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HHS Affirms ALL Vaccines are Illegal
It all started back in 1976. America was proclaimed by Big Pharma as being in the mist of a Swine Flu Pandemic.  Trusting in Big Pharma millions of Americans lined up for the vaccine. Unfortunately, over 400 people died from the vaccine itself. The high mortality rate associated with the vaccine meant the drug companies were to withdraw the vaccine. Even worse, it turned out, there was no flu pandemic whatsoever. It was yet another Big Pharma scare tactic to drum up sales. The lawsuits ensued…

 of all the lawsuits, Big Pharma told congress they would withdraw from the vaccine business all together unless Congress “protected” them from the on-slot of current and future law suites. So, (with all Big Pharma’s donations and lobbying) Congress did just that. Congress passed a law in 1986, known as the infamous 1986 Vaccine (sic) law. This law, besides protecting Big Pharma from their mistakes and lies also commanded the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make sure vaccines became safer. It also required the Secretary to report to Congress about the improvements in safety every other year via a written report.
Though the part of the law that protected Big Pharma was implemented. The “safety report” for the public’s protection never occurred. The Secretary failed to report to congress the fact that Big Pharma was NOT complying with the law. The fact is, over the years Vaccines became much, much more dangerous – so much so vaccines were deemed “unavoidably unsafe” by our Courts.
In 2018 the Consent Action Network filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case against the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). CAN sought copies of the safety reports for the 1986 Vaccine (sic) Law. CAN wanted the very reports that was required by the Secretary to provide to Congress every two years. It was learned during the course of this lawsuit that HHS never complied with the law. Therefore it was determined all vaccine mandates are illegal because the drug companies and the government have failed to obey the law. 
This means your Informed Consent right to refuse all vaccines is now valid. However, if you choose to opt out of vaccines you must assert that right or you will be “deemed” to have “waived” that right! That’s where the AVD card protects you and your family.
I am not here to tell you whether or not you should be pro or con vaccines. I do however list my reasons for why I am against vaccines from time to time. From there you can make the choice that makes sense to you.
If you decide to opt out, or opt your family out, you will be well severed to own an Advanced Directive card (AVD card). This card is a VALID Advanced Directive or Living Will, its binding on the medical community under the law of Informed Consent. It’s wallet sized card based on the US Supreme Court, “I Do Not Consent” case Missouri vs McNeely (2013). 
For those interested these cards are available for about 35.00 at https://www.nsfmarketplace.com/product-category/vaccine-exemption/ 
Why would you or your family members need a card? Sometimes you will enter an Emergency room in a unconscious state were they will vaccinate you. Or, if you are trying to enroll a child in school rather than just your lonely voice against those that feel they know best, you actually have an official document that backs you up.