Death Isn’t What It Appears To Be

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Death Isn’t What It Appears To Be


By Andreas Moritz 

For the majority of people on this planet, death still symbolizes the end of a life cycle, however short or long it might be.These angels who are currently living through the ‘dark night of their soul’ and are ‘causing’ death or harm to others and become known for this through the mass media, confront the rest of the people with their greatest of fears, the fear of death. Those souls who leave their physical form never actually ‘die’ against their will, although it may seem this way. Actually, it is the ego holding onto the cells of the body that triggers the fear of self-destruction. The ego holds the soul hostage within the body until a disease or injury caused by an accident or another person releases it and terminates the imprisonment.

The fear of loss of life makes the ego hang on to the body so desperately that it appears that dying is a struggle and worth fighting against, even if it means complete dependence on a life support machine for weeks and months. Those who opt for artificial life extension or allow others to make that decision for them are controlled by an attitude of ‘life at all costs’. Little do they realize that their brave souls are imprisoned by their physical vessel. Physicians who keep their patients alive against their wishes have a misguided sense of duty, which in turn originates from their own fear of death and ignorance of what death really means. Death is never a punishment, but most people take it to be one of the most awful things that could happen to them.

Therefore, when we hear about the murder of an innocent child we conclude that this must be something terrible for the child, shortcutting a life that could have had so much ahead of her/him. We do not realize that the soul had already accomplished all it needed and wanted to during its short stay in physical embodiment and was ready to move on to greater opportunities and accomplishments. In some cases, a child is born and will die from ‘crib death’ because it is a very young soul without any human experience and not yet ready to accept the challenges and trials of physical existence. Getting just a small taste of life is its soul’s purpose during this first attempt.

The greatest learning that such situations offer is meant for those who are left behind and not for the one that has left. The bereaved ones experience genuine loss. The grief, once again, becomes an intimate reminder of the original loss of life, and is yet another opportunity to get closer to the realization that this loss is an illusion too. Children who died at birth or soon after will be conceived again within a short time, if this is their desire, and be born in a physical body that will support their purity, profound sensitivity and high-level energy.

Death is the greatest teacher of all. As long as we fear death and don’t know it for what it really is, we cannot truly live, and parts of us keep dying as life goes on. But every death is a blessing in disguise, for it brings us a little closer to immortality, our own immortality.

Those blessed people who work with the dying have much respect for, and very little fear of, death. When there is no more fear of loss, death loses its mystery altogether. It then reveals to us that the Great Separation or Great Death was the illusion we had to create in order to undo it again and recognize our immortality. Eventually, we will realize that we can live for as long as we choose. We are born with the vague recollection of this truth. There are already some humans upon this Earth whose bodies cannot be hurt or harmed in any way. Bullets would go right through them. Three-dimensional objects have no effect on their fourth and fifth dimensional light bodies. Their physical selves no longer vibrate on the third dimensional level and are, therefore, indestructible; yet they remain visible to the physical eye like every other object.

Fear of death or anything else exists only in the domain of duality of third dimensional existence. These fears make us vulnerable to what we fear. If we are afraid of anthrax, chemtrails or other destructive experiments by the governments, they are likely to affect us. Those who have no more fear, and therefore are truly of the light and the dark, can experience the world remaining unaffected and immune to any harmful influence. We tend to point fingers at those who destroy our natural environment and pollute our air and water because we are afraid that this will make us ill or kill us. In truth, it is the fear within which makes us susceptible to any sort of external assault. Without our (unconscious) permission, the radiation from a nuclear power plant or the carcinogens from a chemical factory could not touch or harm us in any way.

Collectively, we have created these realities of illusion in order to move into our indestructible light bodies. Our genetic material (DNA/RNA) is of a crystalline substance that has the power and ability to transmute anything we do not need or want, including deadly viruses. Pollutants, toxins and even super bugs all consist of molecular structures in various formations. The crystalline substance of our own light body can break down into base particles any molecular structure and reassemble it into crystalline purity, provided we have no fear or we trust and know that we can do this. Moreover, we all can do this, as has been documented, for example, by the Japanese molecular scientist Masaru Emoto. In his book Messages From Water, he demonstrates through illustrated research that mere thought or emotion impacts the world around you in the most profound way. He showed that the dark and amorphous structure of polluted water with no crystalline structures could quickly become a highly organized white hexagonal crystal-within-a-crystal if exposed to positive human thoughts. A negative thought, on the other hand, can break up the crystalline structures of water and distort and pollute it. The same principle applies to the food we eat, the blood that runs through our veins, the air we breathe, and all the things that come to us and touch us. What we believe or fear these influences will do to us, they exactly do to us, but not otherwise.

We are perfectly capable of blessing all things with our essence and thus lifting them up to vibrate on the same crystalline level as we are. By contrast, we can lower their vibration with our belief that they cause us harm. There is nothing outside us making this choice for us. We influence everything that comes near us and determine how it affects us. The belief of being a victim prevents us from using our indestructible light bodies. It robs us of the ability to use our endless, inherent powers. Instead of transmuting what we do not want in our lives, including physical death, we blame external influences, people, fate, the devil or even God for our suffering and eventual demise. Yet deep within we know that being a powerless victim doesn’t make any sense at all.

Settling for a perspective in which death is a necessity is foreign to every human being on Earth. Instinctively we know that life doesn’t need to end. This is especially true for babies and young people. When we grow older, our ego resists the notion that we can live forever. Much of this resistance is caused by guilt. We feel guilty for living because of having done so many ‘wrong’ things in life, and unconsciously we look for ways to terminate the guilt, through growing old and dying.

Andreas Moritz – The Mysterious Death of a Legend

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On October 21st, 2012 at approximately 9am, medical intuitive, Andreas Moritz was reported to have died.  The shock wave went through the web with disbelief and great sadness.  How could this be? He was so young, 58 years old and worked right up to his death.

There were no cause of death reported, only a message on his website and on Face Book announcing he had died.   

~ Announcement ~ Posted on Website and Face Book - Sunday October 21, 2012

It is with a mixture of profound human sadness and deep spiritual gratitude that we announce to the world that Andreas Moritz has returned to the Realms of Light.

During his all-too-brief stay here on Earth, Andreas touched the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Through his teachings, his books, his art, his personal guidance and inspiration, he helped people throughout the
world to restore their health and well-being, and, in so doing, transform their lives.

As his mission here on Earth was nearing completion, he worked passionately to write and complete four more books, and they will be released in the coming months.

As we each deal with this shock and our personal grief surrounding his transition, the greatest gift we can give to Andreas is to send Love and Gratitude to assist him as he continues his Mission from the higher dimensions.

At some point in the future we plan to co-create a global celebration of his life and many blessings to the world.

~ The Ener-Chi Family

Andreas Moritz – Legend, Medical Intuitive, Writer, Husband and Merciful Teacher

He was born on January 27th 1954 and was married to Lillian Maresch (Lilly) who holds a PHD in Psychology.  He was a gentle man and had written many books in his lifetime.  He was most recognized for his book on liver flushing, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

He was originally from Germany but had traveled the world educating himself on healing.  His studies were extensive and many were done to learn how to heal his own illnesses.  Moritz wrote his bio on Amazon, ”From the age of six, Moritz experienced a number of severe illnesses such as juvenile arthritis, arrhythmia, anemia, abnormally low blood pressure, frequent fainting and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Although his main fields of interest were architecture, music and athletics, most of his time was spent in trying to understand the causes of his own illnesses. As an adolescent, Moritz began studying diet, nutrition and various approaches to natural healing and well-being.”

Andreas Moritz Many Books Include:
  • Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation
  • The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush
  • Cancer Is Not a Disease! — It’s A Survival Mechanism
  • Lifting the Veil of Duality
  • Feel Great, Lose Weight
  • It’s Time to Come Alive
  • Heart Disease No More!
  • Simple Steps to Total Health
  • Diabetes – No More!
  • Ending the AIDS Myth
  • Heal Yourself with Sunlight
  • Hear The Whispers, Live Your Dream
  • Vaccine-nation

I knew of him and had seen him on Curezone where I have several forums.  He had moved on before I arrived, but he was well respected and loved.  I wrote an article on The Only Liver Flush That Works and he contacted me.   He followed me on Twitter and very nicely wanted to tell me that his flush was good also.

He was kind, gentle and professional at all times.  So when I heard of the news of his death I was sad. I just could not understand why the secrets though.  Why not just tell people how he died and why he died so suddenly.  There were many rumors floating around about his health and from his last video on vaccines, it appeared Andreas Moritz was indeed sick as he stumbled through the video not totally in control.



Just trying to find his home town was a huge struggle. Even Wikimedia had deleted his page. Now if Wikimedia disowns you, that is bad.  I finally got a lead through his Amazon page where he stated he met his wife in Minnesota and that they were now living in the Carolinas.  So my sleuth mentality now was at work.  I knew that something very secretive was going on.

I tried searching for him in North Carolina with no luck at all and then I searched in South Carolina and found a lead through Face Book.  They gave out his home town which is Landrum, South Carolina.

Aha! So I then went through every newspaper in Landrum and the entire county and not one obituary and not one death notice.  How could this be possible and why was his death such a big deal?

On the Day of His Death – Sunday October 21st at 5am on Face Book he posted:

Exciting new research conducted at the Creighton University School of Medicine in Nebraska has revealed that supplementing with vitamin D and calcium can reduce your risk of cancer by an astonishing 77 %. This includes breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer and other forms of cancer. This research provides strong new evidence that vitamin D is the single most effective medicine against cancer, far outpacing the benefits of any cancer drug known to modern science.
The study involved 1,179 healthy women from rural Nebraska. One group of women was given calcium (around 1500 mg daily) and vitamin D (1100 IU daily) while another group was given placebo. Over four year, the group receiving the calcium and vitamin D supplements showed a 60 % decrease in cancers. Considering just the last 3 years of the study reveals an impressive 77 % reduction in cancer due to supplementation.
This research on vitamin D is such good news that the American Cancer Society, of course, had to say something against it. An ACS spokesperson, Marji McCullough, strategic director of nutritional epidemiology for the American Cancer Society, flatly stated that nobody should take supplements to prevent cancer.
If it seems surprising to you that the American Cancer Society – which claims to be against cancer – would dissuade people from taking supplements that slash their cancer risk by 77 %, then you don’t know much about the ACS. The ACS is an organization that actually prevents prevention and openly supports the continuation of cancer as a way to boost its power and profits. The ACS is the wealthiest non-profit organization in America and has very close ties to pharmaceutical companies, mammography equipment companies and other corporations that profit from cancer.
This was also the last post he made on his Twitter Page

So at 5am he was posting on Twitter and at 9:08am someone posted he had died.  Apparently he was not bedridden and apparently he was well enough to work.  But still why was no notice given of how he died?

Rumors Everywhere on Andreas Moritz Demise

Apparently he was a victim of big Pharma and some say he had death threats.  So rumors surfaced that he may have been murdered, committed suicide or maybe simply died of cancer and did not want to tell the world that his program did not work.

What was the reason for the secrecy and who really cares how he died? We do! People have the right to ask questions and they have a right to know.  First many people put their faith in him and people’s lives are at stake here.  If his program does not work for everyone then simply make a statement that due to complications Andreas has died from cancer.

His true friends would stick by him and understand that there are flaws in most protocols.  Was the family afraid book sales would falter, lawsuits would follow or were they simply trying to find some alone time to handle the grief?

What is a Medical Intuitive?

If Moritz was truly a medical intuitive or healer as he professed, then he was well aware of his sickness. Rumors followed that he was rushing to finish his last 4 books and time will tell if that has been accomplished.  He was an accomplished artist and his paintings alone showed his inner soul. His paintings on power and the hereafter reflected desire, strength and feelings.
A medical intuitive or healer would know when something is wrong with the body.  You are able to see above the body and look down and scan the entire body and know how then to treat the disease.  Healers are not perfect, but they definitely know if they have cancer or something major.
We each have decisions to make and you may only have one choice.  Apparently Moritz chose the wrong protocol and that in the end was his true destiny.

Why the Mystery of His Death?


Similar notices were on Face Book but within 24 hours the notice at Face Book was removed. There was one post from one of his books posted  a few hours ago and more and more questioned why no answers were given. So if he indeed had cancer, why not just say that?Someone took the time to post notices everywhere on social media, but not enough time to answer our one question — how did he die?

Was this Andreas last wish that no one know his personal business or was the family deep in fear from pressures from the pharmaceutical industry?  I know these fears to be real.  I knew a man who had death threats against him and he was dead in 30 days.

Even if he died of Aids, Cancer or Even MS, his followers would still love and follow him.  In the past when holistic healers died of normal diseases their legacies have been attacked,  In the weeks to come we can only hope that I have to edit this very long article with the real truth.

We wish him much peace, his family comfort and the world an understanding that Andreas was who he was.  He was caring, intelligent beyond his time and he was someone who taught us all more about nutrition, cleansing and cancer than most have.

Read: Death is Not What it Seems to Be  

Andreas Moritz Books on Amazon


At Colonics Raleigh NC We “can” Make a Difference!

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Sometimes we can feel helpless when the government makes obvious mistakes and harms the interest of the population. The mismanagement of public funds,  fraud and miscalculations gives us rise to complain. Here at Intestinal Fitness, LLC in Raleigh NC  we are helping clean up the mess we have created for our world  not necessarily by “doing” something but by stopping ourselves  from participating in “WORLD GOSSIP”!  It could be super easy to partake in the gossip while we are providing hours of therapy to our clients. By resisting absorbing negative news, we are making the world a better place.   

To Our Beloved Saint Andreas Moritz! Thank you for Crossing Over to become a Guardian Angel to assist billions of us at one time

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Thanks Folks! 

One day last week, I went on Andreas Moritz’es  FaceBook page to give him thanks and found out he died. Tears shot out of  my eyes, I fell over at my desk in grief. My nurse was puzzled on why I couldn’t speak for a change. The man was 58  years old. He had no illness, but a lot of enemies from the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry  racketeering rings. 

I will post a few videos here. If you have never heard of him, watch a couple of his videos. 

The first one is for those of you who know Andreas and mourn the loss:



You pick what topic you would like to learn about from hundreds of topics;

Now I know why he gave his physical body up on purpose; to be with billions of us  spiritually as our Guardian Angels through our journey here on earth. My beloved Saint Andreas!  Watch the videos and learn as fast as you can. Commit to memory or take notes. It won’t be long before the video library is shrunk or deleted.