Colon Hydrotherapy is Being Suppressed: The medical Board is your best referral for Colon Cleansing with water

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The following is a newsletter from a very concerned Natural health Practitioner. This is a re-post from a professional natural health practitioner. He personally knows people that were shut down for simply helping  others with zero evidence of wrong doing. 

Greetings from Matt Monarch

Today, I want to let you in on an outrageous injustice that is taking place, if you haven’t heard about this already.  As you know, I strongly believe that Colon Hydrotherapy, coupled with a whole foods or raw food diet is the most powerfulhealing combination in the world.

In my experience, the things that have the most controversy around them, such as natural healing, avoiding vaccinations, avoiding hospital births, etc., ring to actually be the most beneficial choices.  That is why there is so much controversy around cleansing the colon with water.  Although there is documentation that before the pharmaceutical industry took over, every single hospital room had  enema/colonic equipment available and this was used as the first method to help heal people in the past from any illness, today you will likely not meet a single doctor who would recommend for someone to cleanse their colon with water regularly.  In fact, they would be much more likely to say that it is “dangerous” and advise you to not even go near it.

Many of you have probably been fed many reasons and excuses to avoid cleansing your colon with water, including that “it will wipe out your good bacteria for good”, “puncture your colon” and so on.  All of this is false.  Whether you believe in the power of cleansing your colon with water or not, does not change the fact that it works more effectively in detoxing the body than anything else available to man today.

The controversy (aka: proof of truth) around colon cleansing continues.  A dear friend of mine, Shea Lynn Baird, is one of the best colon therapists in the world and has been serving over 2000 clients in Santa Rosa, California.  Just recently, medical board investigators came banging on Shea’s door, bullied her around, lied to her, and threatened her with felony charges if she didn’t sign a “cease and desist” paper right on the spot.

It seems that the medical board is trying to set a new precedent with Shea’s case, because they can use this case and start knocking on many other colon hydrotherpists’ doors all across the US.  Shea won’t stand for this and she and her husband are doing their best to stand up and fight back against the medical board.  This is truly a “David and Goliath’ situation here with the potential to have a huge impact on the availability of colon cleansing options in the future in the US; Shea is asking for your help.   I urge you to click the link below so that you can get the entire download on what is happening and also learn how you can help keep colon cleansing legal in the US:


Whenever you see the Medical Board hassle a practice and put them out of business, that is your cue to hire whatever it is they are trying to get rid off. It is your best review, it is your best word of mouth, your best referral. For those of you that your life would not be as good as it is today without colonics, click on the link below: