Weight Loss and Colonics

December 3, 2011 by  
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:lol: We are deeply grateful that you joined us today! :-)

Yet another client of ours lost three pounds in one week with us. She originally hired us to help her rid herself of a huge gas problem that made her ab section look as if she was 5-7 months pregnant. She came back after a week and stated, ” I lost three pounds since I saw you last .” When she was on the colonic table today ( her second colonic)  We witnessed a 72″ blackish, greyish, rubbery, tight wound, mucous messy, fermenting, fecal plug go through the “POOP T.V.” tube. “That” was her gas issue gone down the drain. She was in bad distended trouble for one year. It all ended in just under two hours of colon hydrotherapy. Gas weighs heavy. Gas is just liquid in an air filled puffy state. It takes up more space. Gas and Bloat are symptoms warning you that you need help. Click on the link below and see just how crowded your guts really are without Gas and bloat!

Intestines From a Front and Back View