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:lol: thank you for sharing your valuable time with me here today! I appreciate you!



Almost every caller into my health care facility asks my Nurse;

Q: Do you have a GROUPON  :mrgreen: towards a COLONIC? :mrgreen:

A: No




So I wanted to give the reason why I don’t offer you a GROUPON :mrgreen:

I  come from my heart to study and provide you with  the best COLONIC your money can buy. I have just bought a $10,000 brand new colonic machine from germany to provide the most comfortable therapy on the market. We know you are  doing a colonic because you’re trouble. Our reputation for ten years has been so successful, that WORD OF MOUTH runs this business,  I get you out of trouble, fast, in 50 minutes or less. The environment here is as if you were  on a mini vaykay, and we offer  fruit, nuts, snacks and tea or water as you wait for your service. The people that come to our clinic are of the highest positive frequency and willing to share knowledge with first timers. The registered Nurse that lingers about the clinic is a plethora of info and shares  it freely when asked. Me, I love all you guys! We are a busy clinic, but I would never treat you as if I was too busy to stop and introduce myself to you. I am so honored that you chose my clinic.

I’ve had 72 different jobs in my life to include Professional Chef, retail manager in several arenas, Registered Dietitian, Doctor of Naturopathy, Iridologist, Colonic Therapist, Herbalist, Spiritual mentor & Energy Healer, and I’m major league with my customer service know-how . You’re treated splendidly while here, and always leave with a gift of our appreciation. You’re  given MORE value than you pay me for. It is a fair trade to pay me what I ask for and sustainable .


Now, Groupon  :mrgreen: , on the other hand, works very differently. 

Groupon :mrgreen: the company; pays google millions to pop up on  top of the first page when you search COLONICS +RALEIGH +NC

Groupon :mrgreen: the Colonic Therapist  :mrgreen: Pays GROUPON  :mrgreen: half of the coupon value 

Groupon  :mrgreen: the customer. Gets a watered down version of a colonic


I know all the colonic therapists in NC. Especially in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary. One person using Groupon  :mrgreen: has been in business for 25 years. Has moved the business eight times. Has continued to use GROUPON  :mrgreen: as a way of getting in customers. What happened to the 850 Groupon  :mrgreen: customers you served ? Why didn’t word of mouth continue to grow your business? Why are there bad reviews or no reviews?  Why has one place in Durham, NC changed the name of the business 4 times because of bad reviews? Why do so many of our customers pay the GROUPON :mrgreen: colonic therapists and then hire us right after that to get relief that they  didn’t get with the GROUPON therapists? Happens all day long here.

Understand that I  am sending the GROUPON  :mrgreen: colonic therapists love and light, however, I wanted to address my thoughts to whoever is asking about , WHY, I don’t use GROUPON  :mrgreen: in my practice.