Colonics Clean Colons But do you know where the colon is in your body?

Thank you for looking at the colons with me. I don’t expect you to learn a lot here just gaze at where colons are in the body. That’s it.




So big bellies equal full colons. That’s it.


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Our Doctor’s Approach She doesn’t mask symptoms —-Naturally Or Synthetically—-Period

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After I completed a very challenging Medical Degree, I realized after going into practice, that the drug cartels at Big Pharmas :mrgreen:   sponsor most of our medical education and physicians are indoctrinated from day one of medical school. Frustrated with pushing vaccinations,synthetic chemicals, surgeries & tests, I retrained myself as a Naturopath. I was very well suited for a career as a Naturopathic Doctor, :-D  however, I have since used critical thinking to find that  the information about natural modalities was so suppressed by special interests, I never knew about the thousands of ways to heal the body of toxicity.


And folks, if you born healthy and then in your 20,’s, 30′s 40′s, 50′s, 60,s, 70′s, 80,s & 90′s you get sick…..

IT’S “TOXICITY”. That’s it.  8-O

Many people have been suffering from a chronic disease for many years. They spend an average of 7-minutes with their primary care physician, having been prescribed too many medications- many that are either toxic or addictive.  We have hospital corporations and insurance companies making sure that they get every bit of their share of the healthcare dollar.  We have the added nutritional harm posed by processed foods, sugars, wheat, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s.  The food industry, along with our making poor choices, is making us sick and the sickness industry is capitalizing.  :mrgreen:

Here is what I’ve learned.

If you’re not using colonics, throwing massive amounts of stones out of your liver and gallbladder monthly, flushing your kidneys, cleaning your spleen and alkalizing your blood…….you and your practitioner are patching & hiding symptoms.

If you go in for a checkup, the practitioner says to you”YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE IS HIGH” take a pharmaceutical pill for it, you’re both being rude as hell if you do it. Your little heart was trying to tell you both something was not right, but you and the practitioner said to the heart”SHUT UP”. And as you take your little bp pill every day, you tell your heart to shut the hell up. Not nice, so not nice to do.

bp raised up is usually something extremely simple. My aunt took bp pills to tell her heart to shut up for 22 years!

She stroked out and lived miserably for four years and died.  :cry:

I graduated with medical practitioners that prescribe synthetic drugs because  we did’nt know we were getting brainwashed in medical college, I get that. However, after I got myself retrained,  I graduated with Naturopathic doctors that take 200 bucks an hour and give you natural supplements. That’s just as bad. Patients putting 400 dollars a month of NATURAL supplements through dirty organs.

Folks without cleaning up your original body parts, both MD’s & ND’s are patching symptoms.

But here is the piece de résistance ,

Crème de la crème……you hire a practitioner because your body parts are toxic and they sell you hundreds in pills.

Folks your organs have to break down those pills. Call me Kooky, but how is making old organs work harder cleansing?

I don’t know… :roll:


Get to a center that physically helps you remove the 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, pounds of sludge that has built up in your organs out.




Lose Weight Fast! Jeanine Finelli Interview on Blog Talk Radio

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This was such a great opportunity to have been asked to speak with a great Health Coach Jeanine Finelli.  Jeanine Finelli is 2008 graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, and a Certified Health Coach.  Her Love Yourself to Health program has helped thousands simplify a lifestyle plan that guides them to their wellness goals not just for a reunion or a vacation, but for life!  She is the host of the radio show Love Yourself to Health, a public speaker for corporate and school events, and a published author in 2014.  Her passion  is helping you fall in love….with yourself.



Body Work & Body Cleansing Goes “Main Stream”!

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You all know  that if you get ran over by a bus, your not going to hire  a Naturopathic Doctor,  you need a crisis care medical doctor! Say your going to deliver a baby, you may choose a labor and delivery doctor. Let’s say you are very sick and have a heart attack you need a cardiologist .  I am not speaking to those types of heroes out there saving your life.  

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired with no major emergency…….most likely you are very toxic! Medical Doctors are not all trained to address toxicity. Just as a Naturopathic Doctors are not trained to deliver synthetic chemical drugs .

For example, one of my clients was microwaving her food wrapped in saran wrap three times per day. We advised to never, ever, ever use a microwave again, especially with toxic chemicals leaching into the food from the saran wrap.  She immediately felt better. Now we have to get her free of all those saran wrap chemicals in her cells.  Microwave ovens are dangerous but the Industry hides the truth.  Read here by following the link.    

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I review all of her/his patterns. We find toxic behavior all over their lives. It’s a matter of what will they be willing to give up! The faster you ditch toxic intake the faster you snap out of it. However, we need to navigate the chemical clean up.

    The following therapies plus many, many, more are now considered “MAIN STREAM” ;

Remember Juicin will loosen!   :-D                                        Over consume will ruin!   :mrgreen: