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To answer all your questions please click on this link:

Q. What is a colonic and why should I go get one?

A. Please watch this very short video of a COLONIC procedure from start to finish.

Q. Does having a colonic hurt?

A. No. It’s just the opposite, it is very relaxing. Most new clients re-book an appointment immediately after finishing their first colonic.

Q. What are some benefits of “Dry Far Infrared Saunas”?

A. There are numerous benefits, but here are two big reasons.
If you have ever witnessed an air filter being changed from your heat & AC ducts you have seen the filter practically black in just 30 days. We breathe that air pollution in 365 days a year and 24 hours a day! The body was not supposed to filter all that smog, so the body will encapsulate the smog in water and send it around the blood system. Sit in our “Dry Far Infrared Sauna” at 140 degrees for 45 minutes and the encapsulated garbage is broke down and released. The next big reason is that you burn off 600 calories in 35 short minutes! Dry is important, because those saunas that use steam and wet air should be made for fish only.

Q. What is an Ionic Detoxification Foot bath?

A. You place your feet in a copper tub of pure water, Himalayan salt and a gentle current and besides being extremely relaxing while detoxifying, click the link below to read about the benefits it will add to getting toxins to release out of your body.