Blood Type and D’Adamo and what I beg you to consider

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Eat Right for Your Type’ by Peter J. D’Adamo has become widely known as the blood type diet. Since I am constantly asked to give my input on this dieting system, I have decided to add my comments here.

I agree with and respect quite a few of D’Adamo’s insights and perspectives but have major reservations about others. The book suggests that you use your blood type to determine which foods you should be eating. According to the theory, when you eat foods that ‘agree’ with your blood type, you reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, infections and liver disease. Type A people supposedly had ancestors that were farmers. If you are of this type, you should be a vegetarian and avoid meat and dairy products. According to the author, people with Type B blood had ancestors that were nomads; therefore they should eat red meat and fish. Those with Type O blood had ancestors that were hunters and gatherers; this means they should eat lots of animal protein and few carbohydrates. Finally, those with Type AB blood, had mixed ancestry, and are supposed to eat a combination of the Type A and B diet. Does this mean, for example, that all nomads used to have the blood type 0, and all farmers used to have type A blood? What about people who didn’t farm and who didn’t move from place to place?

Unfortunately, these theories are not supported by scientific literature, traditional knowledge and records of the world’s oldest medical systems, such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. D’Adamo’s discoveries have not been confirmed anywhere else. There is little or no distinction made between individuals who have lived in the Andes, the tropical rain forests, or plains of Africa for hundreds of thousands of years. The Indian subcontinent thrived and flourished for thousands of years on a vegetarian diet, and so has most of the world’s population. And where does ancestry begin anyway? Two thousand years ago, 100 centuries ago, or 60 million years ago? How far do we go in the bloodline of our ancestors to determine our dietary needs? When the last Ice Age began, many vegetarians living in formerly tropical lands were suddenly forced to eat animals in order to survive. Some ate a mixed diet, because of more moderate climates. Others in the all-year-round tropical places of the Earth continued with vegetarian foods until quite recently. The proposed theory is highly inconclusive about all of these facts.

When I went on the high protein diet (very similar to the type O diet plan) at age 5, I felt great for about 18 months, as do so many others who go on the popular Atkins diet. Then I started developing stones in my liver, a dangerous arrhythmia and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, among other diseases. I had no idea that these ailments were due to protein poisoning. Ten years later I switched to a balanced vegan diet, and most of my illnesses went away within a matter of weeks. However, I still had to live with the many stones that had been produced in my liver and gallbladder as a result of what is known today as the O-type blood diet. Forty gallbladder attacks later, I did a series of liver and gallbladder flushes, which cleaned out these vital organs. Finally, I was free of any illness or discomfort.

You won’t notice the effects of a high protein diet until the blood vessel walls are well-thickened with excessive protein. Eating lots of animal protein triggers a powerful immune response in order to get rid of the foreign DNA and the dead, coagulated and damaged protein of meat, fish, eggs, poultry and dairy products. This immune response involves a powerful release of energy, thereby cleaning out impurities, improving skin functions and making you feel more grounded. However, as soon as the immune system is exhausted by the constant excessive activity, which took a mere 18 months in my case, the situation begins to backfire and the body becomes increasingly congested.

The blood type diet theory is flawed in the sense that it does not recognize the basic body type requirements generated by the three forces/humors of nature (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) that control the physicality of matter and the body of humans and animals. Only a fraction of the body’s energy requirements are met through food, and there are many more influences on the body than one’s blood type. The 6,000-year old medical system of Ayurveda accounts for most of these influences. One’s constitutional body type is not as simply and easily determined as one’s blood type. The theory of blood type foods is really based on guesswork, not on science or time-tested traditional knowledge as found in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Greek medicine or ancient Egyptian medicine.

If concentrated protein foods were a necessary part of the human diet, as the blood type diet advocates for the O-type, for example, why does nature not reflect that need when it formulates human milk in a mother’s breast? Its protein content is a mere trace amount of 1.1-1.6 percent, provided to a baby at the time of its biggest growth spurt. Wouldn’t O-type babies die if they lived on so little protein for up to 18 months, since most babies in the natural world only get mother’s milk as food? On the contrary, the babies actually develop perfect organs and systems, and are emotionally the most content. If nature’s most perfect food doesn’t give you much protein at the time when you are growing more rapidly than at any other time in your life, why would you need to eat concentrated proteins, such as meat, when you are older and no longer growing?

If you are on the blood type diet and decide to continue following it, I recommend that you be vigilant about how your body feels. If you start feeling a dull sensation in your gallbladder or pain in your joints, muscles or head, or if you develop mucus and sinus problems, a coated tongue or other signs of congestion, you may need to reconsider your dietary regimen.  Andreas Moritz

Doing A Google SEarch

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Here is a tip to help you find out a TRICK from advertisers trying to make you afraid and preying on that FEAR,

When you typed in your search terms COLONICS RALEIGH NC, and the very first link is an  AD, you will see the acronym AD typed in a box, next to the web address all the way to the bottom left of the web link.

For instance the search result heading stated:

The dangers of Colonics.



Well, I found out who bought the AD. The American Medical Association.


Follow the money folks, and remember getting healthy is NOT in their plans for you.

Colonics Clean Colons But do you know where the colon is in your body?

Thank you for looking at the colons with me. I don’t expect you to learn a lot here just gaze at where colons are in the body. That’s it.




So big bellies equal full colons. That’s it.


Connect with your Spirit world through Foods

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Humans are clusters of energy waves, moving faster and faster all the time. As a human you have agreed to see yourself as solid forms through consensus reality. Everything you do and think, everything you eat and drink, in fact, everything you put into and around your body effects the overall vibration of your entire being. After all, we are energy, and food is energy for us, thus affecting our energy overall.

Therefore, it is quite essential that you pay attention to the vibrations of the foods you eat. When you eat foods that have a high and rapid vibration, you are more able to hold a strong, healthy, exuberant and joyful state. When, on the other hand, you eat foods of a slower, lower frequency, you lower your vibrations and, wonder why you don’t feel quite so good that day.

Each of us has a signature vibration; each food you ingest contributes to that vibration. Here are some of the foods for lower vibrations that you should avoid, not just for nutrition and toxin’s sakes:

  • Genetically modified (GMO) food, and conventional food that’s been treated with chemicals and pesticides
  • White rice and flours
  • Sugars, sweeteners (artificial etc.)
  • Coffee
  • Sodas
  • Alcohol
  • Meat, fish and poultry
  • Processed, packaged, canned and fast foods
  • Unhealthy oils, like canola, cottonseed, margarine, and vegetable oils
  • Frozen foods
  • Pasteurized cows milk, yogurt and cheese
  • Cooked foods, deep fried foods and microwaving food
Colonically yours


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Almost every caller into my health care facility asks my Nurse;

Q: Do you have a GROUPON  :mrgreen: towards a COLONIC? :mrgreen:

A: No




So I wanted to give the reason why I don’t offer you a GROUPON :mrgreen:

I  come from my heart to study and provide you with  the best COLONIC your money can buy. I have just bought a $10,000 brand new colonic machine from germany to provide the most comfortable therapy on the market. We know you are  doing a colonic because you’re trouble. Our reputation for ten years has been so successful, that WORD OF MOUTH runs this business,  I get you out of trouble, fast, in 50 minutes or less. The environment here is as if you were  on a mini vaykay, and we offer  fruit, nuts, snacks and tea or water as you wait for your service. The people that come to our clinic are of the highest positive frequency and willing to share knowledge with first timers. The registered Nurse that lingers about the clinic is a plethora of info and shares  it freely when asked. Me, I love all you guys! We are a busy clinic, but I would never treat you as if I was too busy to stop and introduce myself to you. I am so honored that you chose my clinic.

I’ve had 72 different jobs in my life to include Professional Chef, retail manager in several arenas, Registered Dietitian, Doctor of Naturopathy, Iridologist, Colonic Therapist, Herbalist, Spiritual mentor & Energy Healer, and I’m major league with my customer service know-how . You’re treated splendidly while here, and always leave with a gift of our appreciation. You’re  given MORE value than you pay me for. It is a fair trade to pay me what I ask for and sustainable .


Now, Groupon  :mrgreen: , on the other hand, works very differently. 

Groupon :mrgreen: the company; pays google millions to pop up on  top of the first page when you search COLONICS +RALEIGH +NC

Groupon :mrgreen: the Colonic Therapist  :mrgreen: Pays GROUPON  :mrgreen: half of the coupon value 

Groupon  :mrgreen: the customer. Gets a watered down version of a colonic


I know all the colonic therapists in NC. Especially in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary. One person using Groupon  :mrgreen: has been in business for 25 years. Has moved the business eight times. Has continued to use GROUPON  :mrgreen: as a way of getting in customers. What happened to the 850 Groupon  :mrgreen: customers you served ? Why didn’t word of mouth continue to grow your business? Why are there bad reviews or no reviews?  Why has one place in Durham, NC changed the name of the business 4 times because of bad reviews? Why do so many of our customers pay the GROUPON :mrgreen: colonic therapists and then hire us right after that to get relief that they  didn’t get with the GROUPON therapists? Happens all day long here.

Understand that I  am sending the GROUPON  :mrgreen: colonic therapists love and light, however, I wanted to address my thoughts to whoever is asking about , WHY, I don’t use GROUPON  :mrgreen: in my practice.








I felt I needed to revisit this post and do a REPOST! What bothers me – what ALWAYS bothers me – is when companies (or governmental regulatory bodies, even) tout something as natural, when its sole ability to exist in the way we consume it as a supplement is based on wholly unnatural, synthetic chemical processes. October 23, 2016 by admin

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Hello Dear people! I just met the most delightful soul yesterday and she read the following post and knew why she shouldn’t eat anything with XYLITOL in it.  So, I wanted it to be fresh in your minds again. Here it is.


What bothers me – what ALWAYS bothers me – is when companies (or governmental regulatory bodies, even) tout something as natural, when its sole ability to exist in the way we consume it as a supplement is based on wholly unnatural, synthetic chemical processes.

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What’s wrong with Xylitol


Most xylitol is made from GMO corn and is a highly processed food like substance, it is NOT “natural” in the sense you and I would use the word. (It can be made from birch tree bark, if so, the package will state it… Even so 1. birch xylitol is still extremely processed and 2. most “products” like finished foods and personal care items containing xylitol use corn) 

Most commercial Xylitol is processed using heavy metals, chemicals, is bleached and is hydrogenated to extract the sugar alcohols from the fiber of the plant. Xylitol is fairly new on the food scene so we have little evidence of long term use in a large population, If we think of other hydrogenated foods we will quickly realize they have a long history of turning out to be very bad for our health, think margarine, fast food or donuts… all cause chronic inflammation and disease. Reasoning would lead one to err on the side of caution and avoid any hydrogenated processed food.


Since it is a processed extracted sugar alcohol it is not digested like a natural sugar and throws the gut’s ecosystem out of balance. 

There is also a small concern about it’s toxicity in rats and a possible link to increasing epileptic seizures.

it is toxic to dogs and can kill your pets if they eat your food, gum or toothpaste


The claims about Xylitol preventing cavities is based on the theory that bacteria on the tooth surface eats sugar creating acid that decays the enamel which causes cavities, anyone who looks into modern holistic dentistry will soon find that the current thinking is so much more complicated than this. Cavities are a symptom of malnutrition leading to a deterioration of the tooth. essentially cavities are a bone disease caused by a lack of the proper diet and sunshine (vitamin D), therefore xylitol’s anti-bacteria qualities are not only systemically toxic but only a band-aid over a much deeper problem.

Here are further links of the topic:…/

We Welcome Everyone,,,,,,,,,,, period!

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The Mind Has more Power Than Medicine

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Thanks for joining me here ! :lol:   I believe one of the most influential  reasons the mind has been dismissed in the medical community is a result of their financial considerations. If the power of your mind can heal your sick body than why should you visit the Doctor? Why would you need to buy drugs? Drug companies study the patients that respond to the sugar pills, or placebos, so that they can eliminate those people from the clinical trials!


It makes drug manufacturers  so mad that in most of their clinical trials, that the sugar pills, placebos, and “FAKE” drugs prove to be just  as effective as their engineered chemical cocktails.  :mrgreen:

So the effectiveness of the placebos are a threat to the pharmaceutical industry.


So the message is clear  from drug companies, if you can’t beat the placebo pills fairly simply remove the competition. The new trials for drug safety and efficacy  are skewed folks , bottom line us your mind to heal it can be done. 



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Your Physical Body has to be ready in order to reach all your Meta-Physical realities …..

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Metaphysical realities are 96% beyond our physical senses. Nothing and no one is separate! Take a big step forward and offer us your unique combo of talents, skills and experiences . What are your gifts? Help others in the way you struggled through. Open hearts change lives and the world.  

This all starts by making sure you eat clean.

Going to a “BUTCHER SHOP OR SLAUGHTER HOUSE FOR FOOD sounds dirty. Careful what you eat. It will matter how connected you are.  Start to ask friends that look healthy what they eat. They will love to share with you. here I give you two of my friends suggestions for meals.


Rebecca's Vegetarian Pot Pie

Rebecca’s Vegetarian Pot Pie tasted enormously like the old fashioned chicken potpie but much healthier being all vegetarian.


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).
  2. In a medium bowl, combine potato soup, mixed vegetables, milk, thyme, and black pepper.
  3. Spoon filling into bottom pie crust. Cover with top crust, and crimp edges to seal. …
  4. Bake for 40 minutes. Remove from oven, and cool for 10 minutes before serving.

One of my clients invited me over for a raw vegan meal. It was light but filling, distinctive, and heavenly.

Katherines' Brilliant Lasagna Made from Cashew Topping and Zucchini



Katherines Fresh Spring Rolls
















Rebecca’s soothing and calming breakfast of sweet potato, black beans and broccoli!

Rebecca's oatmeal, crunch for breakfast

Katherines brilliant way to save your leftover juice pulp/ dehydrated crunchy chips











You can call the number to ask Rebecca how to do a veggie dish 919.872.2110 anytime

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