Aspartame mimics Lyme Disease and Reactivates it, James Bowen, M.D., plus aspartame lawsuits

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Being a FOODY for 42 years,  I have  uncovered some unpleasant motives from food manufacturers. The most unpleasant discovery I recently made, was that the poisonous drug aspartame mimics a host of diseases. I have treated a client for her symptoms that a Western Medical Doctor named “LYMES Disease”.  What was odd was that she never saw a tick or picked one off her person, however, she was labeled “LYME Infection, administered so many antibiotics she needed a port directly into her blood stream. That is a immediate immune BUSTER!   The client actually said” I didn’t know i was anti- biotic deficient”!

Folks we need Immune Boosters too! 


This is a great link to find the truth of what you are putting in your mouth.


After I administered several colonics and immune boosting herbs to my client,  and “NOT ONE DROP OF ASPARTAME” went in her mouth again ……..what a miracle, she is symptom free. 


Not all of you that were diagnosed with Lymes  is a result of aspartame and the interaction with other drugs, and you need to follow your WMD advice,  however, isn’t worth a try to just give up aspartame?

This is a Western Med Doc I found to admit you need to clean up the whole body to even consider getting well.

Most WMD are mute on the subject.