Misconceptions about The conditions involving Colonic Therapy

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These are statements I have heard from clients before they booked their first appointment for colonics:

1) I thought the tube was going to be inserted in my butt and go in six feet!                                

TRUTH: The speculum is only inserted about a half to one inch into the rectum.              


2)I thought it was going to smell just like shit in the whole clinic!                                                  

TRUTH: The waste gets taken in a tube completely closed off from air from you to the sewer immediately, the only thing you may smell are some natural aroma therapies like lavender or Palo santo’s sacred wood burning.                                                                                        

 3) I Thought it was so painful.                                                                                                                    

TRUTH: No pain at all .                                                                                                                                        




4) I thought I would shit my pants all day after my session!                                        



TRUTH: If you poop a lot it stays here, when you leave in one hour you will be restored to your self but just maybe 100% better that when you walked in. You can Play, dance , sing eat……no problem                                                                                                                                  

5) I heard that it was going to suck my bowels out.                                                                            


TRUTH: There is absolutely “NO” sucking here or any other colonic Business. There will be some water gently delivered into the rectum when there is a slight pressure it will be released and your “OWN” perastalic wave will push it back out through the waste tube.


6)  I heard that it would perforate my colon.

TRUTH: Never once in thousands of years and millions of therapies has that happened.


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