Death Hides In Your Colon

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Death hides within the intestines. People are the product of what they eat , think, assimilate and eliminate.” These are a few of the old proverbs that reflect the crude reality of today. The bad eating habits and lifestyles make the large intestine most affected and in consequence many illnesses flourish worsening our quality of living.

Fecal residues have to be evacuated by norm twice a day (when the large intestine is in good condition) this should happen without much effort and the fecal mass has to be consistent.

When the fecal residue is retained in the colon for weeks or even months they ferment and rot. The residue sticks to the walls of the colon and this generates high levels of toxins which develop germs that generate various types of illnesses.

Why is Colon Hydrotherapy Necessary?

This is an excellent option that helps us to reestablish the health of the digestive system and improve our quality of living against:    

Sedentary lifestyles.
Abuse of antibiotics, drugs, anti-inflammatory, anti-contraceptives which alter the equilibrium of the intestine flora.
The abuse of laxatives.
Excess of mucous and toxins that end up producing allergies.

What are the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?                                                                                                                                                                                                    

To eliminate accumulated fecal residue, this eliminates toxins and gives a profound revitalization to the organism.
80% of the defenses of the organism are found in the mucous of the small and large intestine. The cleaning of the intestinal lymphatic ganglia stimulates the immune system, desintoxicates and diminishes the allergic processes.
Reestablishes the intestinal peristaltic especially in those hypotonic colons.
Eliminates possible parasites and destroys the mycosis.
Dissolves adherences provoked by chronic inflammatory processes.
Anti-inflammatory effect.
Elimination of gases.
Improves the vital tonality.
More resistance to fatigue.
Better retention of calcium in bones and articulations.
Improvement of the anemic state and sleep.

How is a Colon Hydrotherapy Session Like?
This therapy irrigates water with a special tube that is introduced in the rectum. This tube has two ways, one inputs clean water and the other evacuates the residues of the intestine.

A special apparatus filtrates the water, gives the right amount of pressure and temperature. The water flow is controlled by the machine and the medical practitioner.
What Pathologies is this Therapy Indicated For?

The ones related to the large intestine:       



Constipation, flatulence.
Irritable colon, colitis, spastic colon, lazy colon.
Illness of “Chron”.
Diarrheas, candidacies, parasitism.
Chronic intestinal intoxication caused by bacteria, virus, fungi, heavy metals, etc.
Hemorrhoids, cellulites, obesity, swollen legs.
Great help for vesicle tenesmus.
Prostate problems, renal affections.
Diminution of the immune system.
Premature aging of the skin.
Illnesses of the skin: psoriasis, eczemas, acne, dry skin, etc.
Improves the hair condition.
Loss of sexual activity.
Allergies, osteoporosis, sinusitis.
Stress, migraines, depression.
Pulmonary affections: asthma, bronchitis.
Arthrosis, artrosis, fibromialgia, lumbalgia.
Tiredness and fatigue.
Before any surgery especially in the abdomen and pelvis.
Prevention of colon cancer and many degenerative processes.




Intestinal ulcers, intestinal perforation.
Recent surgery.
Blood hypertension not controlled.
Cancerous tumor of the colon.
Hemorrhoids in an acute stage.
Anal fissures, pregnancy, gastric hemorrhages.
Cardiac illnesses, aneurisms, pelvic adherences.

How Many Sessions are Necessary?

The sessions are variable and therefore the frequency of the irrigations are variable as well. This depends on the state of the client, the pathology, etc. Usually the well being of the client and as a way of prevention it is advisable to irrigate once every three months, however we have clients that colonic cleanse once per month.