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You have got to watch Mrs. Gamble on this 1 minute video. Yes,  she is  of the “Procter and Gamble” fame. However, she is using her entitled status to promote natural ways to heal the body! BRAVO RICH LADY!


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Cannabis oil cures terminal cancer in 3-year-old after pharmaceutical drugs fail miserably

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A 3 year-old Utah boy, diagnosed with leukemia and told by doctors that he had mere days to live, is now alive and well not because he continued his chemotherapy, but because he obtained cannabis oil treatment instead. (1)

The family, fed up with the fact that the only treatment doctors could recommend was chemotherapy–even after little Landon Riddle kept vomiting dozens of times daily and refused to eat after two months of chemo–looked into cannabis oil treatment. After reading up about it online and researching the details, they traveled to Colorado where such a treatment is legal, to help Landon. (1)

“His whole chest was full of leukemia tumors which is why he couldn’t breathe,” says his mother, Sierra. “They started him on chemo, but told us that he probably wasn’t going to make it. We discussed all of our concerns with his medical team in Utah and watched Landon continue to suffer and wither away as the piled on drug after drug.” But rather than give in to a death sentence and play into Big Pharma’s only recommendation, Landon began cannabis oil treatments. The results have been incredible. (1)

Within just days of the treatment, Landon showed signs of improvement. Instead of withering away, his appetite surged and his vomiting lessened. He rebounded, and as explained on a CNN video, is still cancer-free even months later. (1)

The sad threat to take a sick child away from his family

Still, serious issues loom over the family, including their concern that Landon might be taken out of their custody. The video, which can be viewed in this article here, explains that the family was initially given an ultimatum: continue years of chemo and steroid treatments or refuse it, and potentially have Landon removed from their care. A lawyer willing to take on the case stepped in, expressing his thoughts that there is nothing detrimental about the family’s intentions.

And so the cannabis treatment continued, although it should be noted the chemotherapy didn’t entirely cease. He still receives treatments, but just once monthly as opposed to the more frequent doses. Sierra is desperately trying to find an oncologist who will allow cannabis treatments only, but has yet to find one willing to do so. (1)

We all know why. If the medical profession were to get on board with cannabis oiltreatments and other natural methods of curing the sick, billions of Big Pharma dollars go down the drain. It would be a huge industry shake-up where pharma jobs would go by the wayside, money lost, and credentials questioned. So medical experts, for the most part, tip-toe around the issue, saying–at best–that it should be used as a complementary approach to more accepted traditional treatment methods such as chemotherapy.

Big organizations against cannabis treatments despite growing evidence that it heals people

In a statement issued to z,i>CNN by the American Cancer Society regarding Landon Riddle’s story, the avoid-cannabis-for-improved-health mentality is blatantly obvious. They stated in the same aforementioned video that “there is no available scientific evidence from controlled studies in humans that cannabinoids can cure or treat cancer.” That, despite the fact that Dr. Julie Holland, editor of “The Pot Book,” says, “It turns out, it actually fights the cancer itself.” That, despite the fact that numerous findings have emerged showing that cannabis compounds kill cancer cells in mice and in humans. That, despite Landon’s amazing recovery. (1)

Landon’s story isn’t the first time cannabis oil has been eyed as helping those with serious conditions heal. For example, Natural News recently reported on the story of 33 year-old David Hibbitt, a U.K. resident who was diagnosed with bowel cancer and given 18 months to live. However, he took therapeutic doses of cannabis oil to the tune of a very affordable $75 monthly and guess what? He eliminated his cancer. (2)

What’s it going to take for the mainstream medical world to fight more for human health rather than Big Pharma greed? It’s time for the blinders to come off and the money-hungry mind sets to end.


Perspectives on Lung Cancer, Brain Science, and Other Stuff Like “SCANXIETY” !

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The fine state of Washington has a very passionate citizen living there that is challenged with Lung Cancer. She will tell you that the only thing she smoked was “SALMOM”!

Traditional Radiation and Chemo failed her and she has cutting edge therapies to tell you about. I suggest you check out her blog site. Considering many of you have “SCANXIETY” which can spell a new crisis and the ceiling free increase in healthcare is always a huge factor it’s worth your time.


Janet Freeman-Daily Bolgs Gray Connections:   


Andreas Moritz – The Mysterious Death of a Legend

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On October 21st, 2012 at approximately 9am, medical intuitive, Andreas Moritz was reported to have died.  The shock wave went through the web with disbelief and great sadness.  How could this be? He was so young, 58 years old and worked right up to his death.

There were no cause of death reported, only a message on his website and on Face Book announcing he had died.   

~ Announcement ~ Posted on Website and Face Book - Sunday October 21, 2012

It is with a mixture of profound human sadness and deep spiritual gratitude that we announce to the world that Andreas Moritz has returned to the Realms of Light.

During his all-too-brief stay here on Earth, Andreas touched the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Through his teachings, his books, his art, his personal guidance and inspiration, he helped people throughout the
world to restore their health and well-being, and, in so doing, transform their lives.

As his mission here on Earth was nearing completion, he worked passionately to write and complete four more books, and they will be released in the coming months.

As we each deal with this shock and our personal grief surrounding his transition, the greatest gift we can give to Andreas is to send Love and Gratitude to assist him as he continues his Mission from the higher dimensions.

At some point in the future we plan to co-create a global celebration of his life and many blessings to the world.

~ The Ener-Chi Family

Andreas Moritz – Legend, Medical Intuitive, Writer, Husband and Merciful Teacher

He was born on January 27th 1954 and was married to Lillian Maresch (Lilly) who holds a PHD in Psychology.  He was a gentle man and had written many books in his lifetime.  He was most recognized for his book on liver flushing, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

He was originally from Germany but had traveled the world educating himself on healing.  His studies were extensive and many were done to learn how to heal his own illnesses.  Moritz wrote his bio on Amazon, ”From the age of six, Moritz experienced a number of severe illnesses such as juvenile arthritis, arrhythmia, anemia, abnormally low blood pressure, frequent fainting and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Although his main fields of interest were architecture, music and athletics, most of his time was spent in trying to understand the causes of his own illnesses. As an adolescent, Moritz began studying diet, nutrition and various approaches to natural healing and well-being.”

Andreas Moritz Many Books Include:
  • Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation
  • The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush
  • Cancer Is Not a Disease! — It’s A Survival Mechanism
  • Lifting the Veil of Duality
  • Feel Great, Lose Weight
  • It’s Time to Come Alive
  • Heart Disease No More!
  • Simple Steps to Total Health
  • Diabetes – No More!
  • Ending the AIDS Myth
  • Heal Yourself with Sunlight
  • Hear The Whispers, Live Your Dream
  • Vaccine-nation

I knew of him and had seen him on Curezone where I have several forums.  He had moved on before I arrived, but he was well respected and loved.  I wrote an article on The Only Liver Flush That Works and he contacted me.   He followed me on Twitter and very nicely wanted to tell me that his flush was good also.

He was kind, gentle and professional at all times.  So when I heard of the news of his death I was sad. I just could not understand why the secrets though.  Why not just tell people how he died and why he died so suddenly.  There were many rumors floating around about his health and from his last video on vaccines, it appeared Andreas Moritz was indeed sick as he stumbled through the video not totally in control.



Just trying to find his home town was a huge struggle. Even Wikimedia had deleted his page. Now if Wikimedia disowns you, that is bad.  I finally got a lead through his Amazon page where he stated he met his wife in Minnesota and that they were now living in the Carolinas.  So my sleuth mentality now was at work.  I knew that something very secretive was going on.

I tried searching for him in North Carolina with no luck at all and then I searched in South Carolina and found a lead through Face Book.  They gave out his home town which is Landrum, South Carolina.

Aha! So I then went through every newspaper in Landrum and the entire county and not one obituary and not one death notice.  How could this be possible and why was his death such a big deal?

On the Day of His Death – Sunday October 21st at 5am on Face Book he posted:

Exciting new research conducted at the Creighton University School of Medicine in Nebraska has revealed that supplementing with vitamin D and calcium can reduce your risk of cancer by an astonishing 77 %. This includes breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer and other forms of cancer. This research provides strong new evidence that vitamin D is the single most effective medicine against cancer, far outpacing the benefits of any cancer drug known to modern science.
The study involved 1,179 healthy women from rural Nebraska. One group of women was given calcium (around 1500 mg daily) and vitamin D (1100 IU daily) while another group was given placebo. Over four year, the group receiving the calcium and vitamin D supplements showed a 60 % decrease in cancers. Considering just the last 3 years of the study reveals an impressive 77 % reduction in cancer due to supplementation.
This research on vitamin D is such good news that the American Cancer Society, of course, had to say something against it. An ACS spokesperson, Marji McCullough, strategic director of nutritional epidemiology for the American Cancer Society, flatly stated that nobody should take supplements to prevent cancer.
If it seems surprising to you that the American Cancer Society – which claims to be against cancer – would dissuade people from taking supplements that slash their cancer risk by 77 %, then you don’t know much about the ACS. The ACS is an organization that actually prevents prevention and openly supports the continuation of cancer as a way to boost its power and profits. The ACS is the wealthiest non-profit organization in America and has very close ties to pharmaceutical companies, mammography equipment companies and other corporations that profit from cancer.
This was also the last post he made on his Twitter Page

So at 5am he was posting on Twitter and at 9:08am someone posted he had died.  Apparently he was not bedridden and apparently he was well enough to work.  But still why was no notice given of how he died?

Rumors Everywhere on Andreas Moritz Demise

Apparently he was a victim of big Pharma and some say he had death threats.  So rumors surfaced that he may have been murdered, committed suicide or maybe simply died of cancer and did not want to tell the world that his program did not work.

What was the reason for the secrecy and who really cares how he died? We do! People have the right to ask questions and they have a right to know.  First many people put their faith in him and people’s lives are at stake here.  If his program does not work for everyone then simply make a statement that due to complications Andreas has died from cancer.

His true friends would stick by him and understand that there are flaws in most protocols.  Was the family afraid book sales would falter, lawsuits would follow or were they simply trying to find some alone time to handle the grief?

What is a Medical Intuitive?

If Moritz was truly a medical intuitive or healer as he professed, then he was well aware of his sickness. Rumors followed that he was rushing to finish his last 4 books and time will tell if that has been accomplished.  He was an accomplished artist and his paintings alone showed his inner soul. His paintings on power and the hereafter reflected desire, strength and feelings.
A medical intuitive or healer would know when something is wrong with the body.  You are able to see above the body and look down and scan the entire body and know how then to treat the disease.  Healers are not perfect, but they definitely know if they have cancer or something major.
We each have decisions to make and you may only have one choice.  Apparently Moritz chose the wrong protocol and that in the end was his true destiny.

Why the Mystery of His Death?


Similar notices were on Face Book but within 24 hours the notice at Face Book was removed. There was one post from one of his books posted  a few hours ago and more and more questioned why no answers were given. So if he indeed had cancer, why not just say that?Someone took the time to post notices everywhere on social media, but not enough time to answer our one question — how did he die?

Was this Andreas last wish that no one know his personal business or was the family deep in fear from pressures from the pharmaceutical industry?  I know these fears to be real.  I knew a man who had death threats against him and he was dead in 30 days.

Even if he died of Aids, Cancer or Even MS, his followers would still love and follow him.  In the past when holistic healers died of normal diseases their legacies have been attacked,  In the weeks to come we can only hope that I have to edit this very long article with the real truth.

We wish him much peace, his family comfort and the world an understanding that Andreas was who he was.  He was caring, intelligent beyond his time and he was someone who taught us all more about nutrition, cleansing and cancer than most have.

Read: Death is Not What it Seems to Be  

Andreas Moritz Books on Amazon


John Oliver Eviscerates the Stunningly Corrupt Practices of Big Pharma

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John tells us how Big Pharma leverages our trust in our doctors and medical practitioners to help them push their products. John states that the pharmaceutical companies spend more money on marketing to doctors than they do on research!


Here is the video link Enjoy!







Cancer? This is why Western Medical Has no Interest in Helping educate Cancer Patients

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21st Century Oncology

Abbott Laboratories, Inc.

Advertising Council, Inc.


Alliance for Excellent Education

American Association of Cancer Education

American Association for Cancer Research

American Association of Medical Colleges

American Cancer Society

American Childhood Cancer Organization

American College of Surgeons/Commission on Cancer

American Society of Clinical Oncology

America’s Health Insurance Plans

Arizona State University

Association of American Cancer Institutes

Association of Community Cancer Centers

Association of Oncology Social Work

Association of State & Territorial Health Officials

Astellas Pharma US, Inc.

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services


Avon Foundation

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Brodeur Worldwide

Bronson Healthcare Group

Brown University Graduate School

California Department of Health Services

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas

Cancer Registry of Northern California

Cancer Support Community

Capture Rx


Case Management Society of America

CEO Roundtable on Cancer, Inc.

Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cherokee Nation Health Services

City of Hope National Medical Center

CMI Communications/ ANEW Marketing Group

Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups

Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC)

Colon Cancer Alliance

Comprehensive Cancer Control Board

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Department of Health, State of Hawaii

Duke University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Duke University Men’s Basketball

Dutchess County Department of Health


Education Network to Advance Cancer

Clinical Trials

Eli Lilly and Company

Endo Pharmaceuticals

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Friends of Cancer Research

Geisinger Health System

George Washington University School of

Medicine and Health Sciences

Georgetown University

Georgia State University

Georgia Tech – College of Management


Grant Group, LLC

Greater Baltimore Medical Center

Hamot Medical Center

Harold Freeman Patient Navigation Institute

Harvard Medical School

Hatteras Venture Partners

Healthcare Service Corporation

Highmark Inc.

Hogan Lovells US LLP

Howard University Cancer Center

I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation

Indiana University

Infectious Disease Society of America

INOVA Health System

Institute for Alternative Futures

Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Sciences

Integris Health

Intercultural Cancer Council

International Myeloma Foundation

Intrexon Corporation

Iowa Cancer Consortium

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Johnson & Johnson

LEGACY | for Longer Healthier Lives

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Life Beyond Cancer Foundation


Loma Linda University

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Lung Cancer Alliance

Lymphoma Foundation of America

Maine Center for Cancer Medicine

Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center

McCarthy Medical Marketing, Inc.

MedTran Health Strategies

Melanoma International Foundation

Men’s Health Network

Merck Vaccines

Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company

Miller Stephens & Associates

Milliman, Inc.

Mitchell Cancer Institute – University of South Alabama

Molecular Health Inc.

Morra Communications

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Mutual of America

Myriad Genetics, Inc.

National Association of Chronic Disease Directors

National Association of City & County Health Officials

National Association of Hispanic Nurses

National Breast Cancer Foundation

National Cancer Policy Forum

National Center for Policy Analysis

National Coalition on Health Care

National Coalition of Oncology Nurse Navigators

National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

National Health Council

National Hospital and Palliative Care Organization

National Patient Advocate Foundation

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

N. E. Lins & Associates

North American Association of Central Cancer Registries

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Office of President George H.W. Bush

Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Oncology Nursing Society

Oncolytics Biotech Inc.

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Prevencion, Inc.

Prevent Cancer Foundation

Prevention Institute

Preventive Health Partnership

Purdue Pharma, L.P.

RCY Medicine

Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of

Northwestern University

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Samaritin Health Initiatives

Samuelson and Associates


State Farm Insurance Companies

Strategic Health Concepts

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Tennessee Department of Health

Texas A&M Health Science Center

Thomas Jefferson University

Translating Research Across Communities (TRAC)

Troy and Dollie Smith Cancer Center, Integris Baptist

Medical Center

Trust for America’s Health

Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Tyco International

UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center and Career Research Institute

United Healthcare

University of California at San Francisco

University of California Los Angeles

University of Chicago Medical Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Hawaii – John A. Burns School of Medicine

University of Kentucky

University of Maryland, School of Public Policy

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of North Carolina Health Care System

University of Notre Dame

University of Southern California

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

University of Texas – M.D. Anderson Center

University of Utah

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Department of Defense

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration

U.S. National Cancer Institute

U.S. Senate

US Oncology-McKesson

Van Andel Research Institute

Vital Options International

Volunteer State Medical Association

West Virginia University

Yale University School of Medicine      

This is just the people in cancer support imagine all the white coats too.     

The FDA’s Denial Of Cancer Patients’ Freedom Of Choice

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Jonathan Emord


In the recently published report by the National Cancer Institute, Surveillance Epidemiology End Results (SEER) Cancer Statistics Review, nearly one out of every two Americans born today will be diagnosed with cancer. If you are diagnosed with terminal cancer, you will likely discover sooner or later that FDA approved treatments (radiation and chemotherapy) are rarely curative and ordinarily present risks of secondary cancers and other life threatening complications. You will also discover that, with rare exception, those who go without FDA approved treatments live as long, if not longer than those who receive approved treatments.When a cancer patient who is bereft of options contacts the sponsor of a clinical trial involving an experimental drug, he or she will come to a startling realization: it is neither the patient nor the patient’s doctor who decides what treatment they can use, but the Food and Drug Administration. Imagine that, after all a patient has endured, with precious little time left, and with a potential cure seemingly within reach, the terminally ill cancer patient cannot receive a desired treatment unless the FDA deems it permissible.A recent released documentary film by Nehst Out entitled Cut Poison Burn (available at reveals the desperate and horrible circumstances befalling those who must not only struggle to fight the cancer afflicting them but also the FDA. The film documents the struggles of the Navarro’s, a family struggling against the cancer treatment establishment and the FDA to gain access to a promising, experimental treatment for their young son, Thomas, who was dying from an aggressive glioblastoma or brain tumor. Their extraordinary courage and stamina against nearly insurmountable odds led them into an heroic conflict with an FDA more interested in protecting economic interests and its own power than in permitting a young child and his parents hope in the fight for their beautiful little boy’s life.The Cost ofthe War on CancerSince President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971, conventional cancer treatment has become very big business. In 2010, cancer care cost the American public an estimated $125 billion, yet even with a declared war and enormous expenditures, almost all cancer patients have died either from the treatments administered or from cancer progression, or both. The ugly truth is that the federal government has lost the war on cancer. Although it has lost the war, it compels Americans to purchase the same failed treatments for the disease by locking promising experimental alternatives out of the marketplace.

Because half the American population is bound to contract cancer and most cancers are incurable, a just government would do everything in its power to ensure that those diagnosed with cancer would be informed of and encouraged to explore alternatives, provided they made a knowing election once informed of the potential risks and known benefits of each option as compared to the FDA approved treatment. However, that is not the case. For those who seek alternatives to FDA approved treatments and to FDA favored drug manufacturers, the agency has an all too common answer: No (and often “no” without any rational explanation).

The FDA jealously guards its gatekeeper role, whereby drugs are only allowed to be marketed if they have been given FDA approval. As FDA’s Associate Director of the Office of Drug Safety, David J. Graham, has explained, the system for allowing access is corrupt, heavily subject to political influence, and biased in favor of drug company sponsors who have a cozy relationship with the FDA from years of seeking and obtaining drug approvals.

When a patient seeks an experimental drug for a serious or life-threatening condition, an ordeal of extraordinary proportions may confront the person when they are least able, physically and emotionally, to endure it. He or she must contact the drug trial sponsor and obtain the sponsor’s consent for admission to the trial. If the patient does not meet the eligibility criteria for the clinical trial, then the sponsor, not the patient, if convinced of the prudence of admitting the patient must seek the FDA’s consent for a “compassionate use” exemption from the eligibility criteria. That exemption comes in the form of either a “single patient investigational new drug” submission by the sponsor or, if the patient may die imminently, an “emergency investigational new drug” submission (which may be made by phone). FDA political appointees exercise enormous subjective discretion in determining who will be permitted access to a clinical trial of an experimental cancer drug. Although the agency is loath to admit it, denial of the patient’s choice occurs in those instances where the FDA harbors a bias against the sponsor or the treatment. Sometimes that bias is born of good evidence that the clinical trial is fraudulent or that the experimental drug is too dangerous, but it may also be born of an agency effort to ensure that favored regulatees are protected against new or novel cancer treatments of promise from an individual or company not among those having close ties to the agency.

The decision to deny a dying patient access to an experimental drug is an extraordinary exercise of federal power. That horrific decision is made daily by the directors of FDA’s Division of Oncology Products—Drs. Robert Justice and Patricia Keegan, under the direct supervision of the FDA Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg. The FDA has criteria in 21 C.F.R. § 312.305 that limit access, but it exercises considerable discretion in interpreting the criteria, resulting in inconsistent decision making. Repeatedly members of Congress, most notably Congressman Dan Burton from Indiana and Congressman Peter DeFazio from Oregon, have pressured FDA Commissioners to reverse decisions denying access that the Oncology Products Division Directors declared final. While FDA Commissioners protest that their decisions are wholly science based, in fact the subjective criteria and the inconsistencies in decision prove that bias is the norm and that those with political access to the powerful can achieve reversals.

When determining if a patient will be given access to a clinical trial, the FDA considers a few subjective factors. First, it requires that the patient have a “serious or immediately life-threatening disease” that is essentially not treatable with FDA approved drugs and devices. In 21 C.F.R. § 312. 300(b), the FDA reveals the inherent subjectivity in this determination: “Whether a disease or condition is serious is a matter of clinical judgment, based on its impact on such key factors as survival, day-to-day functioning, or the likelihood that the disease if left untreated will progress from a less severe condition to a more serious one.” Next, the FDA evaluates the treatment, again on largely subjective grounds, assessing whether “[t]he potential patient benefit justifies the potential risks of the treatment use and those potential risks are not unreasonable in the context of the disease or condition to be treated.” The FDA then insinuates its anti-competitive bias into the process, deeming even a drug for which clinicians recommend access for the terminally ill be kept from those patients on the basis that allowing the use would “interfere with” potential FDA market approval for the drug or because the FDA deems other drugs under another IND (Investigational New Drug Application) or FDA approved drug protocol available for treatment use.

When the drug sponsor is a large pharmaceutical company having a portfolio of several FDA approved drugs seeks a compassionate use exemption, it is ordinarily granted. The subjective factors are all resolved in the sponsor’s favor. When the drug sponsor lacks that cozy relationship, the FDA often subjectively concludes the treatment to be one with potential risks that are unreasonable or concludes the condition to be one for which FDA approved treatments remain available. It is, of course, always the case that an FDA approved treatment is available for cancer or that another IND by a favored regulatee is available for treatment use. The factor is thus entirely fungible, depending on the political preference of the regulator. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are conventionally approved to one extent or another for every cancer. So the FDA may always conclude that an experimental treatment is unwarranted because the patient could receive treatments that are FDA approved instead or could participate in some other IND for the cancer.

The FDA’s political manipulation of the compassionate use process is one of the greatest examples of arbitrary and capricious agency action. It carries with it consequences acceptable to no one but the FDA bureaucrats who administer the program: destruction of patient hope and life. When a director of the Division of Oncology Products decides to deny a terminally ill patient access to an experimental treatment, that interposition of federal power between doctor and patient has profound consequences. Invariably the patient’s last, best hope for cure is removed by force of law, compelling the patient either to leave the country in search of the same or comparable treatments, return to horrific chemotherapy and radiation treatments that will make life unbearable and may hasten death, or resign to die.

Patricia Clarkson’s Story

On June 17, 2011, Patricia Clarkson was diagnosed with Stage III multiple myeloma. Although predicting an individual’s life expectancy is in fact impossible, Patricia’s doctor, like many oncologists and hematologists, make those unscientific predictions. Her doctor told her that she had no more than 4 to 5 years of life left. This common practice is not only unscientific but also cruel in the extreme and contrary to medical ethics because it inflicts injury, often causing the patient diagnosed with cancer to experience a profound loss of hope and a feeling of utter helplessness, conditioning them to accept with resignation whatever treatment regimen is recommended even treatments with lethal side effects. Often patients diagnosed with cancer and given an estimate of time left suffer a loss of the will to live and a diminution in their immune system that hastens death.

Patricia underwent a battery of tests, two MRIs, bone scans, and sophisticated laboratory analyses, all confirming the diagnosis of Stage III multiple myeloma. On June 18, 2011, she was hospitalized for sudden acute kidney failure, but she responded well to treatment and was released on June 21. While hospitalized, she was placed on Velcade, a chemotherapy drug. The Velcade reduced her plasma tumors from 80% to 15%, but she began to experience gastroenterological reactions to the drug and severe pain in her lower back.

She was then given radiation therapy. Her reactions to the Velcade became so severe that her treatment regimen was halted, pending resolution of the reactions. In the interim, one of her oncologists advised that genetic testing revealed that she was missing chromosome 13 and gene p53 (a condition common among 50% of those afflicted with multiple myeloma), which he said would reduce her life expectancy to a year or two. Again, this heartless, unscientific pronouncement only further injured Patricia’s psyche atop the enormous physical suffering she had already experienced.

This oncologist recommended a bone marrow transplant which he said would extend her life one to two years (another unscientific prediction because bone marrow transplants in these circumstances are notoriously unsuccessful). Fortunately, Patricia did her own research on bone marrow transplantation and decided that the length of hospital stay, risk of complications, and likely need for more than one transplantation surgery made it a foolish option.

In late November 2011, convinced that there was no conventional option that offered her any hope and that each option given her would come with greater physical disability and pain, decreasing, not increasing, her life expectancy, Patricia began looking for non-conventional alternatives. Having discussed the matter with trusted friends, she became convinced that she might benefit from receiving antineoplastons, a non-toxic, experimental drug discovered over thirty years ago by medical researcher Dr. Stanislaus Burzynski. One of those friends, Mary Jo Siegel, was diagnosed twenty years before with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and was pronounced cured following receipt of the antineoplastons treatment. Patricia traveled to Houston to meet Dr. Burzynski. He regretfully informed her that the FDA had ruled that it would not grant any additional compassionate use exemptions for patients to receive his antineoplatons, even though the FDA had approved numerous exemptions in 2011. After conducting a physical exam and evaluating the test results, Dr. Burzynski recommended that Patricia take sodium phenylbutyrate along with the chemotherapy drug Revlimid until such time as a better option became available. Her local oncologist acknowledged Patricia’s decision to work with Dr. Burzynski, but refused to affiliate with him or provide local medical support, apparently for fear of FDA retaliation against her and her clinic.

Informed that the FDA could only be persuaded to lift its ban on Burzynski’s treatment if enough political pressure were brought to bear, Patricia contacted her member of Congress, Jerry McNerney. In December McNerney’s aides sent Erik Laughner, a consumer safety officer in the FDA’s Division of Oncology Products, a letter requesting a compassionate exemption for Patricia. The request was denied. The FDA offered no explanation for its denial. Patricia then turned to Senator Diane Feinstein for help. She wrote to the Senator and asked her to urge the FDA to permit participation in the Burzynski clinical trial. Senator Feinstein’s staff sent a letter to the FDA on December 14. On January 6, 2012, the FDA responded with a conclusory denial, reciting that it was aware of no data supporting “the use of antineoplaston therapy as a potentially safe and effective treatment for multiple myeloma.”

Patricia then met with Senator Feinstein’s aides and provided them with more details supporting her request for access to the Burzynski treatment. Dan Morrison of Senator Feinstein’s office later informed Patricia that he did not receive any response to his last inquiry to the FDA. He had no options to give Patricia other than encouraging her to contact the FDA directly by phone (a dead end given that FDA refuses to speak with patients about its compassionate use decisions; it only speaks to its regulatees, the clinical trial sponsors) or send a letter to the White House.

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For Patricia Clarkson, the need for access to Dr. Burzynski’s antineoplastons is acute. Because political influence plays such an important part in this sordid business of convincing the FDA to permit a dying person freedom of choice,

I urge those who read these words to correspond with the FDA and with their members of Congress to demand that FDA Commissioner Hamburg act now to reverse the FDA’s decision to deny Patricia Clarkson antineoplastons treatment. You may register your complaint with Commissioner Margaret Hamburg at the following email address: Margaret.Hamburg@ You should also ask Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, to demand that Commissioner Hamburg reverse her the denial of treatment. You can reach him on Twitter (@DarrellIssa). You should also ask Congressman Dan Burton, member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, to intervene on Patricia’s behalf. You can reach him on Twitter (@RepDanBurton).

The war on cancer has become a war dominated by “friendly fire,” where the medical troops fighting the battle more often than not kill the civilian patients they are supposed to protect. It is a war we have lost yet continue to wage using the same failed methods. It is a war the federal government allows to be waged by those with political influence but not by those without that influence who nevertheless have discovered treatments that hold out promise. It is a very corrupt and inhumane war.

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Jonathan W. Emord is a constitutional and administrative lawyer in Washington, D.C. The author of The Rise of Tyranny and Global Censorship of Health Information, he has defeated the FDA in federal court eight times. He is a weekly columnist for both the and the American Justice column in USA Today Magazine. He is consulted regularly by the national media on government regulation, appearing on the nationally syndicated radio program Coastto- Coast AM, was recently interviewed by John Stossel on The Stossel Show (http:// blog/2011/11/08/fda-kills) and can be heard on the Christian Broadcasting Network, among media outlets. For more information visit


Monsanto’s list Of Poisoned foods …………..Bon Appetit…………..

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I bet you didn’t know that Monsanto Is the biggest chemical producer in the world


I bet you didn’t know they  produce most of mainstreams food supply.

So, you buy Monsanto’s poisoned GMO cancer causing foods, monsanto_companies

you get very sick  in a short time, you buy their pharmaceuticals because your sick and get sicker . 

Aren’t you guys sick of it?

Non GMO Shopping Guide will help you stay out of the death camps.                                                   





Natural ways to treat disease LOVE – EVOLVE – TRANSCEND

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NOT GOOD…            


















Top Docs Twisting The “C” word into Radical Remission

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There were too many guest speakers at the Los Angeles Colonic Therapist Convention this year to write about all of them,  however , here are two ;

Turn your challenge into radical remission!

check out her site

Dr.Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.


Healing From Within


Dr. Habib Sadeghi, D.O.

The Doctor’s web site is

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