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Top Docs Twisting The “C” word into Radical Remission

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There were too many guest speakers at the Los Angeles Colonic Therapist Convention this year to write about all of them,  however , here are two ;

Turn your challenge into radical remission!

check out her site


Dr.Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.


Healing From Within


Dr. Habib Sadeghi, D.O.

The Doctor’s web site is



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When our food stops being poisoned by MONSANTO    


we will Thank Mr. Jeffery Smith for it! 






Losing unnecessary WEIGHT with colonics Raleigh NC is a side benefit

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The following is a statement from a Medical Doctor in the Netherlands and it is perfect to help you understand colonics.


Harmful agents are absorbed from deposits in the large intestine, overloading the immune-system and potentially causing a variety of primarily chronic disorders. Significant detoxification can be achieved with intensive colonics and the natural balance of the body can be improved. The treatment effectively removes deposited stool from the large intestine and is indicated in cases of habitual constipation, distension and other digestive problems, as well as in eczema, psoriasis, allergies, fatigue, migraines and arthritis. During the treatment the patient lies on their back, and single-use equipment sprays varying-temperatures of water into the large intestine through the anus. The alternating usage of hot and cold water trains the muscles of the large intestine and improves circulation. The treatment is pain-free. This therapy is excellent for strengthening the immune system, for detoxifying the body, for restoring normal digestion and absorption, and, as a side benefit, for losing unnecessary weight.

Dr. Marianna Horváth
Chief physician

COLONICS RALEIGH NC OFFERS DETOXIFICATION This is one of the most powerful anti-aging processes you can do.


 This is one of the most powerful anti-aging processes you can do.

   We know that the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat are polluted and contain toxic chemicals. Even the food we take in is loaded with preservatives, colorings and additives. All of us face these toxins in our everyday life and after taking them in (with every breath, every bite, and every drink) your body starts to not function properly. You can’t sleep, you gain weight, you are bloated and you are constipated, really your body wasn’t made to function with all these toxins. Think of a small baby, who has not been exposed to toxic pollutants. They eat, then right afterwards they release the waste from what they have eaten. As we get older that isn’t how it works for many people; many people eat and maybe they are not able to release the waste for 2 or 3 or 4 days or even a week. You have to ask yourself, where is this waste from 8, 10, 12 meals hiding? The food has been taken into your body but the waste hasn’t been released so it has to be somewhere.



It IS somewhere; 8-O  it is stuck in what we call the”garbage pail of the body,” the colon. And just like a trash can where the trash sits for 5 days or 7 days itstinks and becomes rotten. After 2 weeks, you might find worms growing. And a month later there will be bacteria, mold and fungus growing as it breaks down.
This is what happens to your body; when you take in pollutants and eat white flour foods, sugars highly refined foods, animal fats, packaged foods – all of the things the body was not designed to break down and easily eliminate are stored in the tissue and fat cells throughout your body and this toxic build-up needs to be released by the 5 organs of elimination and detoxification which doesn’t easily happen without a deep detoxifying cleanse of your entire system.
Ultimately this toxic waste gets dumped and accumulates in your garbage pail. Over time as you poison yourself, (called auto-intoxification) you create dis-ease and this disease generallyhits your weakest link. For some it is inflammation in the joints and arthritis, others have respiratory challenges; frequent colds and bronchitis. Others feel sluggish and tired and arefuzzy in their thinking. What a case for detoxification!
  At Intestinal Fitness, LLC  we don’t really focus on the symptoms or the effect of the toxic condition, we focus on detoxifying and cleaning out the garbage pail Our job is to remove toxic waste from your colon and the other organs of elimination like the liver and the kidneys. Your body responds quickly; once you are detoxed and you have cleaned out, you automatically start pumping clean blood, through the circulatory system and your lymphatic system carries in the nutrition and pumps out the waste as it was designed to do…all over the body to every one of the 75 trillion cells that make up YOU.
And when you are detoxified, verything about you starts to regenerate and rejuvenate naturally just by focusing on removing the poisons in the body.
This is one of the most powerful anti-aging processes you can do.

GMO’s ! Not in this cafeteria!

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There is ONE cafeteria in the whole world now that absolutely, hands down, without a single doub t WILL NOT let one, minuscule, small, tiny bit,  of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) AKA, fake, chemical, cancer causing food stuff, in their kitchens and will not serve it to their customers.


We need to use them as a role model.  Are you ready for who that cafeteria  is so we can congratulate them and model our eating behavior around theirs?

You won’t believe it folks…… It’s    : :twisted: MONSANTO! :evil:


Folks, the makers of GMO’s , or fake, cancer causing ,mutated ,virus infected, chemical, ladened food   will not eat the GMO’s themselves.


Want to learn how to avoid a painful cancer death by food read this web site and subscribe to Jeffery Smiths newsletter:


Learn about the EVIL EMPIRE here:   http://strathconabeekeepers.blogspot.com/2012/01/monsanto-evil-empire.html






Almost ten years ago, at a Business for Social Responsibility conference in Los Angeles, I attended a presentation by Monsanto. The company made the case that genetically modified foods would cure world hunger. GMOs, Monsanto asserted, would spark the next green revolution. I walked out of the session depressed and upset, wondering why Monsanto had been given a platform at the BSR event. I didn’t renew my membership.

Monsanto got its start making saccharin. In 1948, the company started making a powerful herbicide; a by-product of the process was the creation of a chemical that would later be known as dioxin.

On March 8, 1949, a massive explosion rocked a Monsanto herbicide plant. Court records indicate that 226 plant workers fell ill. In the 1960s, the factory manufactured Agent Orange, which later became the focus of lawsuits by Vietnam veterans contending that they had been harmed by exposure.

Monsanto has manufactured plastics, resins, rubber goods, fuel additives, artificial caffeine, industrial fluids, vinyl siding, anti-freeze, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides before deciding to leave the world of chemicals and instead become a life-sciences company. But Monsanto’s history still haunts us: left in its past is the potential responsibility for more than 50 Environmental Protection Agency Superfund sites and dozens of toxic chemicals that most likely are still circulating in our bloodstreams.

Today, Monsanto, according to a report in Vanity Fair (Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear), has moved on to harassing farmers who (they believe) refuse to abide by an agreement not to collect any of the seeds generated by plants that Monsanto considers its intellectual property:

“Ever since commercial introduction of its G.M. seeds, in 1996, Monsanto has launched thousands of investigations and filed lawsuits against hundreds of farmers and seed dealers. In a 2007 report, the Center for Food Safety, in Washington, D.C., documented 112 such lawsuits, in 27 states. Even more significant, in the Center’s opinion, are the numbers of farmers who settle because they don’t have the money or the time to fight Monsanto. “The number of cases filed is only the tip of the iceberg,” says Bill Freese, the Center’s science-policy analyst. Freese says he has been told of many cases in which Monsanto investigators showed up at a farmer’s house or confronted him in his fields, claiming he had violated the technology agreement and demanding to see his records.”

As if it’s not already difficult enough to survive as a farmer. The dairy industry, according to the article, gets similar treatment:

“Jeff Kleinpeter takes very good care of his dairy cows. In the winter he turns on heaters to warm their barns. In the summer, fans blow gentle breezes to cool them, and on especially hot days, a fine mist floats down to take the edge off Louisiana’s heat. The dairy has gone “to the ultimate end of the earth for cow comfort,” says Kleinpeter, a fourth-generation dairy farmer in Baton Rouge.”

But Monsanto doesn’t like the label on Kleinpeter Dairy’s milk cartons: “From Cows Not Treated with rBGH.” Giving consumers that information has stirred the ire of Monsanto. The company contends that advertising by Kleinpeter and other dairies touting their “no rBGH” milk reflects adversely on Monsanto’s product.

In light of the article, Monsanto’s pledge, “Growth for a Better World,” makes for curious reading:

“We want to make the world a better place for future generations. As an agricultural company, Monsanto can do this best by providing value through the products and systems we offer to farmers.
With the growth of modern agricultural practices and crops that generate ever-increasing yields, we are helping farmers around the world to create a better future for human beings, the environment, and local economies.”

I doubt that many farmers would agree. Is Monsanto evil? I’m not sure that there is enough evidence to convict, but it’s certainly a candidate for my list of the world’s 10 worst companies.


Confused Because White Coats put down Colonics, Ionic Footbaths, etc, etc……detox therapies

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:lol:   People,     if you are confused about what Complementary, Alternative,  safe,  natural,  detoxification therapy to use to clean up with, just ask a white coat (you walk in a hospital/docs office what do you see? a sea of white coats right?). Whatever the white coat tells you, it’s the exact opposite! 

So for example, you ask a white coat Doctor,  Nurse,  PA  main stream, traditional, allopathic, conventional, injections, drugs and surgery person ; Should I do colonics?  and the white coat response is:  ”why would you do that? or you don’t need to detoxify, your body can do it on it’s own, or they are all quacks or something at all the least bit discouraging..here is what I suggest you do….


RUN, do not walk to whatever it is they discouraged you from doing. It’s that easy folks.

White Coat credibility is in the CAN . The mainstream, medical, conventional ,  injections, drugs and surgery person are puppets run by the Legal Drug Cartels (PHAT PHARMA).  The drug Lords :evil:  have BILLIONS of dollars to make. :mrgreen:  You interfere with that plan when you keep 30 feet of intestines clean.   :oops: You interfere with profits when you detoxify your body.   :twisted:


I was a main stream puppet for 19 years. :cry:  White Coat! But I switched to Naturopathy and cleansing because of the gross negligence on behalf of WHITE COAT syndrome.  :-| Been in practice for 10 years now as a colonic therapist/ Naturopathic Doctor.

We would love to walk hand in hand with white coats but through ignorance and greed they refuse to accept us. (Most Of Them)

We ‘re not talking about the good guys here, the ones that slap you back together in crisis. 



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is around 5, 000 years old, and Ayurvedic is about 5, 000 years old. Together, thats 10,000 years experience with enemas and colonics that have worked. Now 167 years ago WHITE COATS American Medical Association comes along and knows it all?

hmmmmm…… I don’t know….. :roll:


Natural Health Suppressed for the last 167 years: watch this!http://www.thrivemovement.com/medical-establishment


The following web site is a great place to start to see for yourself the suppression going on:

you are going to be shocked at this:




you won’t belive this 2 minute video:




Folks I know both sides.  Suppression Of Natural Health Modalities link here:



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But the question remains, why? Are people more sensitive to gluten now compared to the past or has something in our environment changed? The answer is that it could be both. Although people argue that wheat is an ancient grain, the wheat of today is much different than the one our ancestors ate. Wheat has more gluten than it used to. In the mid-1800s a higher-gluten wheat was introduced to the U.S., and its flour quickly became desirable for what more gluten provides- a lighter, more fluffier baked good. And not only were people eating more gluten in the wheat, they were eating more wheat.

Industrialization in the late 19th century made wheat easier to process, and wheat consumption grew dramatically. Another sharp rise in wheat consumption began in the 1960’s and has continued through today, with ironically both the health food industry and the fast food industry using wheat as the stable food. By the 1980’s U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food pyramid showed grains, mainly wheat, to be the base of the American diet, with a recommended 6-11 servings (each equivalent to a 1oz. slice of bread) per day, up from the recommended 4 servings per day in 1956.



Don’t wait for the conventional white coat Doctor to say “The high-carb diet I put you on twenty years ago gave you diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Oops.”


We are eating more gluten, yet we haven’t genetically adapted to digest it. Thirty percent of the population has the genes that have been identified as “celiac genes”. People with these genes are predisposed to celiac disease and it is believed that an environmental trigger “turned on” the disease itself. The trigger could be surgery, stress, childbirth, or even just eating a lot of excess gluten. In addition to the celiac genes, other genes have been identified in gluten sensitivity. The bottom line is that the more gluten people at, and the longer they eat it, the more likely they will be to develop an intolerance. Increasingly, people of all ages are being diagnosed, from children to seniors.


Read: GRAIN BRAIN, By David Perlmutter, M.D.


Get Colonics to get all the old rotted grain out!


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Folks I just met with the owner of “FARM TO FORK”!  Farm to Fork Meat
Offering local, new pasture, high foraging, GMO FREE meats, eggs, dairy, seafood and beyond organic heirloom produce, a la carte – every week.

I am so excited to tell you there is now a place to go and buy food that is definitely not infected with detrimental, liver and cancer causing disease filth! This is it folks. 100% pure real food for you and your family! I am so happy that this woman opened her doors. It is so refreshing here in the south because the pure food movement is so slow to catch here.



There is not “ONE” 100% organic restaurant yet. WTH? If you love your children why would you want to push GMO food down it’s throat? When you take your child to a typical mexican restaurant , they are ingesting at least 15 to 20 GM (genetically Modified) foods. So, in essence what you’re telling them and you is , “I really don’t care that I am making you eat fake, GM foods and that in a few short years , you and I are going to be in the hospital with complications of eating GM food, and that when you go out on your own at 18 you will be sick and continue to have problems from the food I fed you”. GM foods have been secretly pushed on us in US for 20 years. Europe chased Monsanto out of the countries but our government let Monsanto ruin crops with open arms, and Obama wrote into law that you can’t sue Monsanto for damage to your health. Soooo…..






Cure all diseases Naturally!

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CHECK THIS OUT!   :lol:  The Thrive Movement is alive and well no thanks to The AMA!





The United States Government hounded by the American Medical Society and Lobbied to death by the powerful Pharmaceutical Drug Lords, suppressed this natural cure for almost all diseases for profits!   :twisted:






If you’re ready to heal all diseases naturally go to the following website and you will be just amazed at all the haling tools! Go get well!



How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds

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As you read this work and put its principles into practice, there are two basic axioms you never want to forget. They are the rock upon which all your actions are based.

Nobody, anywhere or any time and under any circumstances has the right or power in this country to immunize you or your children against your will and conviction. If they attempt to do so, you can legally charge them with “assault with a deadly weapon” and have the full resources of our laws behind you.

At all times in attempting to avoid unwanted immunization, you have the Law of the Land behind you. Those who would try to vaccinate you against your will are on very shaky ground. Into every compulsory immunization law in America are written legal exceptions and waivers which are there specifically to protect you from the attempted tyranny of officialdom. It is not only your right, but your obligation to use them, if this is what your conscience tells you.



Follow this link and read on!