To Our Beloved Saint Andreas Moritz! Thank you for Crossing Over to become a Guardian Angel to assist billions of us at one time

November 18, 2012 by  
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Thanks Folks! 

One day last week, I went on Andreas Moritz’es  FaceBook page to give him thanks and found out he died. Tears shot out of  my eyes, I fell over at my desk in grief. My nurse was puzzled on why I couldn’t speak for a change. The man was 58  years old. He had no illness, but a lot of enemies from the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry  racketeering rings. 

I will post a few videos here. If you have never heard of him, watch a couple of his videos. 

The first one is for those of you who know Andreas and mourn the loss:



You pick what topic you would like to learn about from hundreds of topics;

Now I know why he gave his physical body up on purpose; to be with billions of us  spiritually as our Guardian Angels through our journey here on earth. My beloved Saint Andreas!  Watch the videos and learn as fast as you can. Commit to memory or take notes. It won’t be long before the video library is shrunk or deleted.