“Candida Yeast Were Having A party in my Panties”

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The last client today told me “I am so sick of Candida Yeast having a party in my panties”! I thought it was a funny statement. However, it was so sad that a 32 year lady has had yeast infections since she was 6 years old. It started as candy cravings. That’s  how yeast multiply’ s, ask a baker, feed them sugar and they grow, grow , grow. No different inside your gut. Feed them sugar and they grow, grow, grow. Most of us are experts at growing Candida Yeast. We eat all the right food stuffs for them.

She was brought up on over cooked, sugary, denatured, re hydrated, shipped, per-served, cooked, re packaged, boxed, bagged, canned and jarred food mimic stuffs. Perfect food for bacteria to eat. Bad, unfriendly, disease causing bacteria that is.

She said she was sick of  ”hosting” a yeast party.

So we shared our experience with her and after three weeks no yeast parties. That easy.  We are experts in the fields of;


2) Elimination


4) Relaxation

We make it easy, accessible, we are impeccably clean, three hours of therapies are selling here for only $140.00. That makes us ” economy driven” for you.

1) Colonics



2) Far Dry Infrared Sauna




3) Ionic Detoxification FootBaths



You can end the Merry Go Round of itch, brain fog, crabbiness, sugar cravings, eat and drink party foods and then make an appointment for a prescription for anti-biotics. Anti-biotics kill candida yeast AND all the rest of your friendly bacteria, and the yeast survive just fine to come back and  ”Host another Party in your Panties”! Call Gabrielle or Rebecca and they will help you get off the Merry Go Round once and for all easily. We walk the talk folks.


We get a good knee slap laugh when we hear Medical Doctors tell their customers, “DON’T do colonics, it will wash out all your good bacteria”. The good bacteria has lost if you are paying to speak to a Medical Doctor. If  he/she doesn’t know that a colonic will wash out all bad bacteria, and then you can easily replace the friendly bacteria……shame on them. If they do know how miraculous and fast it is to clean out bad bacteria and replace with friendly bacteria,…..uhh shame on them twice. I would certainly hate to have as much power, money and knowledge at my fingertips as a Medical Doctor and all the education and hoops I had to go through to come up with “It will wash out friendly bacteria”. Is it just me? 



Come and let us pamper you for three hours for $140.00

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