Colonic Raleigh NC Opposes Genetically Modified Foods! OMG! GMO OMG! GMO

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When MONSANTO, a very despicable company in my opinion, decided to Genetically Modify Foods, those foods that they manufacture are not recognized by your body when you eat them so your immune system is lowered immediately trying to fight off the invader. You obtain gas, bloat, constipation, etc.. trying to digest a NON-DIGESTIBLE FOOD STUFF.

The crops to avoid;

1. all corn

2. soybeans



5.sugar beets

6.hawaiian papaya

7.some zukes and yellow squash

8.GMO alfalfa fed to livestock

Below is a link for Non -GMO shopping guide and the ins and outs of Genetically Modified Food Stuffs;

There were rumors that the “Whole Food Market” was in bed with Monsanto and we could no longer trust their “365″ brand label, thinking there were GMO’s now in them.

I have researched that issue and it is just that, a rumor!

I will not list any of Monsanto’s terrible deeds here over the years, you can find all that super easy enough, I just wanted you to know there is a place where it is still safe to buy foods that do not have their fake, poisonous, garbage as ingredients.

If you would like to start to get Nutrition Information from a reliable source, click on the link below. Mike Adams takes a stance against the biggest trouble makers in the fields of nutrition.