A Few of the FDA’S Crimes Against Humanity

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In the early 1900s, Dr. Harvey Wiley opposed the process of chemically bleaching flour to create white flour for breads and pastries. As the head of the Bureau of Chemistry, the precursor to today’s FDA, he created a guideline for enforcing a ban on bleaching wheat chemically to produce white flour.

This process destroys nutrition and leaves toxins in white flour. It’s okay to bleach flour from the sun, as the French do, instead of chemicals.

He quit his position after he had become frustrated from the lack of enforcement for his ban. It just never happened. The legacy of unhealthy bleached flour white bread dominated through the 1970s and is still used today unless specifically labeled as unbleached.

The FDA has done nothing to even warn Americans of monosodium glutamate (MSG). They classified MSG “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) in 1959. Millions have suffered unknowingly from this food additive’s neurological toxicity.

A few decades ago, natural herbal remedy cancer healer Harry Hoxsey won a libel suit against the AMA and Hearst Publications. The Supreme Court upheld that decision in the mid 1950s. But the AMA signaled the FDA to unleash their attack dogs.

After confiscating herbal remedies from patients in their homes, the FDA closed and padlocked all 17 successful Hoxsey clinics in 1960. Another example of the FDA protecting both Big Pharma and the AMA against non-patentable herbal remedies. A large Hoxsey clinic operates currently curing cancer patients now in Tijuana as the Bio-Medical Center.

That was one dramatic episode among many where the FDA was instrumental in protecting the pharmaceutical industry from the threat of safer, more effective, and less expensive natural remedies that can’t be patented for huge profits.

Throughout the 1970s, G.D. Searle and Company, now part of Monsanto, bids for aspartame approval had been denied by FDA scientists. The Searle chairman at the time, Donald Rumsfeld, managed to use his transitional federal government position in 1980 to place a crony in charge of the FDA, Arthur Hayes Hull, Jr.

Rumsfeld’s man helped push it through while hiding the results of six monkeys tested on aspartame before 1970. One died and five had grand mal seizures. Now millions have been adversely affected by aspartame.

Soon after that successful dirty deed, Rumsfeld’s crony went to work for Burston-Marsteller, the chief public relations firm for both Monsanto and GD Searle. The revolving door keeps spinning.

Many deluded Obama voters like to blame those around him for the tyranny that’s increased since he’s been in office. But as former president Harry Truman used to say of the presidency, “the buck stops here.”obama-monsanto

Obama has selected these people with full knowledge of their dark deeds. While campaigning for his first term, he promised to never appoint former lobbyists into administrative offices.

During the 1990s, Micheal Taylor came from Monsanto into a key FDA position. Michael Taylor has been in and out of the FDA and Monsanto so often he’s considered the poster boy for the revolving door syndrome that transforms corporate tyranny into government power.

From his FDA position, Monsanto Mike managed to influence some states to prosecute dairy farmers who labeled their hormone free products as “without hormones or rBGH”, Monsanto’s GMO hormone to force more milk production from cows while infecting them.13f45e4a35f247eed2890e55daf62c0e

Monsanto’s Mike Taylor is ensconced in the Obama administration as the “Food Safety Czar” or chief Executive Branch consultant for the FDA. Michael Taylor has been a lawyer and lobbyist for Monsanto. That’s his professional background.

In 2006, the FDA attempted to completely protect Big Pharma from liability suits. They wrote in their “Final Rule” a clause that properly labeled prescription drugs were exempt from lawsuits. This was right around the time Merck’s Vioxx lawsuits were piling up. Merck is a big FDA client. Every drug or vaccine approved elicits a fee from them to the FDA.

So whom does the FDA serve and protect? Only companies with the big bucks to go through trials to determine which synthetic poison is not as bad with fraudulent trials and pay off the FDA with their licensing fees.

Big Pharma’s protection comes from the FDA’s willingness to raid and destroy firms that offer natural solutions and dare to use the word cure.

Why The FDA Deserves to be Called The Fraud and Death Administration

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The FDA constantly sanctions dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and toxic food additives, bans safe and effective natural remedies for diseases, and enforces bans on healthy foods such as raw milk. Several pharmaceuticals remain on the market while killing thousands and creating more illnesses until class action suits crop up and the mainstream media wakes up momentarily.

After the FDA’s most protected client, Big Pharma, has made billions off their poisons, the drug is withdrawn or the FDA issues a black box warning. Vioxx is only one example. There have been and still are many pharmaceutical companies that get off with fines that are less than the dollar amounts Big Pharma uses for advertising and lobbying.

How is the FDA a client of Big Pharma? After questionable testing reports from the companies themselves, pharmaceutical companies pay the FDA licensing fees for the drugs’ approvals. This is the tip of the iceberg, which includes revolving doors between the FDA and food and drug corporations.

Scrupulous FDA scientists’ concerns are usually overruled by the bureaucrats in charge.