Colon Cleansing and Hydrocolontherapy With Colonics Raleigh NC

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Colon Cleansing and Hydrocolontherapy


Today many people have, without knowing it, a colon not in good condition which determines, in many cases, for example chronic constipation, bloating or flatulence.


This situation is caused by incorrect living conditions which are unfortunately most widespread in our society: unbalanced diet, insufficient physical activity, stress and environmental pollution are in fact some of the factors that contribute to intestinal malfunctioning. 


Even if there is a daily evacuating, the intestine is never completely free, as there are still stagnant excrements  that cause the alteration of bacterial flora and intestinal function. Thus fecal residues accumulate in the intestine: even, some hospital autopsy reports indicate that an extremely high number of people present in the intestine putrefied fecal residues, very heavy and even months old.


These accumulated residues, together with the toxic substances produced by altered bacterial flora, “poison” the whole body causing various diseases, a weakening of the immune system and susceptibility to serious diseases of the colon.


Synthetic Chemical Laxatives, now widely used, give only a temporary benefit because, in the long term, tend to damage the intestinal mucosa as well as cause addiction, losing their effect over time.


Some simple expedients to your own way of life, however, can afford to get a good intestinal function and thus a general improvement of own health:


 • Correct nutrition;

 • Practice more physical exercise;

 • Try to avoid stress;

 • Repopulate the intestine with the proper bacterial flora (eg. take probiotics); 

 • Practice good hygiene by cleansing the intestine, to normalize the functions;


The intestinal health has been more and more neglected in modern times whereas, since ancient times, all traditional medicines (China, India, Egypt, Middle East, Greece, South America, etc. ….) recommended the intestinal cleansing to ensure correct body functioning and remain healthy.

Intestinal cleansings are techniques that don’t cause practically any risk but whose benefits are numerous, quick and extraordinary! They allow a deep thorough  cleaning to the intestinal tract: it happens, often, that some problems disappear just a  few minutes after having done a hydro colon therapy session with us and that the stimulation of all body functions, generated by the cleansing, gets a surprising general sense of wellness.


The intestinal cleansing can be done in various ways and with different degrees of accuracy and efficiency through, for example, enemas, anal douche, or, thanks to the most ‘modern’ intestinal cleansing: COLONICS using Colon Hydrotherapy!


This practice is a natural and deep cleansing of the colon through the input of water at low pressure. The hydrocolontherapy aims to keep clean and in perfect conditions the intestinal tract, to stimulate the correct movement of intestine’s walls (peristalsis) and re-balance the bacterial flora. The water inputted in the colon cleans deeply the intestine by removing deposited fecal waste and then reactivating the vital functions, with a detoxifying effect on the whole organism.


The main areas of hydrocolontherapy’s use are varied: constipation, bloating, irritable intestine syndrome, parasites, submissive colitis ulcerative. It is often suggested, moreover, even before starting a weight-loss diet to improve their effectiveness or in pathologies such as cellulite illness.


Thanks to its extraordinary effects, the colon cleanse with colonics  in recent years has gained increasing credibility, besides in scientific circles even among the general public, so that in some countries become a true mass phenomenon. The colonic using colon hydrotherapy is a treatment absolutely painless and totally natural because it does not use chemical substances or drugs.

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