What do wealthy people eat to keep looking so fit and healthy?

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Jane CP Wei
Jane CP Wei, Reader Academic Journal; Exp veg, vegan, low-carb, cultural foods, spices, herbs

I worked for a summer as an intern at a Manhattan corporation — most people were making a good amount $175k+ for directors and VP’s probably are well in the quarter million dollar range. During this time, I watched and observed the dietary behaviors of those who were “wealthy” and fit versus those who were in the outer edges where people did not have as much money.

What were my anecdotal findings?

Those who look like they could be on a magazine:

  • They do not eat much. They snack on very healthy foods.
  • For lunch, this is a fruit cup and maybe a dab of yogurt. Or lunch is actually a skinny latte.
  • A $9 fresh vegetable juice is lunch for some; there is nothing special about this that one cannot simply make at home, spending less than $2 on vegetables.
  • For dinner, they are eating lean meats with very nutritionally-rich starches (brown rice, quinoa, etc). The portions are simply tiny.
  • I concluded that the key is in the portions and not exactly what the diet is. Two bites of something decadent will not do much damage.

Those who are slender and medium-fit:

  • They eat a bit more bulk, but the portion sizes are still small compared to “mid-west portions”.
  • A salad with lean protein is as much as someone would have for lunch.
  • Sometimes a half-salad, a soup, and a sliver of bread and some fruit!


  • They all seemed to exercise and treat their bodies like a work project, with a lot of effort, research, and precision.

Sometimes I would go to really nice restaurants. I found that the portion sizes are also tremendously small. I saw no evidence that there was a rich people “magical formula” or “magical foods”. Doctors (some making upwards of millions) are also eating this way.

If you want to be like the demographic who partake in diet fads or worse, there are plenty of bulimic Californians (I was one; sustained massive damage to the body — not worth it!)

 To be certain, New Yorkers also take the subway a lot and this involves from walking from the station to the destination. Extra hidden exercise!

Our Clinical Studies have shown Colonics are helpful in a few areas

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 Our Clinical Studies have shown Colonics are helpful in a few areas;


Weight Loss


 Relief from digestive discomforts

 Pleasant alternative to laxatives


Aid in reforming lifestyle addictions

Proper digestion restored.

Stress on the body relieved.

Elimination improves.

The balance of friendly bacteria increases.

Bloating, gas and digestive difficulties arrested.

Absorption of water increased.

Blemishes eliminated.

Skin vibrant and radiant.

Assimilation of nutrients and healing supplements increased.

Excess weight eliminated.

A subsequent benefit of a colonic is that toxin release

Continues long after the session is completed.

Our clinical studies have shown colonics using colon hydrotherapy are helpful with these ailments too;

Allergies Headaches
Back pain Arthritis
Indigestion I B S
Chronic fatigue Body odor
Bad breath Overweight
Underweight Constipation
Parasites Bloating
Sinus Infections Depression
Brain fatigue Sciatic pain
Candida Gas
PMS Sleep Difficulties

Strengthens the immune system
Helps increase your energy level
Exercises the colon muscles
Improves your circulation
Decreases the size of hemorrhoids
Helps reshape the colon
Stimulates reflex points
Hydrates colon and the body
Prepares the way to cleanse other body systems.

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This is as simple as I can make it for you. This is a anti natural health country. Any search on the internet is designed to badmouth your natural help advice. 

Harmful agents are absorbed from deposits in the large intestine, overloading the immune-system and potentially causing a variety of primarily chronic disorders. Significant detoxification can be achieved with intensive colonics and the natural balance of the body can be improved. The treatment effectively removes deposited stool from the large intestine and is indicated in cases of habitual constipation, distension and other digestive problems, as well as in eczema, psoriasis, allergies, fatigue, migraines and arthritis. During the treatment the patient lies on their back, and single-use equipment sprays varying-temperatures of water into the large intestine through the anus. The alternating usage of hot and cold water trains the muscles of the large intestine and improves circulation. The treatment is pain-free. This therapy is excellent for strengthening the immune system, for detoxifying the body, for restoring normal digestion and absorption, and, as a side benefit, for losing unnecessary weight.                                             






Colonics and Weight Loss

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The following is a statement from a Medical Doctor in the Netherlands and it is perfect to help you understand colonics.


Harmful agents are absorbed from deposits in the large intestine, overloading the immune-system and potentially causing a variety of primarily chronic disorders. Significant detoxification can be achieved with intensive colonics and the natural balance of the body can be improved. The treatment effectively removes deposited stool from the large intestine and is indicated in cases of habitual constipation, distension and other digestive problems, as well as in eczema, psoriasis, allergies, fatigue, migraines and arthritis. During the treatment the patient lies on their back, and single-use equipment sprays varying-temperatures of water into the large intestine through the anus. The alternating usage of hot and cold water trains the muscles of the large intestine and improves circulation. The treatment is pain-free. This therapy is excellent for strengthening the immune system, for detoxifying the body, for restoring normal digestion and absorption, and, as a side benefit, for losing unnecessary weight.

Dr. Marianna Horváth
Chief physician

Lose Weight Fast! Jeanine Finelli Interview on Blog Talk Radio

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This was such a great opportunity to have been asked to speak with a great Health Coach Jeanine Finelli.  Jeanine Finelli is 2008 graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, and a Certified Health Coach.  Her Love Yourself to Health program has helped thousands simplify a lifestyle plan that guides them to their wellness goals not just for a reunion or a vacation, but for life!  She is the host of the radio show Love Yourself to Health, a public speaker for corporate and school events, and a published author in 2014.  Her passion  is helping you fall in love….with yourself.






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Staying unconstipated with colonics and or a natural plant food supplement are safe and effective ways of removing waste from the large intestine. Keeping the colon clean helps the system run at an optimum capacity, keeping metabolism high. Now I have heard nearly all reasons “WHY” people don’t poop daily like for instance; I can’t poop in the morning I have to get to work; can’t poop at work; at school; around my boyfriend; going to a wedding; flying on a trip;going on a date;going to a game; don’t want to get up during sleep;can’t use a portapottie;don’t use public rest rooms etc… anyone else have any more I haven’t heard?




The medium chain essential fatty acid or EFA provide an immediate energy source, speeding metabolism, while lessening transit time of other food products in the digestive track.





Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which stimulates the production of stomach acid. The more stomach acid the better. It will break down your food into smaller molecules. The smaller the molecules the more efficiently your intestines and liver can absorb the nutrients it needs. The faster it gets the nutrients the faster your metabolism gets.







It’s an excellent chance that your body is not producing enough digestive enzymes to deal with the food that you are consuming. Digestive enzymes will speed up metabolism and reduce gas and bloating. Digestive enzymes make your food digest quicker and easier and go through your system much faster. Extra lipase, protease, amylase, cellulase, lactase can only benefit the system and speed metabolism.





It is a gentle way to start your body’s metabolism and it is the best natural appetite suppressant. Warm water versus cold water. Cold constricts the body channels and you want the channels open to flush out toxins and better absorption of nutrients to come.






Both are natural appetite suppressants. And because they are mostly water, low in calories, low in sodium, high in potassium, high in fat burning enzymes and loaded with vitamins and minerals, they assimilate quickly into your system. Grapefruits are 90% water. The more water you intake the more you will increase your metabolism. Apples have a high water and high fiber content too, giving you that feeling of satiety longer, hence eating less.






Salad items are usually full of water, fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, and there is usually copious chewing involved with eating salads. This all sends messages of satiety to the brain. The limitation of four items is a food combining issue. Sending too many items down the track at one meal delays transit time, creating gas and bloat.



8. DRINK 4-6 CUPS YERBA MATE’ or Woolong TEA/ day



These teas have a Thermo-genic Effect” that shrinks appetite and tames cravings. These products produce heat which increases your metabolism.


9.Juice Fasting with The Juiced Up Juice Bar 



The less one chews & eats the more the body turns to its own fat storage for energy. Gives the digestive track a rest. Plant food juice contains numerous vitamins and minerals, enzymes, amino acids, natural sugars and agents which are anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial & act as natural diuretics. It’s also a great opportunity for detoxification.







Fluoride creates hypothyroidism. Hypo or under active thyroid function. Excess fluoride correlates with all thyroid-related issues. When there is excess of fluoride in the body it can interfere with the function of the thyroid gland. It is possible that iodine deficiency, which is the most common cause of brain damage and mental disability in the world, could be lessened by simply cutting back on the use of fluoride. Definitely filter your drinking water, and consider a shower filter since your skin filters gallons of tap water during one shower.






This habit lessens the chances of you going belly up with a full meal in your gut. The natural circadian rhythm of sleep allows your organs to detox in an orderly fashion during the night. A full meal in the digestive track at bedtime stops that detox time, slows down metabolism, builds toxins, and encourages fat storage.


12. Discontinue use of main stream perfumes, fragrances, colognes and scented toiletries to include air fresheners.




Those industries are not monitored or policed. Those industries may use any chemical they choose and they do. The chemicals they use are hormone disruptors. When you wear and use those products, you disrupt your hormonal balance and gain weight. You wear or use it strong enough and it disrupts other people’s hormones. Second hand hormone disrupting going on all over the place, especially at the beach with the new spray sun tan lotions.


13. Do not eat GMO foods



Genetically Modified foods are created by forcing genes from one species, such as bacteria, viruses , animals or humans, into the DNA of a food crop or animal to introduce their desired trait.

Eating Genetically Modified Foods damages, livers & kidneys. Serious health risks are associated with genetically modified foods, including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation. Because they are a fake food, your body does not recognize them so bloating, gastritis, constipation, weight gain and sickness will soon ensue.





14. Do not use a microwave oven



Microwaving food and drink alters the product structure on a molecular level and degrades the food. Then your body does not recognize the product. It sits in the digestive track moving extremely slowly, hence weight gain. When you microwave food the result is a carcinogenic food you then eat a carcinogenic food and you get cancer. So microwaving food causes cancer and weight gain.


15. Use Dry Far Infra-red Saunas



Dry Far Infrared saunas burn up 600 calories in a 30 minute session sitting right still on your rump. At 150 degrees the body’s detoxification portal exits open wide and toxins from organs are allowed to flow freely carried out by sweat. Also your heart rate slowly comes up to your ideal aerobic zone in the session, effortlessly raising your metabolism and losing weight.


16. Follow an alkaline diet with proper food combining




An Alkaline diet with proper food combinations is naturally anti-inflammatory. When food enters the alimentary canal in improper combinations that causes inflammation. Inflammation is swelling of tissues with extra water. Extra water equals extra weight gain. Following a alkaline diet equals weight loss and sickness free. Following an acidic diet equals weight gain , cancer and slow painful death. The worst acidic items that can be ingested are in sodas. Sodas contain sugar, HFC, aspartame, phospheric acid, colors, caffeine and those are only what us food investigators know of. Powerful companies are not policed well.


17. Employ an 8 minute walk one way and an 8 minute walk back



That equals 97 and ½ hours of movement over a year’s span. Even if you are already exercising, this practice will easily allow for even more weight loss. Most people find it doable to simply walk in one direction for 8 minutes, and back than to plan in an hour workout on a tight schedule.


18. Use Astaxanthin daily




Astaxanthin is a rich red algae based anti-oxidant that is nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory product. Protects all parts of the cells from oxidative damage. If you protect your cells that equals les inflammation, hence less weight gain and more weight loss.

19. Stay out of fluorescent lighting



Fluorescent light bulbs emit microwave radiation causing cancer and inflammation. When you interfere with your own tiny electrical currents existing in your body that interferes with your own chemical reactions, hence inflammation and weight gain.

20. Hire an energetic re-balancer and clear out trapped emotions from your chakras


Most of us have stress and emotional ups and downs daily. These emotions become trapped in your corresponding chakra. Trapped emotions stem from things like personal power, ego, friendships, sexuality, reproduction, survival, empathy, communication, fear, love and judgment all leave an emotional mark in one or more of your chakras. After decades of psychic sludge trapped in that particular chakra vortex, the corresponding body organ involved with it will not heal or come to full potential. So for example if you are in an unfulfilling relationship that would correspond with your sacral chakra or your belly area making harder to lose weight.

As an aside here is a NO NO list:


Aspartame: the worst of the worst when it comes to sweeteners (and the reason why diet sodas and colas are just as bad as the regular kind), aspartame is the sweetener with over 92 different health side effects that have been associated with it’s consumption including brain tumors, birth defects, diabetes, emotional disorders and epilispsy/seizures and more.










These products are manmade and are full of chemicals or just a chemical standing alone. These chemicals are designed to make you hungrier quicker, and fatter faster. They are designed to get you addicted to more food. In England their government restricts the chemical additives of manufactured foods to only 2-4 chemicals.


Someone take a guess at how many different chemicals our Food and Drug Administration or FDA allows manufacturers to add to our foods. 2222

Colonics Raleigh, NC helped Body Sculptor win Title For “Female Transformation” and get her Flat Abs Back

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So many people just don’t realize how much fecal debris can accumulate in the 37 feet of intestines. Especially body builders and people that work out and hit a “PLATEAU”.

Look at this pictures and look at the part that is where your six pack abs are:

This is where your six pack abs are                                                                                                                                      

We have a 29 year body sculptor that competes for money and trophies. She is smart, and witty and clever and had no idea there was so much debris in her intestines. She has received 3 colonics and has her title back! That easy. Kick boxers, sprinters, anyone that competes for a purse should make colon cleansing a weekly event. 

We can recommend so many ways to flatten your abs plus lose all that toxicity. Give us a call. 919.872.2110. or visit:


Oh and always remember, if  institutions, medical professionals, web sites, put down colonic irrigation with colon hydrotherapy or any other totally natural way to clean up your intestines,you may want to consider doing exactly what they are telling you not to do, because they have everything to loose by you staying all clean and neat on the inside.  Easy way to know if a natural therapy is good or not is to ask a Medical Doctor. If they come out vehemently against it, you should do it as fast as you can, because it is that much of a threat to them. Shouldn’t be, because there is enough misery for everybody. 

35 Weight Loss Tips

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I hope there are some tips for weight loss here that you didn’t already know. 

Weight Loss

  1. Stay unconstipated by:
  • Organic Prunes and prune juice, Organic apple juice
  • Aloe vera gel ,aloe vera leaf capsules, aloe vera juice
  • Flax seeds, flax oil
  • Walking
  • Rebounding
  • Drinking more water
  • Do not defer the urge to defecate, do not ignore your rectum
  • Any high fiber grain cereal
  • Yoga
  • Enemas
  • Colonics
  • Parasite cleanse
  • Candida cleanse& liver/gallbladder cleanse
  • 2-3 cups of any juiced fruits or veggies/day


  1. Eat a substantial breakfast made up of meats, eggs ,fish and fruit
  2. Organic unrefined, virgin coconut oil  1 TBSP
  3. Salsa with hot peppers-organic added with every meal
  4. 1 TBSP. raw organic apple vinegar before each meal
  5. Take digestive enzymes with each meal
  6. Drink water immediately in am. Then 2-3 QTS
  7. Walk one hour a day
  8. No food after 6pm
  9. Candida cleanse
  10. Colon cleansing
  11. Dry Far Infrared sauna
  12. Eat organic grapefruits all day
  13. No artificial sweeteners
  14. No MSG
  15. No diet sodas no diet food
  16. No fast food or chain restaurants
  17. No HFCS
  18. No white sugar or flour
  19. Eat organic apples all day
  20. Eat organic when eating meat /poultry/fish
  21. Restrict daily products with milk-sour cream , butter, cottage cheese, any cheeses
  22. Do a liver cleanse
  23. Eat a huge salad-lunch and dinner
  24. Rebound for 10 mins.
  25. Breathe as deeply as possible, no shallow breathing
  26. Wear magnetic finger rings
  27. Add muscle lift weights
  28. Fast-juice fast 21 days
  29. Drink yerba mate’ tea
  30. Hoodia herb-from amazon
  31. Fluoride free EVERYTHING! NO TAP WATER
  32. No microwaved food
  33. Gluten free diet
  34. No Genetically Modified foods (GMO) 











Just 8 Minutes One Way and 8 Minutes Back Adds Up to “97″ hours of Exercise That year

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I want to give you another weight loss tip that is extra easy to do. No matter where you are, stop and go outside and walk 8 minutes one way and turn around and come back, one time per day. That is just over 15 minutes, and in one year that will equal “97″ hours of extra movement in one year! Something big will happen. You will lose weight with “97″ extra hours of movement.  Even if you don’t do anything about your food. Of course if you start to eat more you’ll stay your weight or gain more, but if you stay at normal food intake , you will lose weight.

As always, I believe Colonics with colon irrigation is the fastest, easiest, safest, most beneficial way to lose weight, poop weight that is, and every body has extra “POOP” weight in them. The plaque starts to build up on your intestines since the day your were born. Like layers of an onion, especially if you have ever eaten  a bunch of candy without eating a bunch of plant food behind it. Now someone tell me who is going to eat a bunch of carmel candy then eat a big head of broccoli to make sure the greasy, sugary, syrupy, gooey candy gets plunged out? No one! We all just eat the candy and roll on. Well the candy does not just come out on it’s own, it sticks like the glue, and almost everyone of us are walking around with compromised intestines. Colonics, colonics, colonics,……Find a colonic therapist right in your own neighborhood.

      www.I-ACT.org   and click referrals.

Some Unknown Weight Loss Tips

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Most people want to lose all the fat in their bodies. Well, the brain is almost all fat, so if you lost all the fat in your body, you would have no brain,  then the only career you could have would be a politician!


I always say, if you want to lose weight,the fastest in the world,  try colonics with colonic irrigation. It works almost every time. Everyday we work in our clinic, clients lose  two to three pounds of “fecal” debris  weight loss is experienced in a session. Now if it was “FAT” weight we would be trillionnaires here! However, the way you sustain your weight loss is that, since you un- congest your intestines with colonic irrigation, your foods are absorbed astronomically better, and so your liver empties out toxins better,  your not as hungry, so you eat less. Yes it’s true, most big overweight people can not eat enough, they’ll tell you their starving! And they are. They are not getting the nutrients into the cells, so the cells are screaming for nutrition.Feed me feed me feed me is all they here all day long.

Find a colonic therapist right in your city, go to  http://www.i-act.org/    Then click on ‘REFERRALS”. Type in your zip code and Voila! A colonic therapist in your own backyard.


Now say you don’t want to do colon hydrotherapy with colonics. Then I will give you one weight loss tip each time I write. I will keep it under “WEIGHT LOSS TIPS”  category.

Here we go….first tip!

1) Get rid of all non-stick cook ware.

why? Because non stick layers  are made from toxic chemicals  likePoly(tetrafluoroethylene) , or PTFE, that are released into your food when you cook them. Then you eat the foods and the chemicals congest your cells. Your cells are marred with a chemical sludge and they can not perform their jobs. Furthermore, PTFE is a carcinogenic….it does cause cancer.  I know it is a bitch to go to stainless steel cookware because of the cleanup, but you will get use to it and you will see a difference.

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