Colonics Raleigh NC Promotes Bowel and Colon Cleanse “WITHOUT COLONICS” Too For Shy People

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If Colon cleansing and colon hydrotherapy with colonics turns you off, call us up and speak to our nurse about Chi-Herb with Number Two Boost! With these herbs, you can put constipation in permanent remission. Bowel movements are essential to move food, bad bacteria and toxins out. Some people suffer from constipation after taking medications. Others sit at a desk for 8-12 hours per day. Sometimes it’s a combination of the air quality, mutated foods, air pollution and eating non-food stuffs (hot pockets). 


Healthy bowel movements help the body process nutrients from the foods we eat. When this happens, it helps the body fuel itself, and allow all the organs to function properly.

About one pound of poop per day needs to be eliminated, minimum!  When we get constipated the whole body suffers. 


Look at this diagram of the intestinal track:

Constipation is under your six pack ab section

Constipation Will Bulge Your Abs

So if you can not figure out “WHY” you are so bloated, gassy and feeling miserable, just call me or Rebecca and we can share all of our success with you too. (919)872.2110

And you do not have to get a colonic to get free from constipation, gas, bloat, lethargy, back pain, headaches, acne, skin rashes ….etc etc