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“After thousands of dollars, many hours of professional advice, I had attributed my ill health to a constipated colon, fragile kidneys and a stone filled, congested  liver & gallbladder”. With dietary change, supplementation,  exercise, colon hydrotherapy, sauna treatments, a near toxic free work place and home & chakra cleansing energetic re-balancing, I now experience balanced hormone function, improved energy, a superior outlook on life, better skin, recovered cognitive function, constipation eliminated, restful sleep, enhanced memory, diabetes symptoms eliminated & blood pressure issue vanished. Detoxification with colonic cleansing is vital and should be the first step to take.  It is the fastest, most healthful, purposeful tool you will use. What I do for you is share what colonics and body and spiritual cleansing has done for me.

The cleansing teachings of Dr. Gabrielle Diamante, N.D., Naturopathic Doctor embody timeless wisdom, immense practicality, and refreshing lightheartedness & joy. She is an authentic healer and practitioner who helps people become whole by discovering more enlightenment through internal cleanliness. She has steered thousands of people toward richer, healthier lives.  Easily learn how to get to your root problem and stop chasing and covering up symptoms. Dr.G is practicing classical Naturopathy  is available to speak with your guests at any gathering.

Gabrielle Rosina Lena Diamante, N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor

  Rebecca Ann Sorrell, R.N.

Registered Nurse

One Colonic Colon Cleanse                          $95.00 per session

Click below and watch this 2 minute video from a M.D. that “GETS IT” 


Set of Three Colonics                                             $270.00  /  three                                                       

 Dry Far Infrared Sauna       

 Amazing results click on link

http://therasauna.com/links.html                                          $45.00   per one hour 

Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath                                        $40.00 per 45 min.                                 Click on link to read benefits 


 3 hrs. of detox; colonic; feet detox; infrared sauna      $150 for 3 hrs of treatment!

Health Analysis using Iridology (Iris reading)                  $95.00  1 hr 

Health Assessment with a Naturopathic Doctor

$95.00 per session 

 Iridology The study of the coloration of the “EYE” & “IRIS”. Iridology is the skill of looking at the characteristics of a person’s iris and ‘seeing’ the genetic tendencies that a person is carrying. It is a very useful tool in understanding your health potential. The value of iridology is in it’s ability to predict where the body is most likely to break down under stress. This information gives people a very good idea where to put their prevention dollars. Iridology is an excellent tool for proactive people who want to safeguard their health and keep their bodies strong and healthy. Ignore your health and it will go away.

Included in the Health assessment along with the Iridology reading, you will find out your SALIVA & URINE pH balance; she will observe & read your face, tongue, nails, ears, hair, eyebrows, facial structure; she will use applied kinesiology (AK) and muscle response testing (MRT) to go through all body systems, organs & nutritional test points from Adrenals to Zinc. After an hour or so it will be evident what is at the “ROOT CAUSE”.  

Click this link and read how”Quack Busters” hires failed M.D.’s :oops:  to slander Natural Practitioners for greed. Little devils :evil:  were caught red handed. 


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” I propose that we teach anyone, from any background, whatever it is they need to know to create a better internal cleanliness.” Gabrielle Rosina Lena Diamante