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Our Doctor’s Approach She doesn’t mask symptoms —-Naturally Or Synthetically—-Period

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After I completed a very challenging Medical Degree, I realized after going into practice, that the drug cartels at Big Pharmas :mrgreen:   sponsor most of our medical education and physicians are indoctrinated from day one of medical school. Frustrated with pushing vaccinations,synthetic chemicals, surgeries & tests, I retrained myself as a Naturopath. I was very well suited for a career as a Naturopathic Doctor, :-D  however, I have since used critical thinking to find that  the information about natural modalities was so suppressed by special interests, I never knew about the thousands of ways to heal the body of toxicity.


And folks, if you born healthy and then in your 20,’s, 30′s 40′s, 50′s, 60,s, 70′s, 80,s & 90′s you get sick…..

IT’S “TOXICITY”. That’s it.  8-O

Many people have been suffering from a chronic disease for many years. They spend an average of 7-minutes with their primary care physician, having been prescribed too many medications- many that are either toxic or addiction.  We have hospital corporations and insurance companies making sure that they get every bit of their share of the healthcare dollar.  We have the added nutritional harm posed by processed foods, sugars, wheat, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s.  The food industry, along with our making poor choices, is making us sick and the sickness industry is capitalizing.  :mrgreen:

Here is what I’ve learned.

If you’re not using colonics, throwing massive amounts of stones out of your liver and gallbladder monthly, flushing your kidneys, cleaning your spleen and alkalizing your blood…….you and your practitioner are patching & hiding symptoms.

If you go in for a checkup, the practitioner says to you”YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE IS HIGH” take a pharmaceutical pill for it, you’re both being rude as hell if you do it. Your little heart was trying to tell you both something was not right, but you and the practitioner said to the heart”SHUT UP”. And as you take your little bp pill every day, you tell your heart to shut the hell up. Not nice, so not nice to do.

bp raised up is usually something extremely simple. My aunt took bp pills to tell her heart to shut up for 22 years!

She stroked out and lived miserably for four years and died.  :cry:

I graduated with medical practitioners that prescribe synthetic drugs because  we did’nt know we were getting brainwashed in medical college, I get that. However, after I got myself retrained,  I graduated with Naturopathic doctors that take 200 bucks an hour and give you natural supplements. That’s just as bad. Patients putting 400 dollars a month of NATURAL supplements through dirty organs.

Folks without cleaning up your original body parts, both MD’s & ND’s are patching symptoms.

But here is the piece de résistance ,

Crème de la crème……you hire a practitioner because your body parts are toxic and they sell you hundreds in pills.

Folks your organs have to break down those pills. Call me Kooky, but how is making old organs work harder cleansing?

I don’t know… :roll:


Get to a center that physically helps you remove the 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, pounds of sludge that has built up in your organs out.





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This is as simple as I can make it for you. This is a anti natural health country. Any search on the internet is designed to badmouth your natural help advice. 

Harmful agents are absorbed from deposits in the large intestine, overloading the immune-system and potentially causing a variety of primarily chronic disorders. Significant detoxification can be achieved with intensive colonics and the natural balance of the body can be improved. The treatment effectively removes deposited stool from the large intestine and is indicated in cases of habitual constipation, distension and other digestive problems, as well as in eczema, psoriasis, allergies, fatigue, migraines and arthritis. During the treatment the patient lies on their back, and single-use equipment sprays varying-temperatures of water into the large intestine through the anus. The alternating usage of hot and cold water trains the muscles of the large intestine and improves circulation. The treatment is pain-free. This therapy is excellent for strengthening the immune system, for detoxifying the body, for restoring normal digestion and absorption, and, as a side benefit, for losing unnecessary weight.                                             







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If you see any dark lines under your tongue like this one:


Now watch   what has come out of this clients dirty, backed up congested liver and gallbladder! We all just dropped our jaws on this one folks.

She is 5 foot 2 inches and weighs 138 pounds. She appears to be healthy to a white coat but these are the symptoms she complained to me about: Mental fog, lethargy, backache, acne, skin breakouts, high blood pressure, insomnia, restless legs, hart palpitations, candida overgrowth, yeast infections, sinusitis, bronchitis, vaginitis, itching inside ear canals, excessive fowl smelling gas, bloating even drinking water, low libido, depression, transcribing letters and numbers backwards, irritability, tongue had a white coating on it, memory loss, sadness, crying and sugar cravings. 

All these symptoms and the WHITE COATS will tell you after thousands of dollars in testing, and hours of time that “There is nothing wrong with you”.

Our client is feeling better than in her youth! She does a liver and gallbladder cleanse with me once a month now until we get “NO” stones and then we will know her liver and gallbladder are free from debris.

The next picture you see here are MINE! And this is after my 8th Liver and Gallbladder cleanse.

Dr. Gabrielle ‘s 8th Liver and Gallbladder flush

Your liver and Gallbladders are filters. However old you are is how long it’s been since you cleaned your filter. If you keep trying to get answers from white coats, for cleansing issues, why don’t you just go outside and beat your head on a cement slab.



The country has backed them! The American Medical Ass., The FDA, The USDA, The Drug Cartels like Lily and Glaxco, and Bayer, The food Manufacturers, the Chemical Companies WAKE UP, don’t wait for this information to be on T.V., Radio, and the newspaper. Do you really believe whats on those venues anyway? Now you want those ad weasels to tell you to go clean out your organs!?



WARNING! IF YOU DO NOT HIRE A KNOWLEDGEABLE colonic therapist just don’t do anything at all with regards to cleaning out your liver and gallbladder filters.

I just find it hard to believe that Americans trust the News, newspapers, and radio for information. Do you really think they love us and have our best interest at hand. Do you really believe?


Losing unnecessary WEIGHT with colonics Raleigh NC is a side benefit

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The following is a statement from a Medical Doctor in the Netherlands and it is perfect to help you understand colonics.


Harmful agents are absorbed from deposits in the large intestine, overloading the immune-system and potentially causing a variety of primarily chronic disorders. Significant detoxification can be achieved with intensive colonics and the natural balance of the body can be improved. The treatment effectively removes deposited stool from the large intestine and is indicated in cases of habitual constipation, distension and other digestive problems, as well as in eczema, psoriasis, allergies, fatigue, migraines and arthritis. During the treatment the patient lies on their back, and single-use equipment sprays varying-temperatures of water into the large intestine through the anus. The alternating usage of hot and cold water trains the muscles of the large intestine and improves circulation. The treatment is pain-free. This therapy is excellent for strengthening the immune system, for detoxifying the body, for restoring normal digestion and absorption, and, as a side benefit, for losing unnecessary weight.

Dr. Marianna Horváth
Chief physician

COLONICS RALEIGH NC OFFERS DETOXIFICATION This is one of the most powerful anti-aging processes you can do.


 This is one of the most powerful anti-aging processes you can do.

   We know that the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat are polluted and contain toxic chemicals. Even the food we take in is loaded with preservatives, colorings and additives. All of us face these toxins in our everyday life and after taking them in (with every breath, every bite, and every drink) your body starts to not function properly. You can’t sleep, you gain weight, you are bloated and you are constipated, really your body wasn’t made to function with all these toxins. Think of a small baby, who has not been exposed to toxic pollutants. They eat, then right afterwards they release the waste from what they have eaten. As we get older that isn’t how it works for many people; many people eat and maybe they are not able to release the waste for 2 or 3 or 4 days or even a week. You have to ask yourself, where is this waste from 8, 10, 12 meals hiding? The food has been taken into your body but the waste hasn’t been released so it has to be somewhere.



It IS somewhere; 8-O  it is stuck in what we call the”garbage pail of the body,” the colon. And just like a trash can where the trash sits for 5 days or 7 days itstinks and becomes rotten. After 2 weeks, you might find worms growing. And a month later there will be bacteria, mold and fungus growing as it breaks down.
This is what happens to your body; when you take in pollutants and eat white flour foods, sugars highly refined foods, animal fats, packaged foods – all of the things the body was not designed to break down and easily eliminate are stored in the tissue and fat cells throughout your body and this toxic build-up needs to be released by the 5 organs of elimination and detoxification which doesn’t easily happen without a deep detoxifying cleanse of your entire system.
Ultimately this toxic waste gets dumped and accumulates in your garbage pail. Over time as you poison yourself, (called auto-intoxification) you create dis-ease and this disease generallyhits your weakest link. For some it is inflammation in the joints and arthritis, others have respiratory challenges; frequent colds and bronchitis. Others feel sluggish and tired and arefuzzy in their thinking. What a case for detoxification!
  At Intestinal Fitness, LLC  we don’t really focus on the symptoms or the effect of the toxic condition, we focus on detoxifying and cleaning out the garbage pail Our job is to remove toxic waste from your colon and the other organs of elimination like the liver and the kidneys. Your body responds quickly; once you are detoxed and you have cleaned out, you automatically start pumping clean blood, through the circulatory system and your lymphatic system carries in the nutrition and pumps out the waste as it was designed to do…all over the body to every one of the 75 trillion cells that make up YOU.
And when you are detoxified, verything about you starts to regenerate and rejuvenate naturally just by focusing on removing the poisons in the body.
This is one of the most powerful anti-aging processes you can do.

Confused Because White Coats put down Colonics, Ionic Footbaths, etc, etc……detox therapies

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:lol:   People,     if you are confused about what Complementary, Alternative,  safe,  natural,  detoxification therapy to use to clean up with, just ask a white coat (you walk in a hospital/docs office what do you see? a sea of white coats right?). Whatever the white coat tells you, it’s the exact opposite! 

So for example, you ask a white coat Doctor,  Nurse,  PA  main stream, traditional, allopathic, conventional, injections, drugs and surgery person ; Should I do colonics?  and the white coat response is:  ”why would you do that? or you don’t need to detoxify, your body can do it on it’s own, or they are all quacks or something at all the least bit discouraging..here is what I suggest you do….


RUN, do not walk to whatever it is they discouraged you from doing. It’s that easy folks.

White Coat credibility is in the CAN . The mainstream, medical, conventional ,  injections, drugs and surgery person are puppets run by the Legal Drug Cartels (PHAT PHARMA).  The drug Lords :evil:  have BILLIONS of dollars to make. :mrgreen:  You interfere with that plan when you keep 30 feet of intestines clean.   :oops: You interfere with profits when you detoxify your body.   :twisted:


I was a main stream puppet for 19 years. :cry:  White Coat! But I switched to Naturopathy and cleansing because of the gross negligence on behalf of WHITE COAT syndrome.  :-| Been in practice for 10 years now as a colonic therapist/ Naturopathic Doctor.

We would love to walk hand in hand with white coats but through ignorance and greed they refuse to accept us. (Most Of Them)

We ‘re not talking about the good guys here, the ones that slap you back together in crisis. 



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is around 5, 000 years old, and Ayurvedic is about 5, 000 years old. Together, thats 10,000 years experience with enemas and colonics that have worked. Now 167 years ago WHITE COATS American Medical Association comes along and knows it all?

hmmmmm…… I don’t know….. :roll:


Natural Health Suppressed for the last 167 years: watch this!http://www.thrivemovement.com/medical-establishment


The following web site is a great place to start to see for yourself the suppression going on:

you are going to be shocked at this:




you won’t belive this 2 minute video:




Folks I know both sides.  Suppression Of Natural Health Modalities link here:



Thank you so much!!!

This was such a great opportunity to have been asked to speak with a great Health Coach Jeanine Finelli.  Jeanine Finelli is 2008 graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, and a Certified Health Coach.  Her Love Yourself to Health program has helped thousands simplify a lifestyle plan that guides them to their wellness goals not just for a reunion or a vacation, but for life!  She is the host of the radio show Love Yourself to Health, a public speaker for corporate and school events, and a published author in 2014.  Her passion  is helping you fall in love….with yourself.





Colon Cleansing and Hydrocolontherapy With Colonics Raleigh NC

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Colon Cleansing and Hydrocolontherapy


Today many people have, without knowing it, a colon not in good condition which determines, in many cases, for example chronic constipation, bloating or flatulence.


This situation is caused by incorrect living conditions which are unfortunately most widespread in our society: unbalanced diet, insufficient physical activity, stress and environmental pollution are in fact some of the factors that contribute to intestinal malfunctioning. 


Even if there is a daily evacuating, the intestine is never completely free, as there are still stagnant excrements  that cause the alteration of bacterial flora and intestinal function. Thus fecal residues accumulate in the intestine: even, some hospital autopsy reports indicate that an extremely high number of people present in the intestine putrefied fecal residues, very heavy and even months old.


These accumulated residues, together with the toxic substances produced by altered bacterial flora, “poison” the whole body causing various diseases, a weakening of the immune system and susceptibility to serious diseases of the colon.


Synthetic Chemical Laxatives, now widely used, give only a temporary benefit because, in the long term, tend to damage the intestinal mucosa as well as cause addiction, losing their effect over time.


Some simple expedients to your own way of life, however, can afford to get a good intestinal function and thus a general improvement of own health:


 • Correct nutrition;

 • Practice more physical exercise;

 • Try to avoid stress;

 • Repopulate the intestine with the proper bacterial flora (eg. take probiotics); 

 • Practice good hygiene by cleansing the intestine, to normalize the functions;


The intestinal health has been more and more neglected in modern times whereas, since ancient times, all traditional medicines (China, India, Egypt, Middle East, Greece, South America, etc. ….) recommended the intestinal cleansing to ensure correct body functioning and remain healthy.

Intestinal cleansings are techniques that don’t cause practically any risk but whose benefits are numerous, quick and extraordinary! They allow a deep thorough  cleaning to the intestinal tract: it happens, often, that some problems disappear just a  few minutes after having done a hydro colon therapy session with us and that the stimulation of all body functions, generated by the cleansing, gets a surprising general sense of wellness.


The intestinal cleansing can be done in various ways and with different degrees of accuracy and efficiency through, for example, enemas, anal douche, or, thanks to the most ‘modern’ intestinal cleansing: COLONICS using Colon Hydrotherapy!


This practice is a natural and deep cleansing of the colon through the input of water at low pressure. The hydrocolontherapy aims to keep clean and in perfect conditions the intestinal tract, to stimulate the correct movement of intestine’s walls (peristalsis) and re-balance the bacterial flora. The water inputted in the colon cleans deeply the intestine by removing deposited fecal waste and then reactivating the vital functions, with a detoxifying effect on the whole organism.


The main areas of hydrocolontherapy’s use are varied: constipation, bloating, irritable intestine syndrome, parasites, submissive colitis ulcerative. It is often suggested, moreover, even before starting a weight-loss diet to improve their effectiveness or in pathologies such as cellulite illness.


Thanks to its extraordinary effects, the colon cleanse with colonics  in recent years has gained increasing credibility, besides in scientific circles even among the general public, so that in some countries become a true mass phenomenon. The colonic using colon hydrotherapy is a treatment absolutely painless and totally natural because it does not use chemical substances or drugs.

Appointments 919.872.2110


Colonics Raleigh NC: Aspects Of Colon Hydrotherapy & The Process of Detoxification & Elimination

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Tip of the day: Get rid of non-stick cookware. The flames cook the chemical coating  distributing heavy toxic load into your foods.  :lol:

The saying used to go “You are what you eat”. Remember? However,  I say;  ”You are what you ” ASSIMILATE , ELIMINATE & DETOXICATE”. Don’t worry, “Detoxicate” is not a word you would find in a dictionary. But for my intent and purposes of this particular blog, I made it up.

With our colon hydrotherapy sessions, water is eventually  enabled to progress through the entire length of the colon. This irrigation of the colon eliminates waste (sometimes built up over many years), mucous, morbid matter, parasites, toxins, and gas.

The colon effectively regains its functions and full peristaltic movement is restored. Regular and complete irrigation is encouraged, vital energy levels within the body return, and with a review of diet and lifestyle well being is established.

For optimum health the colon must be functioning normally. As water stimulates the colon mucosa and muscles, there is little danger of colon hydrotherapy treatment making the colon lazy, in fact it is the opposite that is the case.

30 plus feet of Intestines In there Folks



The best thing about  a colonic is that you never go in the wrong direction, it is always the right direction.  There are no mistakes. You always get rehydrated, and flushed of filth and gas. 



These intestines will distribute nutrients or filth to all the organs and tissues you make the choice



 Check out Mr Moritz! He gives us free information graciously. He does not push products  either. He is a gentle soul. Enjoy!

http://www.ener-chi.com/ :-D







Colon Hydrotherapy is Being Suppressed: The medical Board is your best referral for Colon Cleansing with water

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The following is a newsletter from a very concerned Natural health Practitioner. This is a re-post from a professional natural health practitioner. He personally knows people that were shut down for simply helping  others with zero evidence of wrong doing. 

Greetings from Matt Monarch

Today, I want to let you in on an outrageous injustice that is taking place, if you haven’t heard about this already.  As you know, I strongly believe that Colon Hydrotherapy, coupled with a whole foods or raw food diet is the most powerfulhealing combination in the world.

In my experience, the things that have the most controversy around them, such as natural healing, avoiding vaccinations, avoiding hospital births, etc., ring to actually be the most beneficial choices.  That is why there is so much controversy around cleansing the colon with water.  Although there is documentation that before the pharmaceutical industry took over, every single hospital room had  enema/colonic equipment available and this was used as the first method to help heal people in the past from any illness, today you will likely not meet a single doctor who would recommend for someone to cleanse their colon with water regularly.  In fact, they would be much more likely to say that it is “dangerous” and advise you to not even go near it.

Many of you have probably been fed many reasons and excuses to avoid cleansing your colon with water, including that “it will wipe out your good bacteria for good”, “puncture your colon” and so on.  All of this is false.  Whether you believe in the power of cleansing your colon with water or not, does not change the fact that it works more effectively in detoxing the body than anything else available to man today.

The controversy (aka: proof of truth) around colon cleansing continues.  A dear friend of mine, Shea Lynn Baird, is one of the best colon therapists in the world and has been serving over 2000 clients in Santa Rosa, California.  Just recently, medical board investigators came banging on Shea’s door, bullied her around, lied to her, and threatened her with felony charges if she didn’t sign a “cease and desist” paper right on the spot.

It seems that the medical board is trying to set a new precedent with Shea’s case, because they can use this case and start knocking on many other colon hydrotherpists’ doors all across the US.  Shea won’t stand for this and she and her husband are doing their best to stand up and fight back against the medical board.  This is truly a “David and Goliath’ situation here with the potential to have a huge impact on the availability of colon cleansing options in the future in the US; Shea is asking for your help.   I urge you to click the link below so that you can get the entire download on what is happening and also learn how you can help keep colon cleansing legal in the US:



Whenever you see the Medical Board hassle a practice and put them out of business, that is your cue to hire whatever it is they are trying to get rid off. It is your best review, it is your best word of mouth, your best referral. For those of you that your life would not be as good as it is today without colonics, click on the link below:




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