Are you scared to get a colonic? Then I am scared to give you one.

December 7, 2018 by  
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I love you all!

After 11 years of practice I  have witnessed thousands of clients that have turned around several negative symptoms overnight after only a 50 minute colonic. That has fed my soul all these years. However,  you think YOU’RE scared to get a colonic….. I’m scared too ….MORE THAN YOU! MEAN IT

Every single person that comes in here acting all scared, lets us know its YOU that we all should be scared of. You know just how bad you have been treating your body, and just how bad you can’t poop for decades. So you know you are going to be a problem case and you come in scared.

As a professional , I feel I can no longer handle just how sick people voluntarily make themselves. Their scared of  their own selves.

Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE!  waits to the very last minute to get help. By the time they come to get a colonic, they have been sick for decades.

After 11 years, I am leaving the business here shortly just because I am so burned out with the way  humans treat themselves so bad and then blame professionals for not helping them out fast enough. Clients are  famous for  getting mad about prices, treating us with disrespect because they are so sick and grumpy, leaving a damaging  review trying to ruin peoples business’es.

Or a woman comes in so sick she could die soon and she wants a colonic for a flat tummy.

We are trading PINES for PALMS.  Moving to a sunny destination without the city life….I’ll be in touch

Thanks for your support…