Is Shampoo and Cream Rinse killing you? No more migraine headaches, labored breathing, skin irritations, and eye sight improvement after one consultation

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We had a client come in for colon cleansing with a colonic hydrotherapy session. It lasted one hour. However, in that hour, the client and I chatted about some symptoms he was experiencing that were mind boggling to him since he was only 28 years old. The symptoms he told me he was having were as follows:


2 labored breathing

3) skin irritations 

4) blurry vision 

5) caught colds easily


I found the answer to this set of symptoms years ago.  They are classic signs of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES ( Sodium Laureth Sulfate) poisoning.  

Start checking your stick deodorants, shampoos, cream rinses , and anything you are about to place on or in your body….everything.

These detergents pose serious health threats.The chemicals are used in garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers. The makers of your body care items tested their products on animals first and found these results:

1)eye damage

2)depressive beahior, isolation, anti social behavior

3)labored breathing


4)severe skin irritation


Was concluded that young eyes may not develop properly if exposed to SLS. May damage the skins immune system. Can be transformed into nitrosamines, a potent class of class of carcinogens. Your body may retain the SLS for up to five days and maintain residual levels in the heart, liver, lungs, and brain. However these two products are in just about every product on the shelves.

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