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I just love this man’s post’s so here I share his latest with you. He is a great investigator. 

Charles Partito N.D. / Raw Nutritionist


The only thing I know about vaccines is what the FDA tells me, and they’re liars!”


Vaccines have been in the news a lot lately, in fact, I was recently interviewed on a local radio show here in San Diego called KOGO. It was a debate between the host named Sully, who is for vaccines, versus yours truly, who was once for vaccines. In fact, for most of my life I  believed  only nut jobs and weirdos were against vaccines. Then, I actually became heavily educated on the subject, as a result, I am now against vaccines.
Sully was quoting the CDC,  using  their statistics that are in favor of vaccines. It was clear, Sully feels the CDC is God like. I feel this agency was founded to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. My guess was the CDC was founded by the pharmaceutical industry, but I wasn’t sure.
After the interview, I researched the founding of the CDC. It turns out the CDC was originally called the Malaria Control in War Areas (MCWA). It was created to prevent the spread of malaria amongst our soldiers. It turns out that the majority of the funding for this organization was funded by none other then Rockefeller. Rockefeller was the main player in bringing pharmaceuticals from Germany to America at the turn-of-the-century. The MCWA proved to be incredibly lucrative for Rockefeller. When the war came to an end Rockefeller scrambled to protect his profits. So on July 1, 1946 they changed the name of WCWA to CDC and its new role would be to prevent malaria and other contagious diseases from spreading across America. So you’ll have to decide for yourself whether you feel the CDC’s main job is to protect pharmaceutical profits, or to protect the people of America. 

To learn more about Rockefeller and his role in converting America from a Homeopathy society who was listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the healthiest  society  in the world (out of 100 participating countries) in 1900 to a medicine based society that fell to the sickest  civilization on earth (dead last, 100th)  by the 1980′s according to the very same World Health Organization click here.
Sully feels, based on CDC statistics, that diseases are coming back because less and less people are getting vaccinated. I believe diseases are coming back because vaccines do not work. My guess is, most people who contracted these recent outbreaks of diseases/viruses were vaccinated, but it is only a guess. 

A few years back the  humane  society sued me for refusing to vaccinate my animals. It’s a catch 22, if you don’t vaccinate you cannot acquire  a license for your  animals. If you don’t license them you are breaking the law. We all showed up to court and I presented my case with everything I know about vaccines to the judge and they presented their case. In the end the Judge agreed with me and the humane  society  went into shock! Below are some of the reasons I feel vaccines have been ineffective despite the CDC’s statistics.


F irst off, all I’m going to say is, I believe vaccines are ineffective! In Australia and the UK vaccines are not mandatory and 50% of their populations are not vaccinated. Yet, their incidents of infectious disease are no greater than the countries that mandate vaccines.

As we go through these statistics keep in mind some of these statistics will be altered, but it’s by third world countries that are  overwhelmed  with unsanitary and malnourished conditions. So often the CDC will use the  statistics  from those countries and  apply  those countries stats to our county, which I feel is a lie. We will get back to those countries a little later.

The fact is, rates of disease are the same for vaccinated countries as they are for the unvaccinated countries, with the exception of third world countries. In the USA Whooping Cough, Rubella, and Measles are resurfacing  despite  introducing programs against those diseases some 60 years ago.


In the USA 72% to 98% of those who are vaccinated against measles still contract this infection. The  Minnesota  Health Dept reported 769 cases of Mumps, yet 82% of those infected had been vaccinated against mumps. The New England Journal of Medicine reported Pertussis vaccines failed to protect 82% of children vaccinated against the infection.


The Federal Center of Disease Control (CDC) admitted that between 1973 and 1983 87% of all cases of Polio were caused by the Polio vaccine itself. From 1980 to 1989 100% of the Polio cases were cause by the vaccine itself.

Are V accines Harmful?



In Australia 50% of the Aboriginal children died within 2 weeks of receiving the DPT vaccine. In 1979 Australia stopped the DPT vaccines for infants and consequently their SIDS rate dropped to virtually 0%. Meanwhile, in the USA where vaccines are mandated there are some 4,000 SIDS death per year.


In Australia a study of children that were given the DPT vaccine stated that 50% of them had “respiratory disturbances.” Some stopped breathing all together (they were resuscitated). 

Sweden stopped the Whooping Cough vaccine all together. This is because of reoccurring epidemics of Whooping Cough and other harmful side effects caused by the vaccines after the vaccines were introduced.


Japan stopped all mandatory vaccines in 1974 when their government assumed all financial responsibility and other liabilities for the side effects of the vaccines.


In 1950, here in the USA, before vaccines were introduced we had the 3rd lowest infant mortality rate in the world. Since the introduction of vaccines we have fallen to 37th in the world. In the USA the greatest number of infant moralities is caused by SIDS. I  cannot  find any deaths  attributed  to SIDS when it comes to an unvacinatted breast fed infant.


Our own government recognizes the risks of vaccines. In 1986 Congress passed a law called National Vaccine Childhood Injury Act. This requires all  doctors  to state all the risks associated with vaccines to their patients. Doctors MUST also report all negative reactions to the federal government through the Vaccine Event Reporting System. The FDA states that 90% of doctors do not report adverse effects of vaccines. This is because the doctors are afraid of law suites.


From July 1990 to 1994 34,000 adverse effects were reported including 700 deaths caused by vaccines. Since 90% of adverse effects were not reported. The real numbers are closer to 340,000 injuries including 7000 deaths. Plus, I believe, another 4,000 deaths due to SIDS for a total of 11,000 deaths.  


Our government will pay up to $250,000.00 for a death as well as thousands of dollars for “on going treatments.” Our government (they’re broke, so we) paid out $522,000,000.00 the first year due to adverse effects of vaccines.


In our country there are law firms whose sole practice is collecting money from our government ATM machine for “side effects” caused by vaccines. So, both our government and our judicial system recognize the negative effects of vaccines. There is a special “vaccine court” called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that is funded through a tax on vaccines. If you or yours are injured or killed by a vaccine, you must hire an attorney and fight tax-funded government attorneys to seek damages, as you cannot sue the drug manufacturers. That’s how powerful Big Pharma is, if you are successful suing  them, they don’t pay the damages, we do.

How are Vaccines manufactured?vaccine4

 You don’t want to know!!! First, to weaken the bug, they generally inject it into live tissue. This may include a chick embryo or, into the kidney of what was intended to be a beautiful, happy, and free monkey. Then the bug is removed but at this point it’s too weak to do it’s “job”. So, they boost it up a bit by adding some of the following. Antibiotics, disinfectants, Sodium Chloride, Sorbitol, Formaldehyde, Sodium Hydroxicate, Thermolsal (mercury), Gelatine, and so on. (all HIGHLY TOXIC to the human body)
 This brings up the potency, acts as a stabilizer, and acts a preservative for the bug. But, it also changes the actual bug found in nature.


The first problem with vaccines is the person vaccinated can (and has) contracted the disease from the vaccine itself. The toxic substances added to the bug will create issues for the body which may include death. The vaccine can carry in it’s foreign materials from the monkey or embryo (animal tissue) when they attenuated (made weaker) the bug/microbe. Viruses from the animal itself can be in the vaccine (many think this is where AIDS was born).

 Flu vaccines do not work either. The virus in the vaccine is a calculated educated guess of which strain of flu will “invade” us each year. So it’s possible to be vaccinated against something that will not show that year. This serves to weaken the immune system which in turn makes what you do get seem MUCH stronger than if you just left things alone. This is when the CDC says, “The flu mutated!” no it didn’t, the vaccine simply did not work. In the USA alone there are quite high numbers of death due to the Flu vaccine each year. T he CDC themselves recently reported that this years flu-vaccine was only 23% effective. Yet, according to the Department of Public Health, more and more schools are making the flu vaccine a requirement.I  believe  if a person is really frail and weak they are the last ones who should be vaccinated. This because the vaccine itself is a foreign invader and can easily overwhelm a  fragile  body.
H ow Are Vaccines Supposed To Work?



ost people believe once they are immunized they are now walking around with a invisible protective barrier that makes them impervious to disease. But of course that’s not how vaccines are designed to work at all!

 The  premise behind vaccines  is actually a good one.  You  see, every time you get become sick your body creates antibodies to attack, kill, and remove the invader. Then the body stores the blueprint of how to recreate the antibody that killed the invader. That way if the invader returns the body can  recreate  the antibodies in 3-4 days rather than the 7 days it takes to build the antibody from  scratch . Though 3-4 days  difference may not sound like much, it can be the difference between life   or  death. 
 So the premise behind vaccines is to inject you with a weakened virus so your body will build antibodies (7 days),  conquer the disease and then store the blueprint in case you get the real disease (3 days to make the antibodies).  In doing so you will have a much better chance of surviving the disease.
 The problem with that is a simple one. Whenever they make  disease  in a laboratory  it’s never the same  disease  you’ll find in nature.  Therefore,  your body just spent all this time,  nutrients,  and  energy  (which lowers your immune system) creating an antibody for something it’s never going to catch.
 The statistics speak for themselves. Just as many people contract the disease that have been  vaccinated as  those who have not been   vaccinated. The difference is, the unvaccinated (who are healthy) recover from the invader faster than those who have been vaccinated.

If the only problem with vaccines is the fact that they are ineffective who cares if we become immunized or not. When you consider that vaccines come with serious side effects along with their ineffectiveness then one has to wonder if they are really worth the effort? 

Why Do Immunizations Seem Effective?


One way is to simply change the name of the disease. The Whooping Cough vaccine was touted as a miracle vaccine prior to it’s release in the 1950′s. It was promised by big pharma to wipe out the aliment. After tons of hype and money were spent on the promotion of the injection, the vaccine had NO effect on the virus whatsoever. What did they do? They changed the name of Whooping Cough to Carapurcussis. They proclaimed Whooping Cough as cured but now they need a new vaccine for this new disease. When the Polio vaccine proved to be ineffective against the disease they changed the name of polio to A -septic- meningitis.


Another reason vaccines seem effective is the fact that 90% of adverse effects are not reported. There are no studies that prove vaccinated individuals get over their infections faster than those who are unvaccinated. In fact, the opposite is true.


If an epidemic is left alone it will rise, then peak, then fall.  Remember  SARS, it went away all on its own without any vaccines. If you introduce your vaccine after the disease peaks you get to claim credit for the fall. There are many that fall forthis trick. The   Polio  vaccine was introduced after Polio was 97%  eradicated  all on its own, but to this day vaccines get all the credit for the cure.


I believe the greatest contributor for fighting infectious disease is cleanliness. Placing our sewers under ground, washing our hands, clothes, dishes, pots, pans, silverware, the proper storage of foods/water and the proper disposing of our trash has contributed more to fighting disease then any vaccine.


You see, Pasture tried to grow bacteria on fruit. But, it did not work! It took what amounts to in layman’s terms, rotting soup (on accident) to grow the bacteria. Bugs are scavengers, two things must be true for them to thrive. One, the tissue must be weakened. Two, the proper food must be present for them to proliferate.


How do we promote an environment for them to thrive? How about our own diet? All the toxins found in the SAD diet both damage our tissues and provides food for the bugs. There was a contemporary of Pasture named Claude Bernard. I personally believe he was more qualified than Pasture. He studied Pastures findings intensely and said, ” Pasture, what you are saying is flies cause garbage!”


Barnard, with whom I agree, believed the bug is not the problem. I can swab anyone’s throat that is reading this letter. I would find at least 12 potentially death causing   diseases in your body at all times. It’s the healthy body that’s able to hold these diseases in check. It’s the toxic, weakened body that allows the bug to thrive. If the trash cans are clean and new, will the flies thrive, or  will  they look elsewhere  for some dirty,   slimy , toxic trash cans to thrive?


When we think of physical preparedness, or the lack thereof, as the reason for contagions, all of a sudden the idea of contagions is not so scary. In other words, we have a choice in this, we are not merely unlucky victims.  

HOW DO WE PROTECT OURSELVES????1. Diet ( Most all of you reading this are raw fooders, you know what I mean by diet) If you are not sure what i am referring to click here and buy this book called Eating for Health and Wellness.2. Supplements, especially probiotics, they will build your immune system in a hurry. Ejuva’sMolflora is one of the best! To know which nutrients you are deficient, which is indicative of which disease you are susceptible, check out Ejuva’s Health by Mai Program. 

3. Juicing, lots of it!


4. Fasting


5. Cleansing, parasites/yeast/toxins/heavy metals (Ejuva’s cleanse are truly among the very best!)

6. Exercise

7. Sunshine

8. Good attitude/ eliminate stress


9. Great hygiene

In other words, the same things you want to do all the time as a raw fooder I believe is our best protection to build our body’s vitality. Not only are vaccines ineffective but ALL have associated risks. The building of our immune system is NOT 100% guaranteed against disease. But it is in my opinion more effective than vaccines, and contains no risks.

All 50 states allow us to opt out of vaccines though they lead you to believe otherwise.


I recommend that you keep track of your children’s childhood diseases as this can be used as an immunization record. Most people don’t realize but our past sicknesses  are vaccines!!!!

A t least wait until your child is 2 years old. This because the human immune system is not fully developed until aged 2. In fact, Japan quit vaccinating until that age due to our statistics.


 If traveling abroad you can go the the website and there are 2 categories of vaccines. One category is “recommended vaccines” those are to be avoided. The “required” category cannot be avoided. Those that follow my recommendations come back saying they  fared  better then their counterparts who actually received all the vaccines, especially if its a 3rd world country.