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Natural ways to treat disease LOVE – EVOLVE – TRANSCEND

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poisons our food because they’re also pharmaceutical producers. You eat their shit, you get sick, you buy their drugs, that’s as simple as I can make it for you.

If you want to be one of the ones standing, not in a wheelchair, get very familiar with this site;


and this one


Oh, and when you do get sick as a direct result from eating carcinogenic GMO foods from Monsanto group, you go to sue the company for producing foods that immediately cause tumors, you can’t because they quietly passed the



You probably don’t know that, so you bring them to court and guess who you will find as your judge?

Image from "A Sheep No More"


This fat  cat has been waiting for you. He is solidly married and sleeps together with the Monsanto group as he is old pals with them. He protected them as their lawyer. Do you think there is a tiny, teeny, weeny, slight conflict of interest there folks?

Find retailers that keep that garbage out of the store shelves



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TOXIC MERCURY AMALGAM FILLINGS, MONSANTO’S GMO MASS POISONING OF OUR FOOD SUPPLY, REPETITIVE COURSES OF ANTIBIOTICS, INCINERATION OF GARBAGE IN THE AIR WE BREATHE, industrial chemicals and pollutants spread all over the planet,  and decades of eating a meal but no meal comes out!


It’s a magic act….eat a huge meal at night and the next morning have a rabbit sized poop come out. Then a great big lunch and still no huge poop from the night before! Then a huge dinner again and go to bed belly up. It’s not magic folks, its old leftover fillers, chemicals, and genetically modified food plastic stuck in 37 feet of intestines cooking at a body temperature of around  98 degrees. When your belly up in bed next time, realize this, everything underneath your belly button area is intestines not your stomach    8-O   the stomach is underneath your left chest breast.

So are you full of shit? If so, you can quit wondering why you are springing up symptoms in hundreds of areas & Save thousands of dollars on medical testing. You need to thank your body for telling you that you’re just so TOXIC.

There will be two types of people left here. Ones in wheel chairs and ones walking on their own.

I own a  body cleansing , detoxification clinic in Raleigh, NC.   People hire me as a last resort & most people tell me they can’t understand why they feel so rotten. They’re juicing, hitting the gym, drinking their water, staying out of non organic restaurants,  and still they complain of;

                                               low libido, headaches, back pain, restless legs at night, insomnia, acne, constipation, bloating, farting with deadly smells, body odors, feet pain, stomach acid, stomach distention immediately upon eating or drinking one bite or sip, sugar cravings, migraines, diarrhea, hair loss, heart burn, irritability, nervousness, heart burn, indigestion, mood swings, shortness of breath, ringing in the ears, weight gain, depression, panic attacks, dizziness, acne, dry mouth, sinus, and allergies with food sensitivities, just to name a few :cry:

Those are a fraction of the symptoms resulting from mainly your own constipation of your intestines self intoxicating you and:

TOXIC MERCURY AMALGAM FILLINGS, MONSANTO’S GMO MASS POISONING OF OUR FOOD SUPPLY, REPETITIVE COURSES OF ANTIBIOTICS, INCINERATION OF GARBAGE IN THE AIR WE BREATHE , chemical poisoning from the weather control program using chemical trails and HAARP. Oh, you say you’ve never heard of ChemTrails and HAARP. This is the part where you open another tab and do your weather control investigations. Just hit “CHEMTRAILS”.

Well, controlling our weather takes tons and millions of pounds of chemicals. You’re filtering that. Through your lungs, into the blood and into the liver.

Most of us  eat about a pound or two of food & drink per day. Low guess. Just one little Jason’s Deli sandwich weighs close to one pound!

So four days and not even one little rabbit poop you say….well that’s eight pounds of old, rotted , hot food trapped under your belly button. How romantic!   :oops:  Oh, and that was just in one week !  :-|

Here’s my point. If you feel rotten, your TOXIC!   That’s it.                                                                                                        I beg you to consider exploring natural, holistic therapies for treating what is poisoning us and our beautiful Mother earth. 


THANK YOU !!!!    :lol:

This is as simple as I can make it for you. This is a anti natural health country. Any search on the internet is designed to badmouth your natural help advice. 

Harmful agents are absorbed from deposits in the large intestine, overloading the immune-system and potentially causing a variety of primarily chronic disorders. Significant detoxification can be achieved with intensive colonics and the natural balance of the body can be improved. The treatment effectively removes deposited stool from the large intestine and is indicated in cases of habitual constipation, distension and other digestive problems, as well as in eczema, psoriasis, allergies, fatigue, migraines and arthritis. During the treatment the patient lies on their back, and single-use equipment sprays varying-temperatures of water into the large intestine through the anus. The alternating usage of hot and cold water trains the muscles of the large intestine and improves circulation. The treatment is pain-free. This therapy is excellent for strengthening the immune system, for detoxifying the body, for restoring normal digestion and absorption, and, as a side benefit, for losing unnecessary weight.                                             







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quick video please click link.



go to :

Hawaii is Uniting – GMO Moratorium


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If you see any dark lines under your tongue like this one:


Now watch   what has come out of this clients dirty, backed up congested liver and gallbladder! We all just dropped our jaws on this one folks.

She is 5 foot 2 inches and weighs 138 pounds. She appears to be healthy to a white coat but these are the symptoms she complained to me about: Mental fog, lethargy, backache, acne, skin breakouts, high blood pressure, insomnia, restless legs, hart palpitations, candida overgrowth, yeast infections, sinusitis, bronchitis, vaginitis, itching inside ear canals, excessive fowl smelling gas, bloating even drinking water, low libido, depression, transcribing letters and numbers backwards, irritability, tongue had a white coating on it, memory loss, sadness, crying and sugar cravings. 

All these symptoms and the WHITE COATS will tell you after thousands of dollars in testing, and hours of time that “There is nothing wrong with you”.

Our client is feeling better than in her youth! She does a liver and gallbladder cleanse with me once a month now until we get “NO” stones and then we will know her liver and gallbladder are free from debris.

The next picture you see here are MINE! And this is after my 8th Liver and Gallbladder cleanse.

Dr. Gabrielle ‘s 8th Liver and Gallbladder flush

Your liver and Gallbladders are filters. However old you are is how long it’s been since you cleaned your filter. If you keep trying to get answers from white coats, for cleansing issues, why don’t you just go outside and beat your head on a cement slab.



The country has backed them! The American Medical Ass., The FDA, The USDA, The Drug Cartels like Lily and Glaxco, and Bayer, The food Manufacturers, the Chemical Companies WAKE UP, don’t wait for this information to be on T.V., Radio, and the newspaper. Do you really believe whats on those venues anyway? Now you want those ad weasels to tell you to go clean out your organs!?



WARNING! IF YOU DO NOT HIRE A KNOWLEDGEABLE colonic therapist just don’t do anything at all with regards to cleaning out your liver and gallbladder filters.

I just find it hard to believe that Americans trust the News, newspapers, and radio for information. Do you really think they love us and have our best interest at hand. Do you really believe?


White Coat Doctors Are Anti-Natural Health, Billions of Dollars Are pumped into google searches to Misinform you about Natural Health, Selling Drug Cartel Services to You From Womb to Tomb

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Folks if you think you need to go to a Natural Health care provider just use your instinct and go hire who you want to. When you tell me your going to ask your doctor first, I pity you. Your Doctor has to tell you that all Natural Health is not good for you. :mrgreen: The white coats are owned and operated by the blood thirsty, sickness mongers the drug lords that work for the Drug Rings. :evil: The white coats are  scared to loose their license, it is a very real threat. I pity a sick person who doesn’t “get that” yet and says “I am going to ask my doctor if i should receive a natural health therapy?” I don’t know?


1)Here are some statements from supposedly smart, educated white coats:

A dermatologist in Raleigh, NC said;       “No sun at at all is good for you”  :-x



TRUTH: We all need sun daily to make Vitamin D naturally and all life on earth needs the Sun .

2)A SURGEON in Raleigh, NC said:

The gallbladder is a useless organ you do not need it, and while I have you opened up, I am going to take your appendix and ovaries”. ;-)

TRUTH: Gallbladder is instrumental in making sense of what you throw down your throat. 8-O


3) A general Family Doctor said:

African women get twisted colons that will never work itself out, they have to be removed.

TRUTH: The only thing twisted is a doctor telling a patient this lie. :evil:

4)  A doctor that performs colonoscopies said:

Colonics dehydrate your body, rob your electrolytes, and weaken your colon: 8-)

TRUTH: This is a case where the exact opposite is true: Water going into the colon adds water to the body, “re-hydrating ” your body, electrolytes have already been removed from the food you ate by the time it’s even “in” your colon, and passing water in and out  of the colon”strengthens” the muscles of your colon the more colonics you receive.


Here is where it all starts. From womb to tomb , current estimation is 40 million US dollars for a life time of care. As this is written , add 2% for an approximation of rising life sickness value. If the Drug Cartels want to remain vital as a business they have to offer new products or go out of business. So

Lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatique, crohn’s, wagner’s, hasimoto’s, epstein barr, leaky gut, graves , gilberts, reynauds, most of the names you have just read are named after the  paid scientists, mostly all men, that produced the paid  science that was desired from the drug cartel that sponsored him. So they let those fellows name the disease after themselves. Ego and pride are  very important to these men. I know as I have worked along side of scientists in labs. Do you find it interesting there is not one women in the original “American Medical Association” group formed over 150 years ago and that all diseases in western medicine affected by this group are named after men. I have found that mostly women are targeted for the antidotes to these diseases and more.

I have owned, or managed, or interned or in so many other capacities been associated in women s health care over 50 years.  We trust too much. So therefore we receive the most unnecessary operations and organ removals. Not to say men/boys are not over operated on too. Watch for this organized system of organ removal;

1) first the  tonsils are removed-These immunocompetent tissues are the immune system‘s first line of defense against ingested or inhaled foreign pathogens.

Swollen tonsils are cut out because they have told the owner they are fighting a pathogen. It is the first line of the persons defense gone.

2)Next the  Appendix is removed-   Function of the human appendix as a “safe house” for beneficial bacteria in the recovery from diarrhea.

3)Next the  Gallbladder is removed- Instrumental in any digestion of anything that enters your mouth.

4)Next the  large intestine is removed- this is the short version- The large intestine takes about 16 hours to finish the digestion of the food. It removes water and any remaining absorbable nutrients from the food before sending the indigestible matter to the rectum. The colon absorbs vitamins that are created by the colonic bacteria – such as vitamin K (especially important as the daily ingestion of vitamin K is not normally enough to maintain adequate blood coagulation), vitamin B12, thiamine and riboflavin. It also compacts feces, and stores fecal matter in the rectum until it can be discharged via the anus in defecation. The large intestine also secretes K+ and Cl-. Chloride secretion increases in cystic fibrosis. Recycling of various nutrients takes place in colon. Examples include fermentation of carbohydrates, short chain fatty acids, and urea cycling.

5) Then the small intestine is removed- this is a really short version-


The small intestine is where most chemical digestion takes place. Most of the digestive enzymes that act in the small intestine are secreted by the pancreas and enter the small intestine via the pancreatic duct. Enzymes enter the small intestine in response to the hormone cholecystokinin, which is produced in the small intestine in response to the presence of nutrients. The hormone secretin also causes bicarbonate to be released into the small intestine from the pancreas in order to neutralize the potentially harmful acid coming from the stomach.

The three major classes of nutrients that undergo digestion are proteinslipids (fats) and carbohydrates:

  • Proteins are degraded into small peptides and amino acids before absorption. Chemical breakdown begins in the stomach and continues in the small intestine. Proteolytic enzymes, including trypsin and chymotrypsin, are secreted by the pancreasand cleave proteins into smaller peptides. Carboxypeptidase, which is a pancreatic brush border enzyme, splits one amino acid at a time. Aminopeptidase and dipeptidase free the end amino acid products.
  • Lipids (fats) are degraded into fatty acids and glycerol. Pancreatic lipase breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids andmonoglycerides. Pancreatic lipase works with the help of the salts from the bile secreted by the liver and the gall bladder. Bile salts attach to triglycerides to help emulsify them, which aids access by pancreatic lipase. This occurs because the lipase is water-soluble but the fatty triglycerides are hydrophobic and tend to orient towards each other and away from the watery intestinal surroundings. The bile salts emulsify the triglycerides in the watery surroundings until the lipase can break them into the smaller components that are able to enter the villi for absorption.
  • Some carbohydrates are degraded into simple sugars, or monosaccharides (e.g., glucose). Pancreatic amylase breaks down some carbohydrates (notably starch) into oligosaccharides. Other carbohydrates pass undigested into the large intestine and further handling by intestinal bacteria. Brush border enzymes take over from there. The most important brush border enzymes are dextrinase and glucoamylase which further break down oligosaccharides. Other brush border enzymes are maltase, sucrase and lactase. Lactase is absent in most adult humans and for them lactose, like most poly-saccharides, are not digested in the small intestine. Some carbohydrates, such as cellulose, are not digested at all, despite being made of multiple glucose units. This is because the cellulose is made out of beta-glucose, making the inter-monosaccharidal bindings different from the ones present in starch, which consists of alpha-glucose. Humans lack the enzyme for splitting the beta-glucose-bonds, something reserved for herbivores and bacteria from the large intestine.


Digested food is now able to pass into the blood vessels in the wall of the intestine through either diffusion or active transport. The small intestine is the site where most of the nutrients from ingested food are absorbed. The inner wall, or mucosa, of the small intestine is lined with simple columnar epithelial tissue. Structurally, the mucosa is covered in wrinkles or folds calledplicae circulares, which are considered permanent features in the wall of the organ. They are distinct from rugae which are considered non-permanent or temporary allowing for distention and contraction. From the plicae circulares project microscopic finger-like pieces of tissue called villi (Latin for “shaggy hair”). The individual epithelial cells also have finger-like projections known as microvilli. The functions of the plicae circulares, the villi, and the microvilli are to increase the amount of surface area available for the absorption of nutrients, and to limit the loss of said nutrients to intestinal fauna.

Each villus has a network of capillaries and fine lymphatic vessels called lacteals close to its surface. The epithelial cells of the villi transport nutrients from the lumen of the intestine into these capillaries (amino acids and carbohydrates) and lacteals (lipids). The absorbed substances are transported via the blood vessels to different organs of the body where they are used to build complex substances such as the proteins required by our body. The material that remains undigested and unabsorbed passes into the large intestine.

Absorption of the majority of nutrients takes place in the jejunum, with the following notable exceptions:

6) Finaly you are given a   colostomy: A stoma is created from one end of the bowel. The other portion of the bowel is either removed or sewn shut     finally you get a bag to poop out of and it it attached to the side of your body through your new rectum;People with colostomies must wear an ostomy pouching system to collect intestinal waste.
This is the great sale. This is very particular (patented)  equipment they get to sell you for the rest of your life.



Even when a white coat tells you he/she is a integrative or natural or holistic really, really watch out. for example:

I sent a woman for a non cancer causing breast thermascan at a “INTEGRATIVE ” doctors office. When the results came back he told her he scheduled her for a mammography just to be sure!  :-x   She hired him to escape the cancer causing damage from the radiation of the mammography in the first place  :-o

She was wise enough that she knew he only wanted to Cover His ass from the long arm of the American Medical Ass. and she denied the mammography.

And that my dear people is all you have to do. Stop trusting anyone but you! Use your instincts, find a natural care provider,  and get two and three opinions . That advice goes for Doctors of animals. Your kids and animals depend on you to defend them. :lol:


Folks,  I was a white coat, I got re-trained after I woke up out of the propaganda I had been fed for 47 years.

Here is the bottom line;

Shame on White Coats if they “don’t” know :oops:  that Natural Health practitioners help detoxify the body and shame on them if they “do” :mrgreen:  know.




That gut is mostly POOP not fat

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There are pictures below and I found on line for an advertisement for men to wear spanks. Fellas, thats not fat if you look like he does. It’s poop in your intestines. So wearing spanks will squish the poop into your bloodstream further than normal making sure you get all the toxins circulating more than normal.  :-|  I don’t know.. 8-O


This area is mostly Intestines not Fat so when it looks like the man in the picture above....... your full of it. :roll:

 This area is mostly Intestines not Fat  so when it looks like the man in the picture above……. your full of  it. :roll:

Constipation Colonics and Scientific Research

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Just the other day I picked up a magazine for Men (August DETAILS), while I was standing at the magazine isle of Barnes and Noble. It contained one whole page dedicated to helping you decide if Colonics for your well care package is true and not nonsense.  I will spare you the flowery language the author used to make the page earn his salary.

There was not enough research yet.   :-x     Not enough research yet?     :cry:

Colonics have provided cleansing for 4000 years. Colonic machines were used in every single hospital and clinic up until 167 years ago when the American Medical Association was formed. The American Medical association is the richest Association of the thousands that there are. They run on Drug Lord Money. Drug Lords reaped in 9 BILLION dollars last year. Do you think they could squeeze out a few grand to research the amazing benefits of colonics and get past the idea there is no research. We can’t provide  as natural Health Doctors because we fear shut down from the Drug Lord money, Lilly, Monsanto, etc. and it is a few thousand to perform research, we are not allowed to charge insurance, it’s all cash pay in natural health, so we live hand to mouth the way most Americans do. Just paying bills, and having a vacation once a year.



The powers that own the country, the Legal Drug Lords, have made this a  ANTI-NATURAL HEALTH COUNTRY.  So when you are reading magazines, try using your critical thinking skills. If you at all smell that a Medical Doctor has endorsed the article , or made a comment in the article or said the therapy does not have enough research yet,  that’s your cue to :

RUN not walk to pick up the phone and make the appointment to for therapy (any therapy they say does not have enough research yet).

I was in medical school for 9 years, I was a Registered Dietitian for 11 years , there is Zero interest in the Medical for you to get well and stay well. I just wonder when Americans will catch on?

I hope soon. Sickness from toxicity is amazing when I look around in malls, at clubs in at events.


Is Organic Really Better?

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Follow Robyn on Twitter @foodawakenings and on Facebook.  She is a former financial analyst and author.


By Robyn O’Brien

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently weighed in for the first time on organic food, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, suggesting that feeding kids organic fruits and veggies and organic meat just might reduce the risks of certain conditions and diseases and have some health benefits.

The President’s Cancer Panel also sounded alarm bells about chemicals and cancer, encouraging us to eat organic when we can, to reduce our exposure to pesticides and other additives being applied to our foods.

This is something I certainly didn’t do when my kids were younger, reflecting on all of the tubes of blue yogurt and packages of processed foods I’d served up.

When I first heard the term “organic” several years ago, I dismissed it. It connoted a “status” and conjured up two different images: lifestyles of the rich and famous or perhaps some alternative, hippie thing.

I was wrong.

5-TRThe term “organic” actually refers to the way agricultural products are grown and produced. It legally details the permitted use (or not) of certain ingredients in these foods.  When I first learned about it, I thought it was a marketing tool.

The legal details are that the U.S. Congress adopted the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) in 1990 as part of the 1990 Farm Bill which was then followed with the National Organic Program final rule published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The standards include a national list of approved synthetic and prohibited non-synthetic substances for organic production which means that organically produced foods also must be produced without the use of:

  • • antibiotics
  • • artificial growth hormones
  • • high fructose corn syrup
  • • artificial dyes (made from coal tar and petrochemicals)
  • • artificial sweeteners derived from chemicals
  • • synthetically created chemical pesticide and fertilizers
  • • genetically engineered proteins and ingredients
  • • sewage sludge
  • • irradiation

Wow, who knew that conventional, non-organic food could contain these ingredients?  Not many of us, since sewage sludge and artificial growth hormones aren’t on the label.

What about cloning animals or those genetically engineered salmon, hard-wired to double their weight? Those would be considered inconsistent with organic practices, too, because of the laboratory intervention required.

In other words, what we call “organic food,”  our grandmothers would have simply called “food.”  Because a lot of these new ingredients didn’t exist when we were younger, having only been created in laboratories, patented and then introduced into our foods in the last few decades.


Products labeled “100% Organic” and carrying the “USDA Organic” seal adhere to a strict legal standard: national organic standards require that organic growers and handlers be certified by third-party state or private agencies or other organizations that are accredited by USDA. Anyone who knowingly sells or mislabels as organic a product that was not produced and handled in accordance with the regulations can be subject to a civil penalty of up to $10,000 per violation.


Admittedly, the high price of organic food can irritate anyone.  But the scrutiny that these foods undergo is enormous and expensive, driving prices at the cash register and for those producing them on the farm.  Why the costs?  Because the cost structure on our food supply offers taxpayer-funded resources called subsidies to the farmers using genetically engineered seeds and saturating crops in insecticides and weed killers, while charging the organic farmers fees to prove that their crops are safe.

That’s like getting fined to wear your seat belt.

In other words, it’s an un-level playing field right now.  And if we were all sitting down as a national family at our national dinner table, I don’t think that any of us would want to be using our resources this way.  Wouldn’t we rather have the organic food be the one that we fund, making it cheaper, more affordable and more accessible to all Americans?

But right now, it’s not.  So should you choose to opt out of our conventional, chemically-intensive food production system and try something organic, you’ll be joining a growing segment of the population and are not alone.


The U.S. organic industry grew 21 percent overall in 2006 with organic foods and beverages continuing to be one of the fastest growing segments in the overall $598 billion food market.

Thankfully, organic foods are increasingly sold in mass market grocery stores like Wal-Mart, Costco, Kroger and Safeway which represent the largest single distribution channel, accounting for 38 percent of organic food sales in 2006. Large natural food chains, along with small natural food chains or independent natural groceries and health food stores, represented about 44 percent of organic food sales. About 2 percent of organic food is sold through farmer’s markets.

Maybe you rolled your eyes at this whole thing a few years ago, dismissing it as an expensive food fad.  I did.  But give yourself permission to change.  Because as the science continues to mount, from the Presidents Cancer Panel to the American Academy of Pediatrics, nothing could be further from the truth. And while none of us can do everything, we can all do one thing. So the next time you are in your grocery store, consider purchasing something “organic”.

You can invest in your health with your shopping cart. And the best medicine you can take, might just be at the end of your fork.