct themselves.


We , at this clinic,

with bullhorns drawn to our mouths,

proclaim ethical behaviour to be the driving force behind everything we do at Intestinal Fitness, LLC.


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Connect with your Spirit world through Foods

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Humans are clusters of energy waves, moving faster and faster all the time. As a human you have agreed to see yourself as solid forms through consensus reality. Everything you do and think, everything you eat and drink, in fact, everything you put into and around your body effects the overall vibration of your entire being. After all, we are energy, and food is energy for us, thus affecting our energy overall.

Therefore, it is quite essential that you pay attention to the vibrations of the foods you eat. When you eat foods that have a high and rapid vibration, you are more able to hold a strong, healthy, exuberant and joyful state. When, on the other hand, you eat foods of a slower, lower frequency, you lower your vibrations and, wonder why you don’t feel quite so good that day.

Each of us has a signature vibration; each food you ingest contributes to that vibration. Here are some of the foods for lower vibrations that you should avoid, not just for nutrition and toxin’s sakes:

  • Genetically modified (GMO) food, and conventional food that’s been treated with chemicals and pesticides
  • White rice and flours
  • Sugars, sweeteners (artificial etc.)
  • Coffee
  • Sodas
  • Alcohol
  • Meat, fish and poultry
  • Processed, packaged, canned and fast foods
  • Unhealthy oils, like canola, cottonseed, margarine, and vegetable oils
  • Frozen foods
  • Pasteurized cows milk, yogurt and cheese
  • Cooked foods, deep fried foods and microwaving food
Colonically yours

I felt I needed to revisit this post and do a REPOST! What bothers me – what ALWAYS bothers me – is when companies (or governmental regulatory bodies, even) tout something as natural, when its sole ability to exist in the way we consume it as a supplement is based on wholly unnatural, synthetic chemical processes. October 23, 2016 by admin

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Hello Dear people! I just met the most delightful soul yesterday and she read the following post and knew why she shouldn’t eat anything with XYLITOL in it.  So, I wanted it to be fresh in your minds again. Here it is.


What bothers me – what ALWAYS bothers me – is when companies (or governmental regulatory bodies, even) tout something as natural, when its sole ability to exist in the way we consume it as a supplement is based on wholly unnatural, synthetic chemical processes.

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What’s wrong with Xylitol


Most xylitol is made from GMO corn and is a highly processed food like substance, it is NOT “natural” in the sense you and I would use the word. (It can be made from birch tree bark, if so, the package will state it… Even so 1. birch xylitol is still extremely processed and 2. most “products” like finished foods and personal care items containing xylitol use corn) 

Most commercial Xylitol is processed using heavy metals, chemicals, is bleached and is hydrogenated to extract the sugar alcohols from the fiber of the plant. Xylitol is fairly new on the food scene so we have little evidence of long term use in a large population, If we think of other hydrogenated foods we will quickly realize they have a long history of turning out to be very bad for our health, think margarine, fast food or donuts… all cause chronic inflammation and disease. Reasoning would lead one to err on the side of caution and avoid any hydrogenated processed food.


Since it is a processed extracted sugar alcohol it is not digested like a natural sugar and throws the gut’s ecosystem out of balance. 

There is also a small concern about it’s toxicity in rats and a possible link to increasing epileptic seizures.

it is toxic to dogs and can kill your pets if they eat your food, gum or toothpaste


The claims about Xylitol preventing cavities is based on the theory that bacteria on the tooth surface eats sugar creating acid that decays the enamel which causes cavities, anyone who looks into modern holistic dentistry will soon find that the current thinking is so much more complicated than this. Cavities are a symptom of malnutrition leading to a deterioration of the tooth. essentially cavities are a bone disease caused by a lack of the proper diet and sunshine (vitamin D), therefore xylitol’s anti-bacteria qualities are not only systemically toxic but only a band-aid over a much deeper problem.

Here are further links of the topic:





Pet Protection: Shielding Your Companion Animal from GMO Food

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 The world is waking up and people are becoming aware of the dangers that GMO food products pose to themselves and their loved ones. But one member of the family might have been forgotten – your pet.

Richard Palmquist is the Director of Integrative Health Services at Centinela Veterinarian Hospital in Inglewood, California, and he is the President of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. He is an author, blogger, and internationally recognized advocate on the dangers of genetically modified food sources.

According to his observation, hyper-permeability syndrome, or leaky gut, is the leading cause of veterinarian visits for household pets. Palmquist believes that this is a direct symptom of the GM pet food that dominates the industry (and thus, he reasons that humans too are susceptible to the abuses that can come from genetic modification).

Organic pet foods are currently available, but often difficult to find, and they are much more expensive than other pet foods. While Palmquist encourages that pets eat organic food as a way to avoid the slew of diseases and allergies that can come from ingesting GM food, even this route will not last unless greater action is taken. This is because the altered DNA of these foods is broken down by the digestive bacteria within a stomach into fragments of genetic material.

These fragments are synthesized within the genetic makeup of the bacteria, thus changing their structure into something entirely unnatural and potentially dangerous. Palmquist believes that further study will show that these genes are slowly being released into the air and spreading, which will cause the total destruction of the organic food market as these sources are contaminated.

Pets eat organic food as a way to avoid the slew of diseases and allergies that can come from ingesting GM food.


Palmquist delivers this information not to scare pet owners, but to encourage individuals to demand facts about where their food comes from. The issue of choice has been a big one in the GMO debate. One’s consequences should have a clear connection to one’s choices. When the ability to make that choice is jeopardized, as in the case of unlabeled and non-researched GMOs, that basic tenant of freedom is compromised. Then, think of those poor pets that have to rely on educated owners to make the best decision for their care. It’s time for something to change.



DARK ACT (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Fake infected foods are hidden from you under the DARK ACT

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 From : http://ecowatch.com/

Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young are speaking out against the controversial Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act (H.R. 1599), also known as the Deny Americans the Right to Know, or DARK Act.


The legislation would require the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate the distribution and labeling of genetically modified foods (GMOs), thus preempting states’ rights to label GMOs themselves.


Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young join the overwhelming margin of American voters who say consumers should have the right to know if their food is genetically modified. Photo credit: Farm Aid


The famous musicians, who serve as board members of Farm Aid, signed a joint letter calling on President Obama to stop the DARK Act rider, which some lawmakers in Congress are trying to sneak onto to the year-end omnibus spending bill.


“Giant food, chemical and biotech corporations have spent millions of dollars to block our right to know what’s in our food. Their latest effort is to pass what’s been called the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act,” Farm Aid wrote on a Facebook post last Friday. “It would preempt GMO labeling laws already passed in Connecticut, Maine and Vermont and obstruct mandatory federal labeling of GMOs.”


In their joint letter, Matthews, Nelson, Mellencamp and Young bring up the “clear public support for labeling and transparency in the food system.” According to Just Label It, 89 percent of American voters are in support of mandatory GMO labeling.


Additionally, the letter states, “That same right is already held by citizens in 64 countries and it is a right that we, as board members of Farm Aid, have fought to attain for some time.”


Farm Aid is a nonprofit organization that organizes its famous annual benefit concert to raise money for family farmers in the U.S. Nelson, Young and Mellencamp organized the first Farm Aid concert on Sept. 22, 1985, in Champaign, Illinois. Matthews joined the Farm Aid board of directors in 2001. The 30th anniversary of Farm Aid was held on Sept. 19, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. To date, Farm Aid has raised $48 million for the country’s family farmers.


“This is an issue that matters dearly to farmers and eaters alike,” the letter continues. “As citizens, we believe transparency is fundamental to our democracy and indispensable to a fair and competitive marketplace. It is unconscionable that the will of multinational corporations would trump something so essential to American life.”


Introduced by Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas, H.R. 1599 passed the House of Representatives in July and currently languishes in the Senate.


As EcoWatch exclusively reported, powerful food and beverage organizations have heavily lobbied and spent eye-popping sums to fight state-by-state labeling mandates before Vermont’s precedent-setting GMO labeling law takes effect in July 2016.


Unless it’s stopped by a federal ban, Vermont’s law will have far-reaching implications for the labeling of GMO food products in the U.S. For instance, once (or if) Vermont’s law kicks off, it will trigger Connecticut’s and Maine’s own GMO labeling mandates.


“The White House has a critical role in shaping the outcome of this rider,” the letter concludes. “There is no room for corporate riders like this in the omnibus appropriations bill and we urge you to stand up for what Americans want.”


Read the full signed letter below. Those interested in joining the rockers’ cause can visit this link.






GMO’s Explained and Made Simple

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A little Q & A from Jeffery (ANTI GMO) Smith.

Can you explain the relationship between pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and GMOs?



Monsanto was the patent holder for Roundup, the world’s most popular herbicide, which utilizes glyphosate as the active ingredient. The Roundup patent was set to expire in 2000. So as a way to give themselves a de facto extension, they genetically engineered crops not to die when sprayed with this weed killer. The farmers who bought their Roundup Ready seeds were forced to buy Roundup. The crops from the seeds that had not been engineered would die upon application, but Roundup Ready crops can absorb the glyphosate. After being soaked in Roundup, they are later sold as food to you and me. The other trait are corn and cotton plants engineered to make their own pesticide. When insects feed on these crops, the poison breaks open holes in their stomachs and they die. The crops are like pesticide and herbicide delivery systems. This happens indirectly too, as livestock eat Roundup Ready crops as their primary diet in America.



What dangers are posed to humans by ingesting glyphosate?



The level of Roundup that is responsible for problems can be minuscule—measured in parts per trillion. Yet the EPA allows residue levels of Roundup that can be one million times this amount in our food and water. A series of peer-reviewed papers discussing the biochemistry of glyphosate linked it to most of the diseases associated with the Western diet, including cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, anorexia nervosa, gluten sensitivity, kidney failure, ADHD, depression, anemia, anxiety, and others. Many problems stem from the gastrointestinal system because glyphosate kills beneficial bacteria in our gut and can promote the overgrowth of negative gut bacteria. It can also block our internal production of key amino acids, which in turn allow the production of serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine, which are very important for health and human behavior. Roundup in our systems also can block or inhibit the ability of the body to detox hundreds of other toxins in the liver. It is an endocrine disrupter that promotes cancer growth and tumor growth. All according to peer-reviewed, published studies.



If I snack on corn chips at my local restaurant—and if the chips are not organic, then there is a very high likelihood they are produced with GMO corn. What’s the effect on me?



Do you really want to know? The corn will likely be engineered to contain two traits: on one hand, the Roundup Ready corn will contain glyphosate. On the other, it will also contain genes that produce Bt toxin. If lab rats are an indicator, French studies showed damaged liver, kidneys, and pituitary glands, and also multiple massive tumors from the Roundup. Three years ago scientists discovered that Bt  toxin can poke holes in human cells; poking holes in cells is how it kills insects. The toxin also has a long history of demonstrating allergenic properties. The Bt toxin may cause leaky gut—holes in the walls of the intestines— which may be why it was found in the bloodstream of 93% of the pregnant women tested in Canada, and in 80% of their unborn fetuses. Bt  toxin has been shown to be toxic to red blood cells in mice and may be causing serious blood problems in humans. Because it is in the unborn fetus, and the fetus does not have a well-developed blood-brain barrier, it may be poking holes in cells in the brain as well. One of the scariest studies associated with GMOs confirmed that part of the gene inserted into genetically engineered crops transferred into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines. They never confirmed whether that gene continued to function, but if it did— in the case of the corn chips, for example—it might convert our intestinal flora into living pesticide factories, producing Bt  toxin 24/7. This might explain why 93% of pregnant women tested had Bt toxin in their blood. Because the Bt  toxin should wash out fairly quickly, this might explain why there was such a high percentage—because it was being produced in their own intestines. I don’t have to tell your readers about the importance of gut bacteria. Our digestive system is part of our immune system and has a huge influence on behavior and cognitive ability. Like a proverbial Trojan horse, your seemingly harmless and tasty corn chips are likely killing beneficial gut bacteria and possibly allowing GM genes to colonize your intestines.


You travel a lot; what differences do you see between American and European consumer awareness of GMOs?



Europeans were shocked to discover that most Americans had no clue about GMOs. Just five years ago or so, 60% of Americans claimed they had never eaten a GMO in their life. Only 25% of Americans even knew that GMOs were in the food supply, let alone throughout the food supply. Simply put, Europeans are more informed, whereas Americans have been kept in the dark. Consistent studies show that the more people learn about GMOs, the less they trust them, especially in the area of long-term health consequences.



What is your advice to readers who might want to accelerate their GMO consciousness to the next level?


We have lots of information on our website, ResponsibleTechnology.org, including links to my movie, Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives. It consistently motivates people to become non-GMO eaters. In terms of behavior modification, I think it’s helpful for the whole family to transition together. We’ve heard repeatedly about families that watch the movie and have gotten to what I call the “cupboard stage,” where they throw out GMO products so they can replace them with nonGMO alternatives. It’s also good for people to take notes in a journal about the symptoms and levels of energy before and after they attempt a non-GMO diet. People tend to lose weight and have more energy, get colds less. This might provide the extra motivation to continue with a GMO-free diet. There’s a whole connection between gluten sensitivity and GMOs that we won’t have time to address here, but there are alarmingly strong correlations with the rise of gluten sensitivity and the introduction of GMOs. At GlutenAndGMOs.com, we discuss the leaky gut, gut bacteria imbalances, damaged intestines, and other links between Bt  toxin, Roundup, and gluten problems. Eating non-GMO is easier when you avoid processed foods and cook for yourself, but it’s more challenging at restaurants. It’s good advice to put pressure on the restaurants you patronize to provide non-GMO foods. Tell your friends to do the same. Be an activist educator. Ask whether the corn chips or the tofu or the canola oil is organic. Emphasize that it’s very important to you and that it would be a strong selling point for the restaurant. This will help ignite a restaurant revolution.

Monsanto Investor Bill Gates Says GMO Crops Needed to Fight Starvation

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Anthony Gucciardi
January 28, 2012

Bill Gates, the heavy Monsanto investor who purchased 500,000 shares of the biotech giant in 2010, has been touting Monsanto’s genetically modified creations as a tool that is necessary to prevent starvation in poor nations. The same poor nations where thousands of farmers routinely commit suicideafter being completely bankrupt by Monsanto’s overpriced and ineffective GM seeds.

The same company that we recently exposed to be running ‘slave-like’ working conditions, forcing poor workers to operate the corn fields for 14 hours per day while withholding pay.

According to Gates, this is the company whose GMO crops are going to save the world from starvation. Of course, along with ‘saving the world from starvation’, GMO crops also bring along a large number of unwanted health and environmental effects.

A prominent review of 19 studies examining the safety of these crops found that consumption of GMO corn or soybeans can lead to significant organ disruptions in rats and mice – particularly in the liver and kidneys.

Are Monsanto’s Devastating Creations Really the Answer to World Hunger?

What’s more is that Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide, Roundup, has been completely devastating farmlands for years through the creation of resistant superweeds. Experts estimate Roundup usage to result in the destruction of over at least 120 million hectares of farmland thanks to these superweeds.

Is it any wonder that in 2008 a startling report uncovered Monsanto’s blatant abuse of poor farmers in the very poor countries that will supposedly benefit from GMO crops? Thanks to an article in the Daily Mail, it was revealed that thousands of farmers were committing suicide after using Monsanto’s GM seeds. Due to failing harvests and drastically inflated prices, the bankrupt poor farmers began taking their lives — oftentimes drinking the very same chemical concoctions provided by Monsanto as a method of suicide.

‘We are ruined now,’ said the dead man’s 38-year-old wife. ‘We bought 100 grams of BT Cotton. Our crop failed twice. My husband had become depressed. He went out to his field, lay down in the cotton and swallowed insecticide.’

Monsanto actually conned the farmers into buying their GM seeds, majorly overpriced and performing far worse than even traditional seeds. Monsanto went as far as to charge these poor farmers £10 for 100 grams of GM seed, while they could have purchased 1,000 times more traditional seeds for the same amount. The result? A career-ending harvest that led to mass farmer suicide.

It is quite clear that Monsanto really has no intention of helping these farmers fight starvation in their communities, as Monsanto investor Bill Gates would have you think. You can view Bill Gates’ speech about how GMO crops are the answer to starvation and see for yourself how he puts such strong emphasis on that selling point.

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GMO’s Genetically Modified Corn Kills Cows

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Genetically Modified Corn Kills Cows Syngenta Corporation is facing criminal charges for covering up previous livestock deaths from genetically modified (GM) corn. Bt176 is the name of the GM corn responsible for the deaths. The corporation is being charged with the willful cover-up of a company run study from 1996 that killed four cows just two days after consuming what has now been dubbed “Frankencorn.” In 2007 the company falsely testified in a civil court case that Bt176 corn was safe, which resulted in the dismissal of charges against the company. Syngenta Corp received government approval to run field trials on German farmer Gottfried Gloeckner’s property and livestock. Only after losing dozens of cattle and gaining mountains of debt did he discover the 1996 company cover-up. Since then another fabricated study has come to light involving sheep in an attempt to draw attention away from the former 1996 farce.


Source: http://www.nationofchange.org/%20syngenta-corporation-faces-criminal-chargescovering-livestock-deaths-gm-corn-1340811738

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